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"Aphex Twin"


Subjective. You really had to bring PlayStation into this in a disparaging fashion, didn't you?

I gave a nice compliment to Phil and the Xbox brand, then I scroll down and see you bashing PlayStation as an Xbox fanboy. I see why you only have one bubble, since you don't know the meaning of staying classy.

Even lifeisgamesok resisted bashing the competition. Why can't you show some restraint? #2.1.1
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Agreed, Phil Spencer is good for the Xbox brand as a whole. I was going to reply with a jaded comments about hyperbole and generic PR statements, but that quote really helps put the message in a better context. #1.1
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I agree, a new Alan Wake game would be just what I'm looking for! #4.1.1
Was gonna say, Sniper you've been trolling Xbox fans for years. What's with the change of heart?

Still hilarious commentary, regardless. #14.1.1
Gotta love the consistency in OtherZinc's trolling. Apparently the mods do too because it's been here a while. #1.3.6
the game has flaws but does not deserve a 6 out of 10. #1.1
It's got plenty of stealth gameplay and all the old RE tropes and conventions that give the game a retro feel. This game is not a terrible game - it's just got some flaws. Then again, all the old RE games had their share of flaws but were enjoyable as a whole.

I'm enjoying my time spent with the title thus far and consider it a worthy addition to my gaming collection. It doesn't hurt that I traded in AC: Black Flag and used a Gamestop gift card to bring the to... #1.1.4
I've felt fear more than a few times in the game. Your character can only run so fast and trying to escape from the Chainsaw wielding freakazoid keeps your heart racing. #1.1.2
When I was your age, none of this shit existed.

Carry on.

Just keep some USB drives or an external HDD near your PS4. It'll take about as long to search through your console as it would to plug in and search through a USB source. #5.1.2
Scott McCarthy said he is waiting for DLNA himself, but it's not quite ready yet. A Sony employee himself said he wants to see DLNA, so it's definitely not just the consumers who are pining for the feature. #4.2
Good job by the developers; it's close enough to where a difference is negligible. #1.1

Oh damn, you don't say? Hold on, I'm going to go adjust the contrast this old tube tv. Now I can finally enjoy 4k - and it was just that easy! #1.1.14
I am looking forward to playing this game, but really, a 9? Why are all other review outlets giving this less of an average? #1.2
Totally agreed; the review looks at the bigger picture and doesn't arbitrarily mark down the score due to a reviewer's preconceived notion on what the game should be. The funny thing about all these Drive Club reviews I have seen is that most of them attempt to compare DC to another title in an attempt to mark down Drive Club for what it doesn't have (MISSING THE POINT). Since when do all games require a homogenous "kitchen sink" type of gameplay?

Whate... #1.1

Calling Ezz a ballsack? Looks like a personal attack to me! #1.1.18
@ Abzdiine

I know, I just don't get it. Look at this! #1.1.5
I don't know about you, but when watching V8 Supercar racing (for example), I don't sit and say to myself

"Man, I really wish these cars would break through that wall and drive off into the woods!"

Would that be entertaining? Probably. Would it be nonsensical and out of context? Most definitely. #3.1
Review disclaimer: What the reviewer wanted the game to be, and not what the game actually was and has been known to be.

This quote = WTF?

"in gameplay terms, the lack of open world exploration and use of fixed tracks may seem a little behind the times..."

Seriously, people are acting like this is some big secret that this game was going to turn out to be so focused. What about any of the gameplay footage / trailers / etc. made peop... #1.1.2
I've seen bad reviews for this game and yet I still really want to play it. From what I can tell, it nails the atmosphere aspect perfectly. The amount of tension that the original movie exhibited was among the best in the industry, even to this very day.

I'll probably pick this up soon for a new distraction while I wait for Drive Club, NBA 2K15, and The Evil Within. #2
Careful! Calling someone out on their blatant trolling will cause you to lose a bubble / receive a million disagrees. That's the moderators' job to not patrol... err, I'm sorry, arbitrarily delete comments when there are dozens of people not even interested in a game coming in and pretending to be disappointed when in reality they don't give two sh*ts, making dozens of "concern troll" comments.

This goes both ways, people. #8.3.1
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