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"Aphex Twin"


Same. I'm waiting until they have a sale on the PSN because I have way too many games I'm trying to finish. I just started playing through Demon's Souls again, trying to get to NG+ (for example). #4.1

Your comments reek of butthurt over the PS4 being lead platform for Destiny and the fact that Bungie is giving PS4 owners beta access first, as well as exclusive content. Even with this unfortunate news, Destiny is still shaping up to be one of the greatest games we will see this generation. #1.1.15

tbone is trolling with his anti-Sony nonsense, just like he does in every single one of his posts. #1.1.5
The real question here, Abriael, is why you felt it necessary to censor the word "butt"? Lol #1.2.5
Ironic, since there isn't any packaging or shipment costs to add to the titles when digitally distributed, yet publishers want to charge full price anyway. I thought that was one of the benefits to DD, that software could be cheaper due to lower overhead costs?

Publishers being greedy and not wanting to change with the times. At least on Steam you get deep discounts on a daily basis. Consoles... not so much, though Sony's PS+ free game promotions are definitely worth... #1.1.1
Hey Alexkoepp, you seem pretty bitter. Mad because Sony and Ubisoft are collaborating? I know it really must eat you up inside, collaborating with the enemy and all. #1.1.2
I read the article, and I know my conclusion wasn't aligned with the topic. But it's a true statement, what I said, so the semantics are unnecessary. People just still want to deny reality...

@ JsonHenry

You can't make an 8800 gt perform better than a 790 regardless of the amount of optimization and driver updates you apply to achieve parity. DX12 is going to make it easier to achieve good results on the One, but suddenly you have the usual ignor... #1.1.11
Not seen anyone talk bad about Spencer. In fact, when the announcement was made about him taking control of XBox, most people were enthusiastic about the decision. Indeed, myself included said that it's nice to have more of a gamer-friendly executive at Xbox because the previous people in charge really weren't a good fit for the program. #2.1
It basically means that for the rest of the generation, the PS4 will remain ahead in the race for power. Developers have absolutely no trouble getting good results from the system already, and this will make games like Second Son look rudimentary very shortly down the line.

Look at the graphical jump on PS3 games from the first Resistance to The Last of Us; that was on a console that was a heck of a lot harder to code for. Sony has so many hidden projects that we know nothing... #1.1.2
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Probably because he listed XBOX controls. If it was PlayStation symbols, he'd have 100 agrees and a well said / funny bubble. #3.1.1
phil_75, that was hilarious. Have a bubble for the satire :) #1.1.14
Hey Alexkoepp, how many Xbox trolls does it take to be marked as trolling by mods? I thought Sony trolls were the only ones on N4G? #1.1.3
Really wish they had Spotify on PlayStation 4. That's a feature I'm envious of on the One. Gotta get a One some day... #2.1.2
Since I most likely won't be able to upgrade my PC any time soon, I'll be getting it on PS4. #1.1
RE:3 was my favorite one. I was thinking the other day about playing it but I couldn't find my copy. Gotta keep looking... #1.1

Actually it happens all the time if you are a Comcast subscriber. #1.1.15
Pretty sure he meant a hundred dollars cheaper, not one thousand dollars cheaper. The difference in the typo is very slim there #2.3.6
Wonder how many people who hated CoD before will change their tune? Me? I haven't enjoyed a Call of Duty game since Modern Warfare, so this news doesn't affect me any. Actually, I partially take that back, as World at War's zombie mode was pretty fun. I'd like to see another version of that, if anything. #1.1.3
@ creatchee
Yes, but the question is, why? Sony managed to strike a balance between premium content and free content, offering multiplayer advanced features long with free features and free to play games. No paywall needed for most of the function on PlayStation Network. People would mostly like to know why MS thinks it's a good idea to make people pay a second fee for something that they are already subscribing to.

It'd be like if Spotify charged people a mon... #1.1.8
Sup, Bro? Found this Sony article so interesting you just had to come in and troll for a while, eh? #6.1
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