I ignored you first.
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My hat is off to you for your comment and then your reply. I don't know what it is about some people these days that make them jump to attack or get so defensive about games of all things.

I was going to pass on this game completely because the first left me disappointed after initially enjoying it. Somehow your comment makes me want to at least try it out to see if I can be as fair and objective as you seem to be.

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My bad as well.

I prefer thick as well but I have no issue with "slim goodies" either.

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I see nothing wrong there. She looks great!!!

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I agree and add that they took far too long to make old raid gear relevant again. Did they ever raise the light level for the HoW content?

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It would be my guess that MS paid them enough to make it somewhat worth it. Maybe not.

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Both would be less repetitive than D2. Sorry Bungie, you will not receive any more of my money any time soon.

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You know what they say about hypocrisy, what comes around goes around.

"Yep, lots of hypocrisy going on. With the One X, too. NOW, all of a sudden, power matters..."

So now it doesn't?

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That is hilarious if this was really them. Still does not change the fact that I'll be waiting for this game to hit the bargain bin.

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I agree with the games piece of your comment. So far I see no reason to buy it or the PS4 pro. For different reasons of course.

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I'll wait until they are under $10.

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You won't get any. This all about attacking MS.

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Well said!!!

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tyasia0 seems to be more concerned with attacking MS than defending Platinum.

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Nothing better than the alternative facts coming out of the White House, False (Fox)News and others of the sort.

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24 lbs.

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It was not worth full price. Glad I did not pay full price for this game.

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"I am honestly starting to think liberals or progressives are actually upset that general bigotry directed at people as a whole is down much further than even 10-15 years ago."

That there is some real conservative rhetoric.

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Yep and Bungie can expect the full support of a large turd from me.

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I agree 100%. I own a PS4 and bought Destiny on PS4. I felt bad for all the Xbox fans that got the shaft. I dont plan on supporting it this time around. Also got burned out on the repetitiveness from the first.

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I can at least say MS repaired my RROD. Still waiting for Sony to take care of my PS2 disk read problem...glad I did not hold my breath on that one.

Don't worry people. I'll see myself out.

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