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"Aphex Twin"


Hell yeah! Just crazy levels, tons of secrets, BRUTAL gameplay, and the best lighting and music use in an FPS. It's time for the FPS KING to reclaim it's throne! #4.1
Gonna snag this card! #2
Seems that everyone involved is frustrated by Konami's stupid decisions. It baffles me when people defend Konami, honestly. #1.1
Does anyone else miss Tretton? I thought those were good days for PlayStation. #1.1.2
PC Masturbates #6.1
Really? Hah, you are right! Come on, Abriael... #5.1
well, you are in luck because there is an expansion coming soon.take a break from the game, play something else for a while then come back to it. #4.1
dunno what everyone's talking about, this game is way worth full price! that's more than can be said for some games this generation. #1.1.3
Go back to the 1800's and be a prude somewhere else. #10.1.2
Okay, so I'd say KZ is "good", but DriveClub is a great, fun, beautifully rendered, addictive, competitive online racer. #1.1.5
Terrible; Bad; Okay; Good; Great; Excellent

All of those games you listed are great games. Not excellent, but great. Your comment is a lie! #1.1.2
I do agree that Bloodborne has some of the tightest controls of any action RPG I've played. The camera could use work but that's more an inherent effect of the type of game itself and not a design flaw. #2.1.2
"...Due to the nature of console game deveopment."

There, fixed that for you. #5
This game looks tight as hell. Housemarque is my favorite digital-only developer, and I'm glad they're not bothering with going multiplatform here or with Resogun. #1.1.2
I second this motion!

Remember how revolutionary the control scheme for Ape Escape was? I'd like to see them do something similar with a new title and the DualShock 4. #1.1
Agreed. Also, the ability to change your PSN ID is sorely lacking. #4
I read this as "Abe's Oddyssee" #2
Hilarious considering it was made to be completely cartoony but with a dark twist. #8.1
I believe it's real as a new MediEvil game has been teased at various points in the past.

Transistor, here is your interesting bubble! #1.1.2
I clicked so hard a villager in China felt the impact!

PLEASE BE TRUE!!!!! #1.3.1
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