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"Aphex Twin"


Guess you didn't get Hoffman's joke, IrishSt0ner... #16.2.1
Why is this even a thing? WHY? This is stupid on ALL levels! Why are there advertisements in the first place? #1.1.4
I know they're optional, but I'm still not sold on the finishers aspect
I just hope the levels are designed as classic DooM levels and not just some free-for-all pit. I wanna see variable hallways, platforms, secrets and well-thought-out geometry. The architectural aesthetic in the classic DooM games is what made the game so engrossing, along side the music and the enemy set. #5
Ahahaha, thanks for the laugh! Deith upon ye! #2.2.5
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Does that make you feel better? Did you sit back and cross your arms with a smug grin on your face after posting that? LOL, it's cool you made up an imaginary scenario in your head where you're right, but you couldn't be further from the truth. You take this N4G sh*t too seriously, bruh. Look at how long I've been here, and then ask me if I give one G*d damn about this console vs. PC nonsense?

*slap happy jesus pretends not to care, deflects onto reapersson h... #2.2.3
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Joke's on you, my comment was ironic and both of you took the bait.

Blame your own PC community for portraying the image I presented; there's a f*cking Reddit subcommunity called r/PCMASTERRACE, for crying out loud. Are you going to get angry and deny that as well?

Are you guys new here, or do you not pay attention? I know SlapHappyJesus isn't new, so I don't know what his excuse is. I've been gaming on all systems since the early 90's... #2.2.1
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I thought PC gamers only played at 4k / 120fps? There's no way PC games can run at peasant specs. It betrays the master race mentality to run games on low-end hardware. #2
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Best indie game by far on Xbox. That art style is unparalleled in the realm of videogames today. #7
Emphasis on the word "troll", not just a fan of a console / platform ecosystem. #30.1.3
You mean this ain't 4k/120p? Well sheeeeiiittt, ain't nobody got time fo' dis! #1.1.2
If you are being featured in Forbes as a business who is being criticized for it's conduct towards employees - past or present - you know you dun goofed. What the hell is your problem, Konami? Wipe the money out of your eyes and realize just how childish you are being. #3
For real; if Rocket League can become an E-sport, this certainly can. They could design the tournament room so everyone could stand in their own "pod" with a Morpheus headset and Move controller. #1.1

Why is this a bad thing? Do you not understand the point of this self-aware horror game? Do you not get or appreciate this type of horror experience? #1.5
It was fun but it ran it's course, and you can just get a remaster of THPS2 on PS3 for CHEAP. There's no need for this game in the state it's in; hell, if you like skateboarding games and would like a little more modern look, just buy one of the games in the SKATE series. #5.2

*chugs Monster energy*
*smashes can against forehead*


*mom yells to get off TV and do homework*

Oh come on, MOM! I'm trolling here!

*grabs more doritos and stuffs them into mouth* #6.1
This looks great! #7
Any time I see something like this, I just facepalm because they'll all be snatched up by opportunistic vultures who are only out to make a quick buck. #1.1
Sounds like Valve is trying to defend themselves from typical behavior that happens on PC's all the time. Kudos to them for using the law's ability and wording to their advantage, I suppose. #1
Yarbie with so many bubbles... and people call this a Sony site. #1.1.29
Back on PlayStation where it belongs! YAY, ROLLCAGE!!! Such memories from that game. #7
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