Don't forget to save your game before that door!


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She is pretty awesome!!! and pretty hot too >.< no wonder why I was nervous!

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Yea that was pretty lame >.>

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Yea sadly I wasn't a fan of Saints Row 3 which was my first Saints Row... =(

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Wish I could've gone... NEXT TIME!

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Nintendo would be retarded if they did not get this game on the Wii-U even if it is just a port... but imagine if they had different new controls that are optional like Zombi U that might be epic... or a mini map that looks like old school GTA GAMes!!!!!!!!!

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What did the big tomato (Wii U) say to the little tomato.... KETCHUP

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LOL are you serious? COD MAP packs - Exclusive to Xbox.... NETFLIX... for a time exclusive to xbox... ESPN... SKYRIM DLC.... GEARS OF WAR.... HALO.... ROCKSTAR GAMES NOT EXCLUSIVE TO PS3 WAAASSSS AA HUGGGEEE DEALLL.... Most games that I get for PS3 I can get for 360 except for about 10.... If you look at the libraries they don't even match up... WII has more titles than PS3... pretty sad that Sony can't get it together I bet your totally into the PS Vista (<--troll) get over it So...

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Mine was Darksiders 2!!! This game looks awesome!

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While reading this I could stop hearing... DRIOOOODD

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Hey look more Wii-U adopters... after they find our how amazing Bayonetta 2 is they gonna buy a \/\/ii U.... to soon?

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I am Sure there has to be something in the 50 other Launch titles that flatter your controller!

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Monster Hunter... Bayonetta, Zombi U, Darksiders 2, Black Ops 2, THE BIGGEST LAUNCH IN HISTORY... yea... not impressed... LMAO!

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I love this IDEA!!! CASUAL/HARDCORE MIX UP is smart!!! Yet still creating games for the hardcore franchise titles!

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^Marcus_Fenix you are exactly right!!! No more HBO codes or ESPN3 gibberish!!!

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I like know 50+ games is doing it wrong... I don't even think Vita has 50 retail box games yet

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I wish I could customize Connor like an RPG!

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