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"I ignored you first. "


Still hanging on to the old red ring are we? SMH. #4.5.1
Down for me again. WTF!!! #1.10
It is up for me now. #1.6
Same here. Was looking to get the Mass Effect Trilogy. #1.1.1
Down for me on the East Coast. #1
Neither do I. :( #2.1.1
He is going to shock the world and join Microsoft Games Studios. I'm sure that would make him the most hated person in gaming if that happened. #20
I applied. They told me to stick to stacking boxes. #7
I owned Tyson and Alma but it did take a couple attempts each. #1
It does not matter to me since I only own a PS4. #50
Well said. #5.1.1
@ IGiveHugs2NakedWomen

You can pat yourself on the back following that big wall of text all you like. The bottom line is you tried calling somebody out and failed. There is no shame in saying you made a mistake which is obvious what you did here. #1.1.12
@ IGiveHugs2NakedWomen

Uhh...marlinfan10's comment just says Sony. He or she did not mention PSN or SOE. Just thought I would point it out for you since that is staring you in the face.

I'm on just fine with my PS3. Lost connection on PS4. #1.1.10
Thank you for passing on the fix. Please excuse my poor manners for not thanking you yesterday. It worked on my son's PS4 as well. #24.3
It freaking worked!!! How in the world did you figure this out? #24.1
Same for me. This is some major bullsh1t. I freaking hate you Lizard Squad. #17.1
Still down for me in US east coast. Guess I'll check when I wake up. #53
You nailed it. #5.1.2
Some of these comments are ridiculous. Why does everything always come down to Xbox vs PlayStation, MS vs Sony, and my beloved is better than your beloved? As usual, stay classy N4G. #35
Lol, most of them are probably offline too so it should even out when services are restored. #10.1
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