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Well, as much as I have/had deep respect for Inafune, I'm glad I did not support this Kickstarter if this is how he respects his fanbase.

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Yea, Outbreak was cool and they should take another crack at it! Great game back when almost no one had internet hooked up to their PS2s.
MGS3 online was super-fun too.

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Severs were down for 10-15 minutes and then were working great since. Bunch of whiners. At least it wasn't a Diablo 3 situation.

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No love for "Summer Carnival '92: RECCA"?

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Star Fox Zero - Better than Doom according to
Claims confusing controls as a con, then praises that they can be changed. So why were they bad again, given the option to change it back to your generic-ass shooter?
Lack of story? Have you ever played Doom? What they do have in here for story tells it exactly how it should have been, is supposed to be taken tongue-in-cheek and make you go "Yup, Doom" because who gives two shits about the story? The w...

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RIP Captain Lou Albano; best Mario.

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Doom guy; not even a contest.

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The problem with Duke is that he's a stereotype misogynist from the 90s. The humor does not hold up, and everyone has these fond memories of Duke 3D - I have them as well, but they belong in a certain time and place.
A new Duke game, however, is not out of the question, but the character himself needs to get with the times, essentially. He can/should still be a dirty-talking badass mother-effer, but give me a new Duke along the lines of what ID is doing with Doom, and I might be a...

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Reinstalling PC version

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Might check this out. Been burned out on Fallout 4 for a bit now and if there's some cool stuff I missed, this'll be worth it.

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Good; got what they deserve for trying to pull the wool over gamers' heads. It's the internet age, baby! Can't sneak that garbage past anyone.

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Seikendensetsu 2 !!!!!!!!
Yaaaaaaay Secret of Mana!

Can't wait to get that on my 3DS

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How am I supposed to take this? Seriously, or satire? Not sure what a dancing Samus has to do with any of this. The game is done when it's done; Nintendo doesn't need to give 'the people' any breadcrumb teasers that they'll just pick apart anyways, as the internet does. I'd like to know a lot less about upcoming games, and wait for release, instead of getting hyped up and spoiled for no good reason if the project turns out bad. Learn to wait for reviews from sources yo...

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Or you could just hold down the PS button on the controller and shut it down that way. Mind Blown.

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Lots to love about the Vita! I use remote play all the time and am currently carrying it around to play Crypt of the Necrodancer and Helldivers. Played the hell out of Hotline Miami as well. Persona 4 Golden is residing in my PSTV, since my partner and I play that together; otherwise I'd be carrying that around too.

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It's a good looking PS2 game, mediocre shooter otherwise. I wouldn't exactly call it a "Great, forgotten FPS", it simply just pushed what the PS2 was capable of. The sound design was also A+.
Was it fun at the time? Yeah, BUT not really worth digging out a PS2 just to play it.

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As someone who works in the promotional products industry, this is not as surprising as people are making it out to be.
You can literally put whatever you want on a printable surface.
I could have Hideo Kojimas' face and "A Hideo Kojima Prophylactic" plastered on condom wrappers.

Wait...I just came up with an idea...

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From the article: Mega Man Legacy Collection on the 3DS features 11 exclusive new remix challenges can be unlocked using the original Mega Man amiibo or the brand-new gold-colored Mega Man amiibo included in the Collector’s Edition. New art and history pieces have also been added to the in-game Museum Mode, with highlights like original NES cart designs and classic game ads from the 80s and 90s.

3DS version has more "stuff" and is portable. I'd say 3DS. MegaMan...

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Ehhhh, I've been really happy with the cross-buy stuff. Spelunky, Fez, Helldivers & Crypt of the Necrodancer are a few that come to mind immediately. All have been really good, and I would not have dug into these games nearly as much, if I did not tote them around in my Vita. For that one guy complaining about the prices in the article, a lot of these can or have ended up on PS Plus (Helldivers) so that point is kinda moot that they're generally more expensive, because it isn'...

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