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This was surprisingly great on the Nintendo DS! #3
$5 is more than free*

*With PS+ membership #8.1
PS One Onimusha is pretty much Far Cry 3: Blood Dragon #1.1
No, since the original GTA was on the PSX and was far more detailed. An NES would not run the original GTA, you silly person. #1.1
Stunning! #3
Seems weird that they include HL2 and Episode 1, but not Episode 2? I guess they're banking on you buying that episode by itself and brace yourself for the disappointing cliffhanger there-after, and become one of the rest of us waiting for more. #4
I think it's a fine game on it's own. Hopefully they can add some DLC and make the two versions a little closer to each other in the end, though, at this point it's not likely new characters would be added to Smash 3DS. I like the roster as it is, personally. There is enough variation that I won't be bored with the game anytime soon. #2
Nintendo does not internet very well. #4.1
Ouch... #1
I'm confused. This gets an 8.5, but Shadow of Mordor gets a 6 from Destructoid?
Not sure where Shadow of Mordor fell apart for them, but it seems like it has a lot more actually going for it than Alien: hide & seek.
Don't get me wrong, I want to play the hell out of this game but the review scores are so unbalanced and it's hard to narrow down exactly why that is. #9
Finally! That quick drop option not saving screwed me up countless times. The days of "Ugghh what the hell" pause, triangle, change option, back out, unpause are over! #2
Well, there's always hope for Starcraft: Ghost for the GameCu.....oh wait... :( #1.2
Your base of operations is a "Big Shell-like" development, it is entirely intentional :) #1.2.1
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Maximum Carnage. That was the sh*t back in the day. I liked Ultimate Alliance, but it wasn't my favorite and certainly shouldn't be number 1, imho. #4
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You mean the Super Famicom. SNES had light and dark purple controller buttons. But yes, either way. :) #3.1.2
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That's what the "C-Stick" above the buttons is supposed to be for. It acts as a second analog stick and some games will REQUIRE it in order to play. The new Monster Hunter is one, if I'm not mistaken. #1.1.1
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Holy crap. ESRB0083 is going to lose their job lol #7.1
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Right? I came to this list expecting Dogmeat from Fallout 3 and Barbas from Skyrim.
The thing about Barbas is that he was essentially a non-killable companion as long as you never finished the "A Daedra's best friend" quest.
How is that not memorable? #2.1
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5 Continues though? That's very poor performance, even for Air Man's stage. #1.1
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Show me your moves! #7
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