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"Aphex Twin"


Don't be fooled; he was gonna get it on PC anyway. Like most of these concern trolls, they actually have no interest in the console version except to belittle it and then throw up their hands in defense when someone calls them out for it. #13.1.1
There are things that could be improved upon, but overall I'm satisfied with the output that Bloodborne achieves. Yes, the game could use Anti Aliasing - which it appears to use none, currently - as well as optimizing certain areas with regards to the frame rate / frame pacing. The game is so detailed and richly engrossing that I just don't mind it that much. It's still one of the best looking next-gen games released to this point.

If I'm looking for an engin... #4.3.3
Another patch, another chance for modders to get back to work. #1
they are a relic of game development days of old when pre-rendered footage was still the best way of showing off your game. Graphics just couldn't keep up, and people needed something to get excited about. Now that graphics can match the presentation CG trailers, eg the order 1886, they are totally unnecessary. #1.1.1
There's something I can't quite wrap my head around, and that's the overall animation quality. It's been this way since I saw early build video footage, and it still seems to linger in my eyes when I watch more current footage. The game looks great in first person cockpit mode (though I would definitely give Drive Club the nod when comparing weather effects). Everything looks herky-jerky, but I think it's more an unintentional effect from the game being 60FPS. It makes me... #1.1.1
That's why it's an "x.x(y)" update, and not a major update, e.g. "x.y" or "y.y".

What's wrong with improving system stability?

edit @ mushroomwig #1.2
No, because I don't go trolling into Xbox threads. I only hang out in PlayStation-centric news stories, thus your question is not only defensive but also irrelevant to this column.

I usually just skim past most of the comments in most articles anyway because it's always a stupid, unproductive pissing match.

You sound butthurt, tbh. #2.2.2
Trolling 101:

Pretend to want to play the game and then make an underhanded, sarcastic jab at it. Your comment will be marked soon and you will have wasted your one pathetic bubble. #2.2
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Just play the games you like and ignore the drama. #3.1
Wow, not one person picked up on the sarcasm. My comment was meant to be a jab at elitist PC trolls. #1.2.6
Nah, you can buy a 400 dollar PC that can run this game on ultra.

You think I'm making a console reference. You'd be wrong... #1.2
The ass backwards state of a country that is focused on patriotism and spreading "democracy" around the world.

Violence is okay but sex is a no-no. Goes back to the Christian / Muslim extremism and crusading that has existed for hundreds of years, where you're allowed to eviscerate / decapitate someone with a sword, but if you look at boobs you're the scum of the Earth and not fit for the "Heavenly Kingdom" / Allah's paradise. #5.1
This is what happens when something that is delivered to the common masses gets super popular regardless of what you label as "AO". Butthurt bigwigs worried about losing their advertising / sponsor dollars because idiots who let their children run rampant on their phones / facebook / etc. have access to such services get upset when their precious, innocent little child is exposed to "adult" content.

The f'n world we live in, man... #2.1
If developers are demanding such minimum specs for their games, your best bet is to just get a console. #1.1.12
Did someone say...

I agree, most games nowadays you'll be lucky to even get 20 hours out of them, for 59.99 plus tax. This is a good deal considering how long the core game is. #1.1.1
The first thing I did when I got my PS4 was swap between Netflix and any game I was playing. You've always been able to suspend certain applications; this update just expands the compatibility. #1.1.3
Man, Sony is really going all out to improve it's API. I wonder when we'll start seeing these improvements in games? #1

Well, that I can agree with. You're not going to please everyone, and the difficulty of this game can indeed be something that I could see someone getting perturbed by. That and the fact that the loading times after death are obnoxiously long.

Still, everyone can plainly see that Bloodborne is worthy of the high praise it's getting. You just can't please everyone.

@ Mikeslemonade

Pretty much because ther... #1.1.6
Really???? Suspend / resume is only a game-specific feature and not a system feature?

/slaps forehead #1.8
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