I ignored you first.
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Since we're being honest, how about we go full circle with this. This has been the circle of life with the "console wars". This time it is them (Xbox fanboys) hoping for failure. Other times it has been PlayStation fanboys such as yourself hoping for failure because something was not coming to your beloved console. This is not news and nothing has changed. The circle will continue.

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I am not sure today's gamer could handle the old school Ninja Gaiden. Also wish Tyson was in Punch Out.

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I had that same mentality when I was six years old. Kids these days. SMDH!!!

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Can't wait for this and GoW! Not really looking forward to much of anything else.

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I agree 100% but that goes both ways as far as extremist go when it comes to the "console wars".

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@ darthv72

Perfectly put sir.

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Oh this does suck if you don't have a PS4. Don't blame Sony or Marvel for making a deal that they both feel they can live with. Hats off to Insomniac as they appear to be off to a great start. I hope the end product is something I will want to keep playing on my PS4.

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I need some of what you are smoking. Sony absolutely killed it. I am in no way a MS hater but I'm glad to be a PS4 owner with all of that on the way.

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I never thought this day would come but I actually agree with you. Can't blame it on the alcohol either.

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I don't know why people take delight in perceived or actual failure of a game. We should want success for all regardless of the platform to keep the industry moving forward.

With that out of the way, I would certainly try this game if I owned an Xbox 1. It makes me wonder if Xbox owners only support shooters.

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My son and I are so going to enjoy this game together.

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Isn't that the circle of life between you all? What comes around goes around right?

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Still hanging on to the old red ring are we? SMH.

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Down for me again. WTF!!!

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It is up for me now.

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Same here. Was looking to get the Mass Effect Trilogy.

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Down for me on the East Coast.

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Neither do I. :(

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