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It's not going to be ultra on the PS4, it's just PR for their game.

No way is Planetside 2 going to run on ultra on a tablet cpu.

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The most that the board would do would be to break off the xbox division into its own entity. That would be good for the brand though since they would then be able to create their own priorities instead what the whole of MS wanted.

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Democracy says your wrong!

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Maria, I have to ask if you post these submissions in order to get a console war brewing in the comments. If you do, then I must say that you are quite the evil genius!

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I want J Allard back heading the entertainment division. He was amazing.

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Who cares, buy what you prefer.

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ATX cases are twice the size of the Xbone. Portable is definitely not what I would call them.

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Samsung would probably love to buy xbox. They've always said that one of their goals is to have a step-up in the western market. Xbox is pretty much North America so buying them would be a huge bone for Samsung.

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We already know what happens when Sony has little competition...its called PS3 2006.

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I cant wait to see what indies do with this. I'm sure the first games to come through will be simple games but I can only imagine what devs will do later on.

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There was a rumor on neogaf that ms was going to return being able to sell your digital games online. That sound pretty cool.

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Nonsense, I'm sure every member here will react to this article in a non-fanboyish trolling manner!

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and.. here come the fanboys to tell us why we shouldn't buy our console of choice

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Never offer discounts before?


steve ballmer is only the temporary boss at xbox right now

btw, I actually support Don quitting, with him out the xbox division should get their heads back into the game. Don controlled the architecture division and the PR division so he actually did have a say in the major parts of the xbox one.

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Microsoft really needs to drop the ego, seriously, it's like Sony circa 2006 all over again.

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there isn't going to be one

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if N4G has taught me anything about the playstation community, I think I'd rather go to PC

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Pull something amazing out MS. I need something to wow me to justify a buy.

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I wonder how this site will react if the exclusives actually look amazing.

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