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"you know one smart thing sega can do when creating the game have a dam translator when they reach to the inputting the text in game killing 2 birds with one stone"

That really doesn't make financial sense if your only planing on releasing it in one region.
also your misinterpreting what the the article meant when it said appeal.

here's the direct quote on the matter from the director “As for Europe and America, it seems like fa...

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I think your grossy underestimating how much work actually goes into localization, even with just subtitles. Not only do they have to translate every line of dialogue in the game, they need to rewrite it in such a way that conforms to grammar of said lange, including finding the best words or phrases for when there isn't a direct translation available. Then they have go threw the entire game and add in the new script. On top of that since they do have to go in the coding, it is possible...

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Ya know, this might be more noticeable to fans, if the title mentioned the actual name of the franchise instead just slapping the word franchise in front of the first one word in one of the games in the franchise.

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"Extensively, thanks to my step-brother owning a PS4 that he lets me frequently play games on whenever I visit.
I also own most of the Ratchet and Clank series from the PS2 and 3, and it is MY OPINION that the new one just doesn't measure up, due largely in part to the movie tie-in bringing about inconsistencies, the humor not being as good, and Ratchet & Clank's personalities having some differences in them that don't leave them feeling like the same dynamic du...

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Your comment make it clear you've haven't actually played Bloodborne or the PS4 Ratchet and Clank, All I got from that rant was a load BS from what honestly sounded like a Nintendo version of Superchiller or any other Nintendo hater on this site. The fact that you complain about Nintendo haters, but the post these sony hating rants goes and proves that, despite Wallstreets lack of grammar, or spelling, or compression of the word read, he is right about one thing, you are a hypocrite.

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If your production values equal success theory had any real merit then those games would been successful regardless of the platform.

"Right. It's a spinoff. A low-budget spinoff. Reduced scale. Reduced scope. Reduced production values. All stemming from low budget, and the restrictions of a handheld. "

People weren't mad about how the game looked or the platform, thet where mad that it was a more traditional Metriod. they announced feder...

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"Then we have Metroid. When a new entry was announced for handheld, there was actually a PETITION to CANCEL the game! Despite being in, what is suppose to be a very popular genre, people don't want it. Why? Because it's on a handheld, and has the production values to match."

I'm guessing you only saw a headline about the metroid game and the petition, that is the only reason I can think of why your so off the mark on why that petition was made in the f...

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I think your putting to much faith in how much production values can push a game. Honestly I don't think high production values and less pandering would helped Neptunia a lot more then it did.

I would also say I don't think the lack of popularity completely bad for some of these series, especially in the japanese game industry where if something gets popular, they tend to get rid of what made the thing popular in order to try make it more popular (Like Resident Evil...

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To be fair for those first two, most companies that make JRPG's (especially the much more niche turn based ones) are small companies that can't afford high production values.

Do agree with the Menu in place of a over world map for the most part (again some companies can't afford to do it that way.) So glad that FFXV will actually allow you to explore the world.

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You sure, Not a one?

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After the crap that was the FF13 saga, this is definitely a step in the right direction for the series.

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"I get that you're a total fan of this thing, but you need to stop trying to glorify it as something it's not. "

Sorry but how have I've been trying to glorify it? The most praise I've given it is it might add something new to the gaming experience. If you think that is glorifying it then you are truly dismissing it.

All I'm doing is pointing your hypocrisy which is as strong as ever.

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"just because I think it's stupid, and call it a first person helmet,[WHICH IS JUST THE PLAIN AND SIMPLE TRUTH], doesn't mean I'm entirely dismissing it."

How is calling it stupid and slapping on a title like first person helmet not dismissing it? You pretty much saying what is offered today can't add anything to the gaming experience. This is exactly the same attitude that has gotten people attacked by you when they presented towards the Wii U, If t...

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First of all, by calling it a stupid 400 dollar first person helmet, something you have said, you are dismissing in the exact same way as people who say the Wii U gamepad is nothing more than baby's first tablet.

We can debate what both have to offer all day long, but the end of the day both arguments are very closed minded ways of dismissing the product in question.

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Complaining about people completely dismissing the Wii U gamepad without meanwhile completely dismissing VR.

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Your complaining about a double standard, while blissfully doing the EXACT SAME THNIG.

Don't think I've seen that level blatant hypocrisy in a long time.

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Pretty sure it more Dis-Guy-ya.

I remember reading an interview with some one who worked on the series since the beginning, and according to him, when they named the series they wanted something that sounded anti-earth, so they came up with Dis using american slang and Gaia, the greek word for earth.

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1. Yakuza 0 localization
2. N/A
3. Bloodborn
4. Tatsuo Shinada (Yakuza 5)
5. Yakuza 5
6. N/A
7. Yakuza 5
8. Atelier Shallie: Alchemists of the Dusk Sea
9. Bloodborn: The old Hunters
10. N/A
11. N/A
12. N/A
13. N/A
14. Konami
15. Rise of the Tomb Raider
17. Bloodborn
18. N/A
19. N/A
20. N/A
21. Ryu Ga Gotoku Studios
22. Yakuza 5

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You might want to look up how GOYT awards generally work, because as a matter fact every publication do limit it to one region, and list games that came out that year.

Look at a game that released in 2010 in Japan, and later got released in Europe in 2011. The game got a lot of praise in Europe when it released, are you saying the game should have been ignored by the European media because it was released in Japan last year? What about when the game got a new surge of praise...

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The game was released in 2015 in the west so....

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