I ignored you first.
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This is all pointless drivel. Nobody cares about PSVR. It will become mainstream when Sony drops the price of PSVR to $1. I'm all in when that happens.

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Nobody cares about PSVR.

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Yes. Yes. No and no. While I shamefully admit that I do lack a college degree, I have worked hard over the years to obtain and maintain several high level IT certifications which have afforded me a pretty good lifestyle.

I met a pretty and intelligent lady along the way that I am still married to; she thinks PSVR is trash too.

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The fake Heisenbergs are the disgracements to the name since they support PSVR. I on the other hand hold myself to higher standards.

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You are probably right on both accounts but I get to post my thoughts anyway.

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Lol, as if I care about MS's lack of exclusives. 98% of my gaming is on PS4. I know it is hard for a lot of Sony diehards to believe but not all PS4 owners care about or support PSVR. Some of us PS4 owners see it for the rubbish that it currently is; hence the comparison to Destiny 2.

If you have a brand new PSVR that you would like to sell, I'll take it off your hands for $1. No sarcasm.

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Destiny 2 is like PSVR. Nobody cares about either any more.

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I'll give PSVR a chance when I can get it brand new for $1.

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Nobody cares about VR games.

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Drop PSVR to $1 and I'm all in.

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I'll pay you full value for it. $1 is all PSVR is worth.

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Yes it is.

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Agreed, and we know where to find the most exclusives.

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My guess is that it can but I do not intend to buy the XBX anytime soon. I'm planning on buying a PS4 Pro on Monday and hopefully I can grab a PSVR for $1. And yes, I mean $1 and not a penny more. I support PlayStation but PSVR is simply not interesting enough to me to spend more than $1 for it.

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Just knock off another $198 and I'm all in on PSVR.

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No confusion at all. Just another game added to the list if anyone gets nostalgic.

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Destiny still has fans?

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I subscribed just because of your comment.

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I did not but D2 and will not purchase another Destiny game until Bungie gets their heads out of their asses.

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Reboot this giant POS again!!!!

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