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If I remember correctly, there were a lot of issues with the original PC version (for some people - possibly did not effect your set up at the time)
Graphical issues, crash issues, video play issues (black screen but the audio would play) which may have been patched later, and not likely by the developers. I knew there were reasons why I hadn't picked this version up at the time and stuck with the Dreamcast one. #5.1
Wow, been a LONG time since anything about Grandia has been brought up. Absolutely love this game on the Dreamcast; still own it and will likely pick this up as well. #11
No, because that little animal trio teaches you the skills. Wall jumping in Super Metroid is actually really forgiving with PLENTY of time between those floaty jumps. #1.1
Never stopped them from putting Andre the Giant in various things after he died. As recent as WWE Supercard and All-Stars 2011 (The latter at least being out of respect) #6.1.1
Man, they are really trying to reel in that 80's/90's crowd that grew up watching wrestling. Attitude-era characters coming back, now Arnold getting into the mix. Who's next, Big Boss Man? Quake? Sammartino & Bob Backlund?
Sorry, these games have not been good for a while and it's going to be a very hard sell, imo. #6
Pick up a Vita, PS3 or PSTV(These are $40 now!) any of those will play FF7 either the PSN download, or the PS3 will play your old PS1 discs if you have them. #3.1
The puppet stuff was great, I'll give them that.
Iwata gazing longingly into a bunch of bananas. Poetic. #5
Nope. RE2 made it to the N64 (With EXPANSION PAK SUPPORT!!!) and none of the others.
The DS had it's own version of the original Resident Evil (Deadly Silence), with a first-person perspective when you went to knife at stuff, using the second screen to swipe. So to your point, technically, yes this is RE1 being remade for another platform.
If we want to get deep, I had some weird ass gimped version of Resident Evil 2 on an old LG phone, and my old Tiger handheld.... #1.1.3
RE:0 was only ever on the Game Cube, same with the RE1 remake, until the recent re-remaster for PC/XB1/PS4/PS3/360.
People who had a Game Cube certainly had these titles, as they were a big draw for the more mature Game Cube owners at the time, but most everyone else missed out when they were first released. #1.1.1
Woooooo! Looking good! #4
"Time to get serious!" #1.1
Remember when Nintendo held the Donkey Kong Country and Star Fox competitions at MANY Blockbusters? Granted, I think those were just run by the store employees with instructions on how to record the scores and they'd get sent to Nintendo to be compiled or whatever, but why couldn't they do it for something like this?
It's not like there's going to be a Reggie-bot at each Best Buy to moderate. This is just going to be a racket for those 8 stores and the first people in... #5
Honestly, looks pretty dope! Gives me classic 6-button Genesis controller feels. #2
You do know that the cards you get in Arena to build a deck are not limited by what you have in your own collection, right?
A player can come in brand new, just play the arena and would have access to every card in the game library. What you are given to choose is still completely random, but all the cards are there. #4.1
Disagrees with no counter-points. Oh, n4g, you so crazy! #3.1
PC Meowster Race #5
I don't get why this even needs to be a thing. Just to prove it can be done? I dunno. Don't see the big deal here. #3
Dat framerate, lol #5
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Pomeranian in Tokyo Jungle
End list. #1
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