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"Aphex Twin"


I don't agree that BioShock was trash, because that game is one of the most memorable games I've played in the last 10 years. This is coming from someone who grew up during the days when PC gaming was king and console gaming was something of a home novelty in the 90's. Storytelling and gaming experiences could be matched by few console games at the time, and PC games gave birth to many gameplay conventions.

System Shock was AAA material that lives on even today, a... #2.1
I agree, however the initial funding and contractual obligations have been finalized in documented form. They should have put up a larger Kickstarter campaign, so it's their fault for underestimating the demand for a new Shenmue title. #1.1.1
A software company made their OS the fastest on their hardware? Color me shocked!

In a perfect world, I wish Sony and Microsoft would team up for a console and dominate. Sony would engineer a beast of a console and Microsoft could do the OS work.

Haha, I'm a dreamer... #1.1.6
Solar Fields is great. If you can, check out the album "Earthshine". In fact, if you're looking for more music of that ilk, anything from the record label Ultimae is a good place to start. I'm a huge fan of Aes Dana, one of the best artists on the label. #1.1

lol #10.2.4
You weren't going to buy it anyway, so it's irrelevant. #10.1
I used to play the game a lot, and I must say, Co-op in Warframe with my buddy was some of the most fun I've had in a videogame. #1.1.1
Spike Lee should stick to making movies. The cheesy Harlem success story... ugh! #1.1
Augmented reality - the system turns into an IED and explodes. #3.1
I think folders would be top of the list considering people have only been asking for it since the system launched. #1.1.2
I love that you have an Unholy War avatar. That game was also one of the more fun games back in the PS1 days. #5.1
Yes!!! Day one, whenever this comes out in the States. #4
Agreed, triplec. It's capable of it; no reason why it shouldn't. #6.1.3
PS4 is the undisputed king of quality horror gaming this generation. In fact, PlayStation in general has always been home to some great horror games over the years. Resident Evil, Silent Hill, Siren, Fatal Frame, Until Dawn, and others. #1.2
That is the Greatest commercial I've ever seen. #2
Yeah, this looks great. Definitely some Bloodborne-esque assets in that level. #1.1
Have a well said bubble! #4.1
A natural progression for a developer like this. Kudos to Napper on his new career path! #8
This is hands-down Microsoft's best indie title right now.

It's the only indie game that screams "PLAY ME!!!" instead of just "oh, that's cool!". I'm wishful that this was available on PSN, but I'm happy that Xbox owners can enjoy such a well done platformer with an amazingly accurate 1920's art style. This type of animation is amongst my favorites; I love watching those old cartoons that feature fluid, wavy, bouncy characters and w... #1.1
Great, now just let us make custom jerseys for our custom teams and you'll be back on par with 2K13 again. #1
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