I ignored you first.
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Can't wait for this and GoW! Not really looking forward to much of anything else.

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I agree 100% but that goes both ways as far as extremist go when it comes to the "console wars".

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@ darthv72

Perfectly put sir.

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Oh this does suck if you don't have a PS4. Don't blame Sony or Marvel for making a deal that they both feel they can live with. Hats off to Insomniac as they appear to be off to a great start. I hope the end product is something I will want to keep playing on my PS4.

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I need some of what you are smoking. Sony absolutely killed it. I am in no way a MS hater but I'm glad to be a PS4 owner with all of that on the way.

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I never thought this day would come but I actually agree with you. Can't blame it on the alcohol either.

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I don't know why people take delight in perceived or actual failure of a game. We should want success for all regardless of the platform to keep the industry moving forward.

With that out of the way, I would certainly try this game if I owned an Xbox 1. It makes me wonder if Xbox owners only support shooters.

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My son and I are so going to enjoy this game together.

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Isn't that the circle of life between you all? What comes around goes around right?

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Still hanging on to the old red ring are we? SMH.

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Down for me again. WTF!!!

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It is up for me now.

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Same here. Was looking to get the Mass Effect Trilogy.

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Down for me on the East Coast.

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Neither do I. :(

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He is going to shock the world and join Microsoft Games Studios. I'm sure that would make him the most hated person in gaming if that happened.

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I applied. They told me to stick to stacking boxes.

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I owned Tyson and Alma but it did take a couple attempts each.

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It does not matter to me since I only own a PS4.

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