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"Aphex Twin"


The PS4 exclusives keep on comin'!

I'll be purchasing this game ASAP. #1.1
FFX is the one I dumped the most time into. Pretty sure I had at least 130 hours while trying to make the most of the sphere grid and finding all the super weapons. #1.1.1
I'll have to see more info on this game before I judge on whether or not the multiplayer is up to par. We really haven't seen much of this title. Isn't it due out at the end of this year? #2.1.1
Good golly, Miss Molly... #1.2.2
@Negative Creep

And look at the sheer amount of disagrees in a relatively short period of time, all here for those attempting to speak anything other than negativity towards Sony and it's fans in this case. They come fast and furious!

@ baby Jedi

agreed, there's a lot of potential for a sequel. Did CryTek ever state they would work on one? #1.2.12
Hell YES it is, and it's great to know that developers can implement this workaround, should they care enough to do so.

This game is shaping up to be the best since the PS2 days. #1.1
@Nick Setzer

"Probably don't even own the game but make it their life goal to defend anything with a sony sticker."

Yeah, completely ignore the people who haven't played the game, don't intend to, but bash it anyway because mob mentality is the easy weapon of the weak minded. Why be a balanced critic when it's easier just to blame the Sony Jihadists? #1.1.16
What are you doing here, XBLSkull? Did you develop a memory lapse on your way to an XBox exclusive article and get lost in another The Order article?

@ Kurapika

Most people are reporting anywhere from 7-10 hours, which is average for these types of games. #1.1.3
I'm a big fan of Find Your Way. It's the song you hear when you are inside the Tomb of the Unknown King, in Final Fantasy VIII. #2
March 2-6, 2015 #1.2.1
It's mostly in shadowing and reflections. Things that take up extra processing power to render in real-time. #3.1
GDC is sort of the Mini E3 now, with some developers forsaking E3 when revealing big titles. It's also a venue where developers and manufacturers go up on stage and talk a lot about the technical side of things as well as the future of gaming across the industry and beyond. #1.1.1
Well kudos for you sir, for making up your own mind on this title. Your independence and free thought are commendable.


So many salty-ass shadow disagrees being thrown out in a short amount of time.

So people should only be drones and make their decisions based off what people tell them to think about something, without a free thought or view point of their own? Got it, thanks for clearing that up! #3.1
@ TheGenkz



the disagrees... LOL #1.1.1
Static settings comparisons aren't really valid when comparing to consoles because developers utilize whatever works when optimizing for a set hardware configuration. You could have high-end effects in some areas where other areas are scaled back for efficiency. It's all about striking a balance. #1.1
I was thinking they'd have a page for every step of this process. No less than 5 pages per story seems the be the clickbait way of business. #1.1
The game play isn't terrible; it's exactly what we have seen before in other games, but the presentation, pacing and character acting is what differentiates the title from other 3rd person shooters.

Pintheshadows, sounds like you'd give it a solid 7.5 or 8 out of 10, which is about what a rational average of the game should equate to. Unfortunately in another post I called the score with uncanny accuracy, guessing this game would be averaging around a 6, 6.5 from... #2.1.2
This game is going to make a lot of money, but it's going to also piss off so many people. Nevertheless, regardless of the reviews, this game is going to sell well and garner a lot of fans. #1.2.1
@ Death

It's because Bose IS mediocre. There is no way around it, and they are a company that charges ridiculously overpriced amounts for equipment that in most cases is worth far less than it's listing price in terms of actual materials and engineering.

Bose is a company that's great at marketing to people who want a decent sounding system but don't care about top-notch audio or performance and just want something that's easy to set up a... #1.1.18
I'll just leave this here... #1.1.2
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