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Wow, I was sure that Taiko Drum Master would be cut from the western release, next thing you know they will announce there have been no cuts

On that note, I got a game to preorder. #3
Thinking about it, I can't think of a single thing Mario 64 did better than Banjo kazooie. #14
Highly recommend any fan of JRPGs pick Ar Nosurge if they haven't already. #21
I wonder if you can beat him just by setting the system clock ahead two weeks. #1
Can't say for the PS4 version, according to NIS it's going much improved over the PS3 version.

That being said, the PS3 version was pretty bad. #2.1
It is doused get better when the plot just decides to change into the plot of Zero Escape: Virtues last Reward. #3.1
I see they've gone from slightly mad to batshit insane #31
Well, there is PS Now, in fact, the announcement of the Uncharted collection made some Yakuza fans think that Sony was going to use Yakuza 5 as a means to push PS Now at E3 (with some of the more optimistic hoping they would use that to lead into a Yakuza 0 PS4 announcement.) #1.1
I still can't believe they did that to Yakuza 5, I mean, if you are only going to show two seconds of cutscenes, with no major characters, why even bother? #2
The game was announced for PS4 and PS3, though the PS3 version could have been cancelled.

Or it could be that Square Enix is only bringing the PS4 version to the west. #1.2
You know I didn't think Yakuza 5 would make an appearance during the show. Technically, I was wrong, but they way they showed it was so aggravating I kinda think it would have better if they didn't show it. #88
"they might as well have the synopsis of the game in the title XD"

Oh god don't give them ideas, especially for thing that do happen other Japanese media. #2.2
The funny thing is, he calls you an "egotistical hypocrite and a fanboy" for saying that those numbers are bad, but he did the same exact same thing for a Japanese launch title that sold almost double of what XCX did.

Now really, who's the egotistical hypocrite here? #13.4.1
Nippon Ichi software did state that they were working on a sequel to The Witch and hundred Knight a while back, putting my money on that. #2
Probably because the PS3 was pretty much the only home console where JRPGs found widespread success last generation. #31.1
I wouldn't get my hopes up. From what I've seen this game seems to be a celebration of the tenth anniversary of Namco's X series, but if that is true, then the game may have characters from Nippon Ichi Software, Tecmo Koei, and possibly Compile Heart. #1.4
Good luck out there. #56
@wonderfulmonkeyman You will get Bloodborne on PC on the same day you will get Bayonetta 2 and Wonderful 101 on PS4.

Seriously kid do a little research before posting. #8.1.4
Maybe Localization of the PS4 version of Yakuza 0.

Yea unlikely, but a man can dream. #7
And kill off the Yakuza franchise? No thank you. #1.2
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