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"I ignored you first. "


I expect to here this kind of banter for a while. I'm sure it will look on my PS4 jut as I'm sure the X1 could handle it. #7
Not for me. Just bought myself a fresh new used PS4 at GameStop returned by some dude that claims he has no time to play it because of all the time he spends on Xbox One. My gain.

I will be getting a Xbox One and Wii U eventually. #12
"Is there something wrong with complaining at a company for doing something they don't like?"

Not at all apparently. Happens all day here concerning MS. #14.2
"now i trully believe that xbox fanboys are spoiled brats"

I agree I guess but I have to balance things out. by pointing out that I have always know that playstation fanboys are entitled little We all can agree on that. #11.3
Something Sony Fanboys are full of in spades too. #3.4.1
@ whathappened.

And there goes the SDF again trying to hold the line with their itty bitty swords. So what you are saying is that XDF's defenses and the SDF's defenses work exactly the same way. The funny thing to me is how insecure the SDF is about your console of choice that you pounce on eeeeeeeevry bit of news about MS good or bad. Anyway, keep up the good fight against the evil matter how pointless it is. I swear you guys/gals are funny and most of the... #1.1.7
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Lol, that is why I'm getting one. #12.1
You know why. #11.1
HALO: THE MASTER CHIEF COLLECTION will be arguably the best value ever. #3
Overall Value = PS+
Quality of Service = XBL #13
I'd buy a collection for $20 USD at most. That is simply because I feel UC2 and UC3 are just plain gorgeous so a remaster would not hold much value for me. #18
So what exactly does any of that have to do with the community that supported the hell out of them? I understand that many (like I will be next week) are on PS4 now but it is simply not a good look when you forget those that helped to elevate you to where you are now. One year to wait for this? I get it though...Sony Fanboys need to hold the line. #13.1.2
Most sensible comment in here but it will fall on mostly blind eyes. Let them have their "HaHa, what comes around goes around moment", because this will cycle back around and those that laugh now will complain later. #19.3
"It's a very corny console that seems to be marketed to a very insecure crowd."

I partially agree with that comment. I'm buying a PS4 next week because I like what it has to offer but I will say that the N4G Playstation fanboys and those on other sites appear to be very insecure to me as well. They seemed to be more concerned with the typical anti MS/Xbox rhetoric than they are with enjoying their console of choice. They just seem to be so uptight about a... #17.4
I'm just one gamer acknowledging that this collection has accelerated my plans of buying the Xbox One while also acknowledging that the Xbox One does not need saving. #12
@ 3xkrazy

LMAO. That made my work day. #17.1.3
Wait...wait..wait. Stop trying to sound like a victim the same way you Playstaion fanboys accuse Xbox fanboys of trying to do. #12.2
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Here is a great idea for all of you that care so much about 1080p because you can sooooooooo tell the difference, that hate MS, and are annoyed by Xbox fans and fanboys who really seem to be happy with their console of choice. Be gamers and just go play on your PS4s.

Certainly with all the power it has within and with all the praise and support it has received from developers there has to be something for you to play or to read up on instead of trolling Xbox articles. Xbox... #50

Of course a Playstation fanboy would say that NextLevel is more reasonable than many Xbox fans here. I need some of what you are smoking. #1.3.6

I will not PM you but I will tell you that you are a complete idiot to think anybody owes you an explanation for their gaming purchases and preferences. Leave it to a N4G Playstation fanboy to come up with some crap like that. Take that BS and shove it. #1.3.14
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