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"Aphex Twin"


Yeah, this looks great. Definitely some Bloodborne-esque assets in that level. #1.1
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Have a well said bubble! #4.1
A natural progression for a developer like this. Kudos to Napper on his new career path! #8
This is hands-down Microsoft's best indie title right now.

It's the only indie game that screams "PLAY ME!!!" instead of just "oh, that's cool!". I'm wishful that this was available on PSN, but I'm happy that Xbox owners can enjoy such a well done platformer with an amazingly accurate 1920's art style. This type of animation is amongst my favorites; I love watching those old cartoons that feature fluid, wavy, bouncy characters and w... #1.1
Great, now just let us make custom jerseys for our custom teams and you'll be back on par with 2K13 again. #1
Metal Gear Solid 5: The Phantom Code #1.1
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Awesome. I'm gonna come back to this when I finally finish my PC build, just so I can max out the game and see Frostbite in it's true glory. #1
You're quoting absolute ideal times; some people will complete the game quicker than your quoted time, some will take longer because they want to analyze everything. If you complete the game, there are other options for you to choose and give the game a different outcome. Do you hate choice? Do you breeze through games? Do you only play a game once and are done with it? All of these are valid questions, and ones that I feel have some bearing on your opinions. Not every game has to be a 30... #1.4.5
"Self indulged uneducated response"

Damn, that's too accurate. #1.4.3
Damn Sony Trolls!

Oh, wait... #7.1.1
Free access to the games users already own is the best idea for this service, as it really makes the most sense. Unfortunately, I think publishers would have the most issue with that strategy. #4
I actually enjoyed the trial I validated from when I picked up my PS4. It's just an extra cost per month I can't really swing at this time.

I'd certainly subscribe in the long run if I open up any disposable income. I don't know why Sony isn't marketing the service more, since they have a huge backlog of games already at this early stage. #1.2
You mean you have to use your brain and not some gimmicky perk? WHAT IS THIS WORLD COMING TO? #1
And the fact that this new Hitman seems to play so much like the old ones, which is GREAT! I'm hoping for an indirect sequel to Blood Money, which is my favorite Hitman game.

Also, this: #1.1
The originals were never mindless. #1.1
That's the greatest thing ever. Makes me wish I still had my old Windows 3.1 machine. #3
How do you not have a well said bubble yet? #1.4.2
I'll have to try this sometime #2.1.1
I'd buy this type of game. An old original Fallout-style RPG is just what the doctor ordered. #1.1
Seconded! This game looks tight as hell. #1.1
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