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Nobody ever said SJW's were a logical lot...

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Who cares, though? I don't know why everyone needs to pander to everyone else these days. For f's sake, it's your money and time, do whatever you want with it. If people want to play it, they will. Those that get offended by things like this are outliers, but they make the most noise because they are the minority. And unfortunately, said minority starts to become a bigger, more ignorant voice, and then starts affecting what the majority can enjoy via strong arm tactics and humilia...

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I'd say the same about your worthless existence around here.

*looks at Litten's account and comment history*


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I'm more worried about the continuation of the bumper car physics. Why can't we have proper penalties and damage for hitting something in a GT game? Then again, it's arcade mode, so maybe that's why this presents itself the way it does.

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-wrong reply box-

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It's unfortunate because while I'm heavily anticipating the launch of Morpheus this year and I'm super excited to be able to experience GT in a VR setting (my goodness!), I wouldn't want the former to affect the overall quality of the game.

Regardless, It's still too early to judge at this point (only in mid-May thus far). I'm loving what I'm seeing from this title thus far, and I hope that PD can meet their technical goals to provide a winning p...

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I would rather they not release this game during the holidays. It could benefit from an extra amount of development time, and I believe that next spring would be a good idea. Sony is probably pushing PD to get the game out for the holiday season.

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The gameplay still holds up, though slightly clunky, and the draw distance isn't the greatest. However, the game overall is still worth a playthrough, more so if you grew up during the days of the PS1 but never got to play G.Police.

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G-Police was made by Psygnosis, who also developed Colony Wars and the early Wipeout games.

They were in the top echelon of PlayStation developers, and way ahead of their time for console gaming. Colony Wars is still one of the best series ever released on the original system, IMO.


I forgot to answer your question, NapalmSanctuary; the Strike games were developed by EA, not Psygnosis.

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I honestly don't give a crap about multiplayer; bring on the quality single player!

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It looks enough like DooM and Painkiller had a baby, and I'm sure it'll be fun.

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Because people are mindless sheep that buy something because it has a name on it. They could package a literal piece of sh*t in a box and people would still buy it if it said Call Of Duty.

10/10, turd has good volume. Would eat it again. - IGN

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"Armor"... haha, I love PC gaming.

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My goodness... the beauty

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Alan Wake is still one of the best games of last generation, period.

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It makes sense from a business standpoint, but that doesn't mean I'm gonna like it.

I'd buy this if it weren't for the fact that it's bundled in with a game I want no part of.

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Devs over at UbiSoft couldn't finish the first Incursion, but got pissed at fans who took advantage of glitches to beat it.

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Since Capcom has lost the plot, it's up to Koei to take the crown and rescue this type of game. Ninja Gaiden meets Demon's Souls meets Onimusha.


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I'm okay with this so long as Koei doesn't rely on the framerate option as an optimization crutch.

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