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The funny thing is, he calls you an "egotistical hypocrite and a fanboy" for saying that those numbers are bad, but he did the same exact same thing for a Japanese launch title that sold almost double of what XCX did.

Now really, who's the egotistical hypocrite here? #13.4.1
Nippon Ichi software did state that they were working on a sequel to The Witch and hundred Knight a while back, putting my money on that. #2
Probably because the PS3 was pretty much the only home console where JRPGs found widespread success last generation. #31.1
I wouldn't get my hopes up. From what I've seen this game seems to be a celebration of the tenth anniversary of Namco's X series, but if that is true, then the game may have characters from Nippon Ichi Software, Tecmo Koei, and possibly Compile Heart. #1.4
Good luck out there. #56
@wonderfulmonkeyman You will get Bloodborne on PC on the same day you will get Bayonetta 2 and Wonderful 101 on PS4.

Seriously kid do a little research before posting. #8.1.4
Maybe Localization of the PS4 version of Yakuza 0.

Yea unlikely, but a man can dream. #7
And kill off the Yakuza franchise? No thank you. #1.2
Ask and ye shall receive #17.1
Or, it could just be a decision based off the popularity of Warrior games...

I mean, if it does do well, I wouldn't be surprised if we got Dragon Quest XI in the west, but I doubt they are releasing an action game exclusively on the PS4 to test the viability of an MMO on Wii U and PC #6
Now aren't we quite the troll. Seroeusly I don't even know where to begin with that ignorant, and really off topic rant of yours. #6.3
I guess, almost all the special abilities you get can cause a lot of glitches, not to mention the game has a completely broken system that allows you to turn all your equipment into permanent stat boosts (which as far as I can tell has no limit, when I finished the game, I was the one shoting the last boss with just the basic attack)

It's also an easy plat if you care about trophies. #17.1
Yes, clearly it is I, who's making my analysis of sales potential for a Yakuza game based on sale history of Yakuza series who is the "biases fantard clouding the this comment section with bullshit" not the one trying to completely ignore those facts and trying to pass general market trends off as the only important piece of data.

You say I can't make a sound argument, but I haven't seen anything close to a decent argument from you.

As f... #4.3.7
No, I have full right to call you out on your fanboy bullshit of trying your best to ignore sales data from about the franchise because general game sales data makes things seem better for Nintendo. Note that your argument is akin to saying we should base the sales potential of a tale of the game to that of a GTA game.

Also the last good Yakuza game came out over there last year, it still image to do a respectable 140K on the newly launch PS4, and another 260K on the PS3.
What a poorly thought out argument from some not willing to actually do some research on the series.

A Western release doesn't really matter considering the franchise has normally sold a lot more in Japan than in the west (even Dead Souls, which was more western oriented still sold about 300K in japan as opposed to the combined 80K it made in North America and Europe) #4.3.3
He's not saying persona and Yakuza would be bad on Wii U, he's saying that Nintnedo wouldn't do anything with them just letting the IPs rot like Microsoft with several Rare IPs.

And While I can't say for sure if it's true for Atlus games, with sale results for Yakuza HD on the Wii U it pretty much guaranteed that franchise would be killed off if Nintendo bought Sega. #4.3.1
The game was developed by Compile Heart (the same guys they make the Neptunia games), not Nippon Ichi Software #1
Same thing as every weakly sale, it won't actually start till the PSN store updates later today. #7.1
That scene in Ar Nosurge near the ending where Delta and Casty are transported to that planet was so perfect. It's a shame that they did so little with that planet though. #3
They missed the most exciting game of 2015, Yakuza 5 #3
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