I ignored you first.
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Because it would be nice to play with friends still on Live along with the morons on PSN.

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I don't need it either but it would be nice to hook up with friends still on Live. Some have no plans to switch.

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I agree to a point. I don't care that they play on Xbox and I don't care what exclusives they have or don't have. Wouldn't mind playing against them though. It is certainly not like everybody on PSN are the classiest people. The comments here are proof of that.

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I play with trash regularly on PSN so what difference would it make?

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How would crossplay take away from anything?

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Speak for yourself. I would love to play with my friends still on Live. But let me guess, I bet you think I don't have a PS4.

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I see exactly which glasses you have on.

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How many have forgotten? Certainly not all.

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I only play on PS4 and don't care one way or the other as I feel both PSN and Live will be fine without crossplay with each other. However, more is better when it comes to multiplayer and I would love to hook up with some friends that are still on Live. Seems to me as if some of my fellow PlayStation owners are still holding on to the anti-Xbox agenda.

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I agree if that is the case. Should be no need for those on Live to have a PSN account or for those on PSN to have a Live account.

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Good job Bungie!!! Zero tolerance for this crap. I don't expect the "Right" or the "Alt-Right", also known as the "Not Right" to care or understand.

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I'm rewarding myself by skipping this game.

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Goodbye you PoS. Hope I never see you again. Destiny 2 can shove it.

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Don't make me laugh. 3DS all the way. Obvious and desperate attempt for hits.

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Change the game please and I'm in. I don't want that crap game.

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It was a bucket of suck!!! I have nothing more to add.

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Maybe not hurting but not helping either in my opinion.

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Just stop with this crap game already. It is toast.

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"another new IP."

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It is true. I played a lot of Destiny...maybe that means I had brain damage for playing that crap in the first place.

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