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No Microtrasactions, just expansion packs for $20-50 [/s]

Whatever, already have it pre-ordered and May can't come soon enough! :) #6
This is actually a cool thing they are doing, as a result of the game. Don't be so salty. #1.1
I stopped reading after
"We begin in 1992 and Mortal Kombat is released on the NES and also the SNES with it’s 8-bit graphics and blocky blood splatter"

I hate to break it to Mr. John White, but it was never released on the NES. He may have seen ROM hacks, but certainly never held an NES MK Cartridge. I also hope he's not calling the SNES 8-bit because BOOOOOOOOY HOWDY!

Can no one really fact check things before writing up an article? Yi... #1.1
If you want all the things, buy all the things. If you missed out, sorry, you should have acted sooner.
I don't see this as any different than getting extras in a collector's edition. The Wolf Link Amiibo just happens to be your "Unlock code" to access that information, BUT GUESS WHAT?!
In this case, the Wolf Link Amiibo is not a one-time-use code. Borrow it from your cool, forward thinking friend that remembered to pre-order because he/she wanted all the th... #7
Subaru SVX? Hell Yeah! Corolla SR5? Sign me up, buddy! Pontiac ...Aztec? Sorry, but get out of my motor sports. Cool nod to the show, but uggh, no one wants to actually use the thing regularly. Real or in Forza. #1
Epic Indeed; Satoru Iwata was a straight up wizard when it came to crunching bits and bytes. He helped the Smash Bros Melee crew quite a bit during the final days of their development as well to get it out for Holiday 2001. #3.1
I've seen Code Talker sitting up in that area when leaving Mother Base, but only ONCE ever in the tons of hours I've poured into that game. #2
No one is arguing that Xenoblade wasn't a first party title. Nintendo/Monolith decided not to add support as they were too far in development in a game that was already far-reaching for the console :\
I clicked Agree. #3.1.1
Yes, in a surprise to nobody, a first-party Nintendo game has Amiibo support. #3
Another reason why Yacht Club Games is awesome. Recently listed to them on the 8-4 Play podcast and they are such a great group of people who keep the players and fans in the forefront of their work. #2
C&D from Konami imminent. #2
Ughhhhh I wish I still had my Killer Kuts CD >_<
Lost it ages ago to being a dumb kid at the time.... #14.1
I've got the red box limited Metal Gear Solid 3: Subsistance, as well as a hardcover guide w/Yoji Shinkawa artbook while not the rarest/most expensive Metal Gear collectible, it's the one I treasure the most.
Got a sealed MGS5 Limited for PS4 as well, but who knows if that will be worth anything down the line yet. #13
The man who Soul'd the world. #3
Super Mario RPG is a gosh darn treasure. I've had the boss battle music stuck in my head for most of the week, which typically translates to "I need to play through that game again".
Happens all the time to me with Yoshis' Island as well. #1
I get that, but my guns are more fun :)
They're serving better purpose for me as decorations and will stay that way, I suppose. #2.1.1
I've got a bunch of lunchboxes. Is the only use-case for them to make bottlecap mines? If so, i'll just keep them on the shelf in my settlement like I've been doing. I don't really use mines at all and just end up selling them. #2
They probably won't do this, however. It will come out as a $60 game each time; Look at Final Fantasy 13 and it's sequels - only with this, you already know the whole story and if you want to play it to the end, you pay to the end. If you didn't like 13 but bought it, you opted out of the rest of it.
Square will milk milk milk the sweet tears of the Final Fantasy 7 crybabies, who will proceed to buy each part simply because "OMG FF7".
I will eat my fuckin... #1.3
Why are all these trash, practically single paragraph articles being approved? #1
Missed opportunity for Bethesda. They totally could have created a Doom-esc/homeage with something similar. Still, the fact they included the couple mini-games they did at all is pretty rad. #5
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