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"Aphex Twin"


Seems developers are absolutely ruining our favorite series. For example, NBA2K16 co-op is broken at the moment thanks to the latest patch. I'm getting really tired of this shoddy quality control and general greediness. #2.1
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Uh oh... look out, Pachter! We have a new challenger to the throne! #5.1
I would have paid $49.99 at launch, but not $59.99. 10 bucks makes the difference in many cases, and that's what I was used to paying years back for games. #1.1.1
PS3 had so many great media features. I know that they (Sony) said they'd push the PS4 as a game console first, but they had so much experience building the PS3's OS, you would think they'd carry SOME media functionality advancements over.

At least the PS4 supports MKV now. That PS4 media player is so barebones and embarrassing, though! #12.1.1
Modern society as a whole is comprised of a bunch of butthurt sensi-tards.

Woe is me if someone has a patch I don't like! THINK OF THE CHILD... oh wait, this game is for "mature" (use that term loosely here) audiences only and is supposed to be played by those 17+. What will little 12 year old junior dipsh*t ever do if he sees an offensive name in this military kill fest??? Thank Goodness we have these altruistic developers who are looking out for our youth! You... #1.1.3
Consoles being the reason why PC games don't take advantage of the hardware with the exception of increased resolution and framerates. Very few games are actually built with the PC environment in mind.

@ kevnb

again, resolution and framerate. Please specify what you mean by scaling higher than the console version. #1.1
Played it last night... was entertaining for a bit but I got bored quick and didn't feel like continuing. There was something off about the game that I couldn't put my finger on. Maybe it's the lack of missions... #1.1.1
Why do you guys respond to someone with the name "pony bashin 24/7"? Obvious troll is super obvious.

Report the trolling and move onwards. #1.3.8
Finally, someone who gets it. Something I always knew Sony would figure out how to do is now here. It'll continually get refined and new titles will be added. I just hope a wide number of titles will be supported. I know with the 360 there were quite a few original Xbox games that didn't work, but the number of titles that did was pretty substantial. #12.1
Cry some more, bro. #1.2.1
Casual.... right....

/facepalm #1.6.1
Best game of this generation thus far. I'd say that if it were on any platform. The game really is a treat; from the level design to the atmosphere, to the sound... the overall aesthetic is killer. Brutally difficult but not impossible if you take your time and learn the mechanics and timing. #2.1
As much as I don't like the practice of microtransactions, you are right. Gamers keep buying into this, thus companies keep doing it. As long as it keeps happening to established franchises, it will continue with being a trend because people buy products based off a name. EA knew they'd be able to get away with it, even with the expected backlash. #5.1
I used to own a copy - picked it up when it was originally released - and it somehow ended up lost, never to be found again. I even owned the soundtrack to this game, as the gameplay, sound and level design is pretty much second-to-none in the realm of shooters. One of only two games which I ever bought a soundtrack to, as they are usually expensive and must be imported. The other one was the original Silent Hill CD soundtrack, bought direct from Japan.

There was a great deal... #2.1
Games like this aren't made anymore because once innovative developers such as Squaresoft are now only concerned with big-budget AAA titles and padding their executives' pockets. Square Enix would never make a unique game like this in today's market; hell, you won't see any unique games like Einhander, Brave Fencer Musashi, Ehrgeiz, Chocobo's Dungeon, etc. anymore.

It's a sad state of affairs in the gaming industry today. #1.1.1
That is just amazing. #1.2.1
Volk... Sure it was sarcasm; not sure what you're getting at because they (Polygon) do tend to pander and also exhibit attention-seeking traits. Not sure where the sarcasm came from as their score seems to be in line with what the rest of gaming journalism is doling out regarding this title. Why'd you post this? #1.1.1
This is ass-inine! #1.1.2
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Your comment? Yeah, it's pretty shameful. #2.1
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