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"Aphex Twin"


You are one of the worst trolls on this website #1.1.1
Still spamming your anti-Drive Club BS across N4G? #1.1.1
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I wonder how long the moderation staff will allow HeMan79's trolling to continue? #1.1.5
Why would you need to modify the cars when they are already built for balance? Just enjoy the ride. #1.1.4
You've never played it. #2.1
Ahh, Foehammer. First in line to comment on something anti-Sony? I'm shocked! #1.1.2
What's up, troll? #27.1
If we're making assumptions here, he's likely using a laptop more than a desktop, unless he's studying in a field that requires one to have a graphics and/or CPU-prioritizing machine. #2.1.3
Radler, you can try to fool everyone with your stealth trolling, but it's not gonna work on everyone. If he's a poor college student who can't afford a PS4, he certainly can't afford a PC that can play this game at the same level as a PS4 can.

GTFO of here #2.1.1
Radler, your comments are always so whiney in the typical anti-Sony way, full of hyperbole like when I see idiots comparing Sony fans to Hitler's army. Yeah, that's how ridiculous you guys sound. #1.9.5
Love how people are acting like only one side plays damage control. Only when it's a conveniently victorious situation do those who have been behind come out of the wood work like it's nothing. You "neutral" types are all the same. #1.1.8
I still have my PlayStation copy of Doom and break it out every once in a while. Even though the PS3 version has better controls, I prefer the atmosphere and sound enhancements that the PS1 port offered. It plays surprisingly smooth, too, considering the lower frame rate.

I got so good playing with the controller at one point I could speed run as well as I can on PC. #1.1
Artists criticizing other artists, etc...

See the paradox there? #8.1
This game is a purely average yet fun horde shooter. It's also not very graphically demanding. Putting this against a game like The Order makes Killing Floor look like an Xbox 360 game.

Also, "We can’t guarantee we will hit that goal, but we wanna make the game look as good as possible and try and achieve that goal"

Meaning you'll probably see a framerate that jumps from 45 and goes up to 60. #1.1.4
Oh, but my friends and I do gather around my buddy's PC, and we all use 360 controllers with STEAM. I can't wait for M2 on my PS4. The series is really fun! #1.1.3
@ Matt139

"Also, it's the fact that there isn't really any major difference between 900p/1080p."

Hrm, let's analyze your understanding of the word fact. states a fact as:


something that actually exists; reality; truth:
Your fears have no basis in fact.
something known to exist or to have happened:
Space travel is now... #8.1.7
PC gamers are pretentious assholes. #14.1.3
Because the graphics are really f'n good. If you are going to swear, at least censor it. #1.1
I'm not trolling the game, since I have been the biggest driveclub defender since the game was announced. However I'm afraid that all the people that gave up on the game after all the initial launch nonsense won't be able to experience this new update. This really is a amazing long-term prospect of a game. #1.1.2
That was pretty much the single worst trolling attempt I've seen on N4G to date... And I've been here since 2007. It's so dumb and obvious, you just HAVE to be doing it on purpose to be ironic. #6.9
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