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"Aphex Twin"


It's not just TV's; certain older receivers are powerful yet analog only, making the audio output incompatible unless you get a D/A converter. I have an old Sansui from the late 70's... solid state, 2 channel, really powerful, but it's analog and thus doesn't support the PS4. I have my PS3 hooked up to it for now until I get a D/A converter. #1.1.1
This is some of the worst journalism I've ever witnessed. I feel awkward even calling it journalism.

Who ever said it was exclusive in the first place? #3.1.1
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Silent Hill 1 easily for sure. I loved me some SH2 back in the day, and the fact that SH3 was more like SH1 regarding continuity and atmosphere. But I'll never forget the first time I played the Silent Hill demo on Official Playstation Magazine's demo disc after reading about a game that, at the time, was still pretty obscure and an experiment for Konami. Resident Evil pretty much owned the entire genre for much of the 90's after everyone sort of forgot about PC horror games.
It's why the PC versions of the games weren't as grossly charming. Somehow the lower console resolution made the games' visual effects more genuine and gritty. #3.1.2
Same here #1.1.1
@SonyPS4, and don't forget that Steam is a form of DRM. It's just implemented so well that most people don't mind. #1.1.10
Yes, it's great that Evolution has managed to shoehorn this within the confines of 30 FPS and have the game still appear very realistic. #2.1.1
Holy crap
Look at those environments! #2
only footage uploaded by the developers, unfortunately. #4.1
Sniping isn't the point of that weapon, though I'm sure you already knew that. You're supposed to lay down a cloud of suppressing fire then actually light the air on fire with the thermite flare. It's not meant to be a sniping gun; there is an actual sniper rifle in the game with a zoom scope if you watch the newest Gamescom Tesla trailer. #12.1
Success? Greatness? Ownage?

All of the above? #2.1
The whole thing is, Silent Hill is different for each person who enters the foggy landscape. So branching stories makes some sense in the grand scheme. #3.1
I always said the best compromise is at the intersection of detail and resolution. Though, texture detail is sure hampered by lower resolution, so we'll see just how well they pull it off. #1.1.4
Too bad the stock sticks' coating comes off anyway. #1.1
It would be cool, but I expect head tracking more in a sim than I do an arcade racer like this. I didn't ask for head tracking in Ridge Racer or NFS; I do expect it in games like Gran Turismo, Forza or Project Cars. #2
I'm a staunch TLOU supporter but you have to admit that comparison is really flawed. #2.2.3
His comments, his picture, and his name all culminate into one trollish package. Nice to see the moderators are on top of things here!

/s #2.1.2
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Uh, don't forget you also get all the DLC / bonus content in that 50 dollar package. But then again your bias would lead you to omit that fact, wouldn't it? #2.1.1
Ah, truefan1... one of the first to comment on a pro-Sony article. Gotta keep flexin' those trollish damage control skillz, ey brah?

Stay classy, my friend! #1.1.3
Wizard_king, got any PC games that have come out in the last year that have over 200 game of the year awards? That's why this game is still such a big deal. You may not like it, but it doesn't change the fact that this game is one of the few that is actually worthy of an upgrade. #2.1.7
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