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YOU get a mustache and YOU get a mustache and YOU get a mustache

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A bit of everything, honestly. Unprofessional Fridays have always been fun and the Giant Bomb East play dates. As for recent series, their Yakuza 0 play through (Beast in the East), Murder Island (PUBG Team games) are great, as I'm not likely to play either of these. Former premium offerings like Metal Gear Scanlon, and classics like Thursday Night Throwdown and Whiskey Media Happy Hour are great to go back to (RIP Ryan Davis). I watch their E3 Live coverage which is always a blast with e...

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I am; have been for years.

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Chased by doggos - The Game.

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GC was definitely my preferred version. So many hours in that game.
It never came out for Dreamcast, however, the version that WAS in development for the DC ended up being ported to the PS2.

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Yeah but... what if the game IS like Dark Souls? How else would you describe it? 2D side scrolling platformers always get compared to "Mario", "Mega Man" or even the term "Metroidvania" which just lazily combines 2 games, so how is this different? People know what Dark Souls is and how the game play works, so making that comparison shouldn't be an issue.
Souls fans just need to chill instead of being butt hurt over nothing.

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I dunno, still holding my breath to see if ARMS will have legs.

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I like that Shenmue is the image for this article, but it probably won't come out this year.

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You realize Portal 2 came out on Xbox 360 and PS3, right? Both those older consoles also ran the game just fine. How is it a surprise that the PS4 could run it as well, considering it is using PC-based hardware?

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Don't tell me what I'm going to be thrilled with *shakes fist*

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So it's basically getting the Street Fighter treatment with it's different editions; all of which included new characters. Street Fighter 4 I would point at specifically as the recent example. "SF4, Super SF4, Super SF4 Arcade Edition"

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Why WOULDN'T it have new characters? :|

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Infinite Microtransactions

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Please explain what a new Resident Evil title should be? Tank Controls? Static Camera? Slow-ass Zombies?

This is actually looking quite good and atmospheric. Funky puzzles are still a game play focus. Not sure what exactly makes this new one an "abomination" based on what has been shown.

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You know that Unreal 4 will run on the Switch, correct? It would not be impossible for them to do something like this, not that they would - that being said, Breath of the Wild looks damn good already on the current hardware. Nintendo knows how to work their machines to full potential and I don't see that changing with the Switch. No need to be a hater over something that isn't even out for months.

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That's a shame. SWERYs' brand of weird is in a class of it's own and I absolutely love it. Hopefully his health continues to improve and he will get back into it, should he chose to. I'm assuming this means D4 will never get finished...

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Had no problem with having to use the stylus. It was usually tucked on my ear, ready to grab at any point. Dawn of Sorrow is a fantastic game.

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Such a lust for VINYLLLLLLLLLL

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Yes, good job, WWE. Let's keep the steroid abuser Brock Lesnar on your cover because "He's only Part Time". They don't feel it necessary to take any action. Good Grief... Vince and his man-muscle love.

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Why limit yourself to 5? Play all 30!

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