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Trumps Sony? don't you know that Sony is King? haven't you been paying attention to the retards on N4G? Sony is King! God!

EDIT: BTW, I have a Vita that i NEVER use. It's a junk device. But if you're stupid enough to think i'm wrong, i'll give you my Vita (barely used) with Uncharted and Mod Nation Racers (and a 4 gig whatever drive) for a 3DS with at least 4 games. Straight up trade. PM me. #9
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If someone drew this analogy about Xbox, you imbeciles would fly off the handle and the comment would instantly be removed for trolling.

Such hypocrisy on this garbage website. #1.1.18
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I know a lot of women that feel this way about their husbands. #9.1
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I loved gears 3, but i think Judgment is the better MP game (except the lack of maps). Better balance, smoother action, slightly faster. #7.1
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How do you misspell "sirloin" when the guy right above you just spelled it out for you?

The average intelligence of a fanboy, ladies and gentleman.

If you're looking for rational, interesting discussions, and REAL GAMING NEWS, goto the r/games subreddit. Very few sony fanboys there, and you'd never see "articles" like this joke get voted up. see you there. Sony trolls, please stay here. we don't need you ruining another sou... #1.3.12
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You don't speak for us gamers, just for other sony fanboys.

a real gamer wants as many things that allow them to play games as possible. and a mildly intelligent person would never assume a console they never played is the best option for gaming.

fortunately for you, you're in good company for expressing dull, dim-witted opinions that aren't based, in any way, in reality. #1.2.4
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No, gamers want it all. fanboys just want a ps4. #1.2.3
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"PC fanboys these days seem to be worse than xbox owners now..."

which still makes them leaps and bounds better than sony trolls.

reading these comments here and seeing that something so stupid is a "top article" reminds me why I rarely come to this site anymore. Just a sony haven. the r/games subreddit is so much better than this, and everyone that's not a sony-obsessed child knows this. which is why we never get any worthwhile top... #1.1.16
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You can take any average PC and adjust the game settings to match ps3/360, and you'd easily be able to run just about every game at 60fps.

sure, if you try to crank the graphics all the way up, that might not be the case for every game. #1.1.18
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Who gives a shit about grass? #16
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Get ready for a bunch of whiny gamers complaining because they didn't get the ending they wanted... #3
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I really like the show, but it is also overrated. Unlike everyone else here, I didn't make the show, so I don't take it personally when something I like is not praised.

Though, it is nowhere NOWHERE near as overrated as The Walking Dead. That show is just plain awful (except season 1, that was pretty damn good). The adventure game was cool..

I'll tell you what's NOT overrated. This mentos commercial. #6.1.1
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Are you asking a question or making a statement.

Learn to question mark.

Of course you can compare them. You're comparing graphics, not story or setting. #1.3.3
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If you desperately want Killzone to look better, it will. That's the mindset of a fanboy.

It's night and day. #1.1.8
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It is NOT that great, and it is way overrated. #10
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What is the point of giving a standard review a week+ after everyone else?

Either give us something unique, or don't bother.

The game...isn't that great. You could have differentiated yourself by saying that. Instead, you gave us the same cliche shit as everyone else. #1
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Your point about seeing more PS4 articles than nextXbox is utterly idiotic.

Of course you're going to see more PS4's been confirmed and demonstrated. Xbox 3 has not. Besides, do you know where you are? this is N4G. Any Sony article gets heated to the top, but Xbox articles tend to get heated up when they are negative or flaimbait (ie, Forza Blows Away GT).

Most of us come here every day. You are no great exception with some special i... #1.1.6
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While i love SR, and think it's much more fun than GTA, you are clearly a psycho. #2.1
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You people are getting excited over a semi-nude video game character and I'M the kid?

Give me a break.

You could have said this same stupid sentence under any other comment and it would have been more applicable. #25.2.1
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based on what? rumors? or your desperate desire to see Sony thrive?

neither of which are based in reality. #1.2.3
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