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"Aphex Twin"


The thing that really pisses me off about 2k14 on the next gen consoles is the lack of ability to create a team with your own players. I.E., making a player that isn't involved in MYCAREER, making your own custom jerseys and playing out a season. #1.1
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This will probably go unnoticed by mods for a few more hours... #12.1.1
Great list of games you have there, Starchild! Nice to see you're giving Ryse a second chance via the PC version, even though the added detail and technical overhead can't help a bland gameplay experience. #1.2.3
Who cares? Microsoft treats every big-name third party game as exclusive and did so all through last gen. When it's Sony's turn to flex their muscle, people get absolutely butthurt over it. #1.1.2
How about they fix the menus and organization to be more like the PS3 / X360 version? The next-gen menus were so terribly organized I thought they just put them on a board and threw darts at them to figure out how to configure the game. #1
It's likely another remaster. #1.1.6
MasturbationStation 3 #2.1
Have you played any such titles via VR, though? That is the point everyone is making. It is all-enveloping and in your face. I think even if you knew something is coming, the focus of detail and the overal visceral surroundings that VR offers is enough to drive people into fear. #4.3.1
Well said #1.1
I saw this score and immediately thought "WTF?". I actually enjoyed the demo of this game and would consider purchasing it for some quick fun from time to time. I grew up in the era where games and movies were like this, and the graphic novel style certainly works in this title's favor.

Weak review from a person who just doesn't get it but tries to convince everyone that they do.

Voted NO / WTF? on this stupid site. #4
He was just quoting the article. #1.1.4
Would be sweet to own one of these things. If not for myself, I know a PC gamer who would love to use a DS4 on his PC but would love the added convenience of other controller support. #68
Consoleslateagain, a known anti-console / anti-Sony troll, trying to weigh in and come off objective on a PlayStation title, but ends up looking like a fool because he tried to also formulate a post based off an originally ignorant conclusion.

I.E., see -Foxtrot-'s post above for actual logic and levelheadedness. #2.1.4
The fact that he has his head so far up his own butt when referring to his (flawed) opinion as "writing the truth" is enough to discredit this "article". #1.19.1
My body is ready.

I'd own a One for this; I think many others will, too. #1.1
What I have noticed, is that everyone who likes this game is really for it, and everyone who has a cursory / cynical viewpoint of the game goes above and beyond with their hyperbole, throwing insults and cookie cutter criticism of the title. I haven't seen such a polarizing title in quite a while. #1.1.7
It's not just TV's; certain older receivers are powerful yet analog only, making the audio output incompatible unless you get a D/A converter. I have an old Sansui from the late 70's... solid state, 2 channel, really powerful, but it's analog and thus doesn't support the PS4. I have my PS3 hooked up to it for now until I get a D/A converter. #1.1.1
This is some of the worst journalism I've ever witnessed. I feel awkward even calling it journalism.

Who ever said it was exclusive in the first place? #3.1.1
Silent Hill 1 easily for sure. I loved me some SH2 back in the day, and the fact that SH3 was more like SH1 regarding continuity and atmosphere. But I'll never forget the first time I played the Silent Hill demo on Official Playstation Magazine's demo disc after reading about a game that, at the time, was still pretty obscure and an experiment for Konami. Resident Evil pretty much owned the entire genre for much of the 90's after everyone sort of forgot about PC horror games.
It's why the PC versions of the games weren't as grossly charming. Somehow the lower console resolution made the games' visual effects more genuine and gritty. #3.1.2
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