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"Sanity is a full time job in a world that is always changing"


First those reasons the article tried to shoot down are still valid, and two there are a lot of other good criticisms people have that are keeping them from buying a Wii U. Personally, I refuse to support region locking. Now who was it who decided to region lock the system? Nintendo.

So in short, yes, it is Nintnedo's fault I don't own a Wii U. #18
Sure, I'll get one, just as soon as Nintendo stops being so arrogant and actually start listing to the consumers.

Really The WIi U can't do so many things the other can, what's worse is is with a lot of these things are being withheld from the consumers not because the WiiU is cable of doing, but because Nintendo is so arrogant that they believe "We don't want to" Is a valid reason not to implement cross game chat, a universal achievement system, or... #6
No, I believe the joke is on the delsuinal fanboy who is trying to pass spin offs as new IPs. #3.3.1
Yea, you don't know the meaning of spin-off do you? It doesn't matter if the gameplay is different then what the series has done before, if it's the same world, and/or the same charaters, then yes it's a spin off, not a new IP

And yes, by the very defination of a spin off, all of the titles you listed are in fact spin-offs of the Mario IP to. #7.1.6
You seem to be mistaking a spin off for a new IP, no mater how you look at it, Toad's treasure tracker is not a new IP. Toad is part of the Mario IP, the world the game takes place is part of the Mario IP, even the mechanics have been a part of the Mario IP, It's not a new IP.

Seriously going by that logic, Yakuza Black Panther, Netunia U, Neptunia PP, black Heart Noir, and even that Uncharted card game would all count as new IPs #7.1.4
Really? How the hell is Toad's treasure tracker and Xenoblade Chronicals X new IPs?

Being a spin-off isn't the same thing as a new IP, especially in the case of the Toad game, where it is directly linked to an old IP, and really just an expansion on mechanics found in 3D world.

As for Xenobalde X, the only reason to say this is a new IP is because of fanboyism. It's a new entry into the Xenblade IP, not a new IP. #7.1.2
"he bottom line is the last 7 Dragon Quest games have been on Nintendo platforms because that is what the Japanese Market demanded. Right now, there is no indication that is changing"

Looks like there is indication that Japanese gamers want DQ on Sony consoles... #21.1
"Most Tales games were for Sony hardware only, and all of the games he released on other console he later released enhanced versions of for Sony hardware "only". That type of backstabbing does not foster any kind of user base. That's not being "supportive"."

1: Nintendo hardware has also got enhanced ports games that were first on Sony's consoles, like Tales of the Abyss or Tales of Phastasia.

2: Releasing games on hardwa... #7.1.3
Really, your the one who sounds buthurt, even lying about about the tales of support Nintendo has gotten from the tales of series. Then again, Nintendo fans have always been fast to turn on third parties, no matter how supportive they have been of Nintendo hardware.

As for doing nothing to foster a fanbase on Nintendo hardware, Please tell me what was the about nine tales of games that so far have been released on Nintendo hardware, and so include what the upcoming 3DS tales of... #7.1.1
Won't really be surprising if the next tales of game after Zesteria is for the PS4. The PS3 was the only home console where JRPGS were able to find success during the 7th generation. #12
Because gamers have priorities when making purchases and the WiiU may not off things gamers want. Personally, I could never buy a game console that is region locked.(really this isn't all that different from those who wouldn't buy a console that restricts used games) There are other that want other things in a console, things like a universal achievement system or cross game chat.

That leads me to another thing That I can't support from a console manufacturer, tha... #1.5
Considering how you consider yourself an "old gamer" that seems untrue

or are you saying gamers who change their opinion on games based solely on the platform (as you have been known to do) are any way different from modern day fanboys? #9.2
The Last Guardian
And what the Third Party production team is working on.

I could forgive the third party production team if we got news on those two games that have been leading us on for years, but we got nothing aside from yea, one of them is still in development.

And for Nintendo
Several features people on Miiverse have been begging Nintendo to implement ever since Miiverse launched. What makes this worse is how... #15.1.1
Microsoft IMo

Sony and Nintendo had way too many issues that Should have been addressed go completely ignored. #15
Pretty sure Portal 2 also had cross platform between PS3 and PC #2.1.1
Microsoft won, a game filled conference couldn't be beat, and the premise of Crackdown 3 sounds great. The announcement of a consumer friendly service XboX Feedback (Similar to PSBlog Share) helped them rise above the competition.

Sony while having an impressive list of games lost some points with the TV and movies part. I also didn't like how the next Ratchet and CLank game was announced to essentially be a tie in game with the movie. Furthermore, there were things I... #44
Ustream must've gone down, the stream is till up on twitch though #36.2
What nice mix of ignorance and hyperbole.

You clearly know absolutely nothing about the issue, so please don't talk about it unless you are going to do some research.

To further my point here are facts that prove that was nothing but hyperbole.

The PS3 was Region Free, it was also the go to home console for JRPGs,

Being region free didn't effect localization or the success of Ni No Kuni, Tales of Graces F, Tales of X... #11.1
It's a shame Nintendo is too arrogant to actually go region free, it's such a great feature. #1
Yea, considering in your article you stated that, a FANTASY game series should ditch the religion, that need I remind you is an integral part of the series lore, you really shouldn't be calling other people closed minded.

More so when you consider this article really shows a lot of disdain for other belief systems. #3.1
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