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Watch GACKT sit around for 3 minutes and then play poorly for another 3. Hooray! #1
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Absolutely. Have been playing it on the 3DS and it's a fantastic little game. #1.1
Wow, he is awful at MegaMan 2. Confirmed. #2
Jigglypuff was the SHIT. It's way more fun humiliating your friends with Jigglypuff in the previous games if you're the only one who knows how to harness the power of the puff properly. #3.1.1
I was hoping this was going to be about joystick rotating, palm destroying mini-games. :( #3
I still fire this up all the time on the PC. I just wish they could import that data. Still might buy it. Having it on the vita would be great. #3
I just want that canvas print above MY couch. Great conversation starter, especially since 99% of people that would see it would have no idea who that is or why I have it. #3
For sure. One of the most fun, great-looking arcade style racing games on the PS2. #1.1
Star Fox Assault should be on the list over Adventure. Way better game, mainly because several of the levels had you piloting your Arwing, as you should be.
Star Fox belongs in the sky! #5.2
Hearthstone is a beast right now. Personally, it's a great game and deserves to be up on top over garbage like Candy Crush.
I haven't spent a dime on Hearthstone and have been playing since it was in beta on the PC; have been doing just fine in the arena and ranked matches. #2
I have a DVD copy of FarCry lying around. I haven't played it in probably 8 or 9 years. I kind of want to give it a go again on my newer laptop - it made my old computer weep until I tweaked it down a lot. #2
The grammar, it burns! D: #1
PS3 has some, though limited, remote play functionality as well. A Handful of PSN games, God of War, Shadow of the Colossus/ICO, any PS1 game you have downloaded or on disc.
It's not all about the PS4. Relax. #4.1.1
Yep, looks like borderlands 2 alright. Pretty excited to be able to take it out on the road with me, and that it's cross-save compatible! #3
Get Hype
Can't wait for this game! #4
Fantastic game and played it through (to the REAL end). Will I play it again/continue to play it? Maybe once in a while. It hasn't grabbed me like Spelunky, in which I'm still doing dailies well... daily.
I'd put it up in my top 25 maybe, but it doesn't come near the top of that list. It's great arcade-y fun with a surprisingly deep story, given the content and design. Can't wait for Hotline 2.
EDIT: And now I have the music for Hotline Miami stuck in... #7
Yep, this happened to my Vita :(
Waiting for a fix from Sony... until then, my vita is pretty much only good for PS3 remote play (No PS4 yet). Good thing I got back into Chrono Cross and Final Fantasy 9 recently. #4
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That would be awesome :D #2.1
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One of my absolute favorites. Dad would allow me to get one game for my birthday, so I chose this in 1994 after reading about it in Nintendo Power. I remember the "Play it Loud" campaign that Nintendo started around this time as well. The family stereo system had never seen a better use. #3
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