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"Aphex Twin"


I'm a staunch TLOU supporter but you have to admit that comparison is really flawed. #2.2.3
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His comments, his picture, and his name all culminate into one trollish package. Nice to see the moderators are on top of things here!

/s #2.1.2
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Uh, don't forget you also get all the DLC / bonus content in that 50 dollar package. But then again your bias would lead you to omit that fact, wouldn't it? #2.1.1
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Ah, truefan1... one of the first to comment on a pro-Sony article. Gotta keep flexin' those trollish damage control skillz, ey brah?

Stay classy, my friend! #1.1.3
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Wizard_king, got any PC games that have come out in the last year that have over 200 game of the year awards? That's why this game is still such a big deal. You may not like it, but it doesn't change the fact that this game is one of the few that is actually worthy of an upgrade. #2.1.7
Just noticed your post right after I stated the same thing. Drive Club is going to be epic! #4.2
It's weird because I know they record direct from all the cars with a full microphone array. I've always been puzzled as to why the car sounds haven't lived up to the techniques they employ.

PD should work with Evolution Studios. Evo's recording work is so accurate in Drive Club that some manufacturers actually requested the audio recordings for their archives. #1.1
looks like the PS4 should be able to run this game at very high or close to ultra. Can't wait to try it out! #1.1
It would make sense, since all the other GTA games released around that time. #2
I disagree. In the case of Naughty Dog, they are a studio who fulfills both categories. They make games because they love games, and a side effect is, they can earn money from making such awesome games. #1.7.1
Lmao. You stay classy, PowerOfGreen... #2.1.5
I've noticed that, as smart as PC gamers are, they seem to be pretty dumb when it comes to understanding how the console APIs work, how optimized they are, and just how much you can push them. Comparing PC builds to, say, the PS4 still isn't an apples to apples topic. #8.2.1
Have a well said bubble on me. #16.6.1
"Eurogamer is a website that supports Sony. "

Bet you weren't saying that last generation when many of their analysis articles showed the PS3 versions of games running slightly worse than the 360's versions. What a joke of a post you have there. Are you MR.X in disguise or just one of his acolytes? #16.1.2
Or maybe he is referring to the rubber coating that comes off of the sticks on the DS4. Though, that hardly qualifies as "broken"; it's certainly annoying, though. #8.4.3
@ benissimo

And here you are, using vulgar language and showing more immaturity than any of the previous posters above. So what is it, then? You put yourself on some sort of pedestal above Sony fanboys? Everyone is just firing back at an XBox troll who constantly spews FUD and spin who now made himself look extra foolish with today's news.

#dealwithit #1.1.23
Actually, ElHebbo, you can simply blame Microsoft for that, not consoles in general. Sony doesn't require a parity clause; though to be honest, Sony has so many quality first party development studios at their disposal that it doesn't even matter if there is a parity clause on third-party titles. #3.3.3
Are people daft? What about this game doesn't look fun? Is it because it's on the One? I suppose none of you guys played Jet Grind Radio, because that's a big influence I'm seeing here. Definitely looks like it's worth a buy - that is, unless you dislike fun videogames. #1.1
Forever Alone #3.1
Agreed 110% #2.1
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