I ignored you first.
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I agree 100% but would buy it and play it if they surprised us with some.

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Why do I have the feeling that I can pretty much skip MS's presentation this E3?

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Easy fix, just play through again.

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Lol, we still didn't get the whole experience. I'm still waiting for it but not holding my breath. I am holding onto my money though.

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That logic applies to the PS4 as well. I have 3 PS4s, 2 standard and the GoW Pro bundle. Had 3 PS3s last gen too.

I agree with the overall sentiment that MS has failed to deliver on a steady stream of exclusives and new IPs for years. Ms needs to take some chances and play the long game.

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There may been nothing wrong with the initial price of the PS3 from your perspective but many others saw it differently. Some simply were not willing to pay that much at launch.

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Yep, definitely don't need another Destiny debacle. Please delay it if that is what's needed for a complete game.

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A mode where they produce a complete game with no cut content perhaps?

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What lies were told?

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Agree 100%. I was expecting a great game and the developers greatly exceeded them. It is at least in my top three of all time.

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.....God of War will always be better.

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I agree 100%. We have seen some huge successes from some small studios. MS needs to take chances on some of them and stick with them through at a least a few games to see how things play out. Forget the one & done and play the long game with some studios like Sony has a history of doing.

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I don't want MS or Xbox to fail but I need to see proof that new teams are in place and that many good things are on the way.

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100% agree.

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As I remember it with D1, Bungie made previous content irrelevant with each new expansion and continued that with D2. Glad I saved my money and bought other games.

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People like you are why D2 is what it is.

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Consider me a hater too then. There has been nothing to compel me to even buy D2. Bungie blew it from start and can't fool me with this rehashed trash. I hope you enjoy it though.

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I'm only about 6 hours in and in my opinion this game deserves every 10/10 and all other accolades that it will certainly get.

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Better to push it back and get it right than rush out a crap game.

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So what are the disagrees for? Are they for Sony's console dominance so far this generation or are they for the X1X having the definitive "console" version of this game?

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