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"Wii U never got "sold out" headlines until late 2016 when they exhausted shipments"

Really? that's really unbelievable... mainly cause it's not true, but still.

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As you said NIS is the publisher outside side Japan, the site in question is a Japanese site. So most likely it's dealing with an IP made by Nippon Ichi software.

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That seems very unlikely

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Can't wait for Yakuza 0 and Kiwami.

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Glad to see they gave Yakuza 0 some love, can't wait for that game.

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Good sales for Yakuza 6, can't wait for the western release.

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Two Yakuza games and Persona 5 in 2017, could next year get any better?

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FFIX is remembered well now, but it drew a lot of criticism prior to release due to it's more cartoon like graphics and it's return to a more fantasy based setting. Ultimately it just turned out to be a bunch of people complaining about how some trivial things meant it was no longer "there Final Fantasy" without even waiting to see what the game had to offer or even if it could stand on it's own merits despite not being the Final Fantasy they wanted.


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After playing the new demo for a bit, really my only concern is with the track list you can listen to in the car, though hopefully there will be more.. Probably will to considering I didn't find Stand by Me while browsing the selection.

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Oh no, fanboy conspiracy against Nintendo, must throw away proper grammar to let the world know about this great injustice that would never happen to any other company in what is absolutely not a knee-jerk reaction. /s

Seriously dude, you really need to due some research into how this site actually works. those console names you see at the top of the page aren't forums, they are tags, most if not all created by other users, not the sites mods. In the case of the switch ...

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Hopefully they'll show off more of Yakuza Zero, or better yet, follow the tradition these set and announce a western release for at least Kiwami.

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First of off all, I like to say purely saying the reason third party did poorly on the WiiU was because of Late ports and or missing content is equally as close minded, if not more so then saying there simply isn't a market for those games, as people who say this completely ignore the fact that that third party exclusives, games that launched with exclusive content or features, or where better then there last gen counterparts also failed, Deus Ex, ZumbiU, Yakuza HD, The Wonderful 101, or ...

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Think that list is going tho change a lot over the next year with FFXV, Persona 5, and especially Yakuza 6

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I'm interested to see who exactly is directing Blue Reflection, the subtitle of the sounds similar to games directed by Akira Tsuchiya, and if that's the case will the music play an important role in the story and gameplay.

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"But theres nothing beyond that. You're just trying to look at what parts got swapped out this time and the charm is gone once you realize there's nothing beyond that. You're stuck with the same set of combinations swapped out on different planets, which are either full of animal life, deserted, or uncultured. Where are the towns and civilizations or signs of ruins? Everything is an outpost or space station which neither of change between the 2."

That ...

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You are learning what kind of animals live on a planet, the plant life that grow on it, and the geography of a planet. There you go exploration form of the slightly different phrasing used in your source.

"Where the next Iron resource is?"

Might want to brush up on your history there, the search for resources was the main driving force behind most explorers.

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"The people that argue that this is an exploration game have some weird criteria for what constitutes as exploration."



1. an act or instance of exploring or investigating; examination.
2. the investigation of unknown regions.

Based off the actual definition of Exploration, I'd say the people who make that argument have pretty normal criteria for what constitutes exploration, it ...

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Definitely would have to be the PS2, there were just so many great games, from the obscure games like Gust's Ar tonelico and Atelier series to series like Shadow hearts, Yakuza, Xenosaga, Kingdom Hearts, I don't any other system has gotten nearly as much of my time.

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There's this thing called "reading comprehension" might want to try it sometime.

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""Show me a JRPG that isnt changed in some way"

You know, I could give you a long list of JRPGs that haven't been censored, but I'm guessing you already know that most Publishers are severely cutting back on or flat out doing away with censorship and that's why you didn't say"censored in some way" because had you did, your argument would for censorship would be quickly smashed, but since even something like replacing the Japanese t...

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