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Why are all these trash, practically single paragraph articles being approved? #1
Missed opportunity for Bethesda. They totally could have created a Doom-esc/homeage with something similar. Still, the fact they included the couple mini-games they did at all is pretty rad. #5
Rubber Snake
Cool project. I'd keep things a bit more under wraps, though, unless you're looking for a C&D from Konami; they've done it to Half-Life mods and other fan projects. #3
Yes? And they will. Nintendo has been crushing it in the DLC department recently. #2
Yeah this game looks great. Fenway and the taphouse look awesome. It's the image posters jacked up player character that looks like crap. The NPCs looked just fine, IMO. #3
Creepy JPEG compression #5
Shadow Moses* #3
Fluid, beautiful and incredibly frustrating at the same time. Ecco the Dolphin is a really unique game, given the scope and message it was trying to portray back on the Genesis. You really had to know what the hell to do though most of the time, or swim around in circles forever because you have no idea how to get past that crystal thing. #3
Is it really news worthy to post a control scheme for a game? It's essentially the same controls from Fallout 3 and New Vegas, but with added BASH function. WHOOOOOPIE!! #1
Clickbait much?
Additionally, that screenshot in the article just looks like a contrast boost. I'm sure SweetFX is nice, but this is just an article essentially saying "Hey, use SweetFX!"
Pointless. #2
What platform? I've been playing on PS4 and have not had any issues since the first week, where it was all kinds of messed up due to the servers being overloaded and/or not enough of them. The first maintenance patch fixed stuttering for me when online. #2.1
Couldn't agree more here. VI, IX and Tactics are where it's at for Final Fantasy. I'm one of those who are pretty tired of VII being shoved down my throat whenever Final Fantasy is brought up. It's a GOOD game, yes, we get it, but it's not the best in the series. IX played and looked way better and I personally thought the characters and story were better.
Around the time it came out, people were getting excited for the PS2 since it was so late-gen, it was definit... #3.2
Kiddie reviewer is a bit of a joke. Unresponsive and stiff controls? Whining about not knowing the boss order? These are some of the PREMIER platforming games you can get. Gamespot is the worst. Can't trust any of these reviewers now. Haven't since Jeff was fired and Ryan (RIP, buddy) left to form Giant Bomb.

Sure, this collection is missing Megaman 7 and 8 (adding in 9 & 10 as well would have made this an INCREDIBLE collection), but for what it is, it deserves at... #5
More likely to be his own or another employees copy. Having managed an EBgames, it was never policy to open Collector's Editions of any of the games or accessories because they were typically shipped in for reserve customers, with MAYBE 1 or 2 extras for first-come first-serve sales. Stores don't just "Get copies" of CEs.
We'd typically get a display/empty box copy from the publisher to display, if anything, and it would be months before release to drive pre-orde... #10.1.1
This is why I went in for 2 :)
One reserved with GameStop back in March, and another when Amazon had a final batch available last week. Really lucked out with that one on Amazon, they went within minutes. #2.2
WELP Media blackout time... #4
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Cool, couple of dudes shoulders for most of it and blown out lighting for the rest :\
Nothing really new here besides some interactivity with Dogmeat and a peek at the skill tree. #4
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Fantastic game, great music, fun story and weapons. Dipping that page in the manual in water to REVEAL A HIDDEN FRIGGN' CODE NECESSARY TO PROCEED! Yep, this game is awesome. It is a shame that the series has been forgotten as far as Nintendo is really concerned. #4
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God daaaammmmmmnnnnnn this game <3 #5
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They say MGS5 had a $90 Million budget. I wonder if Kojima owns the rights to the Fox engine? If so, let him go to Kickstarter to get his next project started. 69,000+ Fans dumped over 6.3 Mil to prove that Shenmue 3 was worth doing - this obviously is a small portion of the funding that the game will receive, but with Sony and others pitching in, it's being done.
Kojima could do something similar, and I'm sure the outpouring from fans, especially in light of the current even... #3
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