I ignored you first.
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Yep and Bungie can expect the full support of a large turd from me.

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I agree 100%. I own a PS4 and bought Destiny on PS4. I felt bad for all the Xbox fans that got the shaft. I dont plan on supporting it this time around. Also got burned out on the repetitiveness from the first.

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I can at least say MS repaired my RROD. Still waiting for Sony to take care of my PS2 disk read problem...glad I did not hold my breath on that one.

Don't worry people. I'll see myself out.

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This article came along at the right time. I was just starting to feel insecure about my purchase of a PS4 over Xbox1. Now I know I made the right choice.

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Don't judge us, that is what we do. PlayStation For Life!!!

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"aaaaand here is the butt hurt user who didn't even read the review to know their reasoning behind the low score. Swooping in the trash the review to make themselves feel better."

To be fair that is exactly what us Sony Fanboys do when we see review scores we don't like.

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The Order was not very good.

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This and GoW are what I'm looking forward to most on PS4.

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"You know I'm starting to think it wasn't Microsoft that screwed up Bungie, because it looks like the Democratic party ran a tighter ship in the 2016 election then Bungie did with Destiny."


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They could have made it optional. I don't feel that was much to ask. I could go on my own rant about why I stopped playing but it did not matter to Bungie and Activision before then and it won't matter now. They lost a very loyal customer. End of story.

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Could not agree more. The hypocrisy works both ways but it seems to work more in one direction around here.

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I'm sure you understand that a lot of the community here just want to see MS do bad. Whatever the numbers really mean do not matter to them; all they see is Xbox = fail.

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There are many levels of gamers imo. Casual to hardcore.

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Sounds delicious.

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In other news, the milk in my fridge will spoil in less than a week.

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Only if they come to PlayStation first. Boycott or bargain bin if the other way around right?

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Lol, and here you are acting is if that shrine you built of Kaz Hirai does not exist.

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I'm fine with waiting.

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All that foolishness was around prior to this gen.

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Waiting for the Scorpio.

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