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I really like the look of this. And now I feel the urge to use the term NOINK. XD #2
This article instantly made me think of No More Heroes. That was an excellent game that just shouted, "Hey, I'm a game! Don't believe me? Look: coins are flying out of the enemies you just killed!" Little things like that bring me joy. I do believe some games should be realistic, but not everything has to be a simulation. I still remember playing GTA III and thinking, "Wow, the world is pretty life-like, but I really dig the health pick-ups and floating Hidden Packages.... #1
It's definitely a title worth making a big fuss about it. It looks awesome. #2
This looks like a lot of fun. I enjoy the setting and feel of these types of games. I was always a big fan of The Godfather (the movie and the first game), and games like these always leave me impressed and entertained. #3
Never played the DS version, but checking out this article made me want to. =P I like the idea of blending together different genres. That always makes for some interesting gameplay. #3
There was a time when I really wanted to play Tom Clancy games. That was years ago, though, and I've since lost my interest. Still, I have to admit that this looks like it could be a lot of fun. #4
I've never managed to get into the Dead Rising games. I mean, they seem decent enough, but I just don't feel like this is that big (or important) of a series. #4
To be quite honest, I've never really cared for DLC. Strong games don't really need it, and if the Wii is any indication, games will sell even if there's no DLC to be found. Although I think multiplatform games getting exclusive DLC depending on which console they're on is pretty cool. #4
An excellent list. Killer7 would have to be at the top of my personal list. I'm not the biggest rail shooter fan, but I have enjoyed the few rail shooters I've played. #2
I've never been a fan of Halo, but most of the people I talk to who are fans of the series have subsequently disliked each installment more than the last. To me, and I say this as an outsider looking in, the Halo series has sailed its course. I'm not trying to get under anyone's skin or anything; I'm just calling it how I see it. #18
It's funny, the only RTS game I play IS StarCraft. Still, these all look like they have their own appeal. They're not trying to take away from StarCraft, and they provide a great alternative. #1
I've heard good things about the series from others, and this title looks pretty good. Too bad I don't own a PSP currently. Shoot! #2
I expected this from the very beginning. What were they thinking? #2
I've never played any of the Worms games, though I've wanted to for quite some time. This installment looks pretty good. I may have to give it a try. #1
Looks like a definite dark horse for this holiday season. It may not be the most talked about game, but it very well may surprise many of us when it launches. I personally love the charm that the visuals and characters exude. #1
A great collection of games on this article. Can't help but geek out for Castle Crashers. XD #5
Haha I never really thought about it, but it is pretty funny that all of those games only have a one-word title. I guess "straightforward and to the point" is Id's credo. #7
They seem to be pretty cool, and very useful...for people who use headphones. Personally, I'm not much of a headphone guy, so I would find it hard to spend that kind of cash on these. #5
A great list of games with God of War III being my top pick. How awesome would some additional content for the game be? God of War is the kind of game that leaves you wanting more, so a little DLC would definitely go a long way. #12
Nice list. One of my favorites was always Hunter: The Reckoning. Sure, it was a little on the short side, but it was a heck of a lot of fun. Had fun playing single-player; had a total blast playing co-op! #10
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