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The Yakuza 3 engine was retired after Yakuza Dead Souls, Every game since (up to Yakuza 6) has been using the Yakuza 5 engine.

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The new layout of the karaoke mini-game looks like a huge improvement.

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So he basically wants a fantasy Yakuza game still set in modern times.

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Sorry to burst your bubble, but if this Something was an announcement for a PC version they wouldn't be teasing it in Japanese. This is announcement for the next Yakuza game.

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The list is actually also missing some PS4 exclusives confirmed for 2017, Senran Kagura Beach Splash, Warriors All Stars, Blue Reflection, and Cyberdimension Neptunia.

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"Disgaea 5 Complete sold more than Disgaea 5 on PS4 in the US in just Pre-Orders alone"

You might want to check those numbers.

So far the game pre orders on switch in the US are around 78k, so far PS4 version so far has sold around 129,000 (not counting digital) in the US.

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Hopefully this won't have a playtime trophy, or if it they do add one it will be more sensible than the first game.

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"Yakuza would adapt the the Switch very well"

People said the same thing thing about the Yakuza and the Wii U, And well, lets just say Nintendo fans made it clear they didn't want the franchise on Nintendo platforms.

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Just wait till the author finds out he has to watch (or at least skip through) all 30 of those videos for the platinum.

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"This coming from someone who probably thinks HD Rumble is useless while praising VR despite it being just as much of a gimmick."

Yes, that is how debates, work, put words in your opponents mouth, then shoot down the argument they never made, and that could never make you look like some flame-baiting fanboy who attempting to go off topic... You know unless the article had nothing to do with HD rumble or VR and was purely about the systems Third party support... oh...

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I know your a Sony hater, but you might want to at least try and do a little research before making such idiotic claims.

"Sharing? Nintendo's offering that, plus videos later on"

Literally all you can do with what Nintendo is offering is take screenshots and upload them to social media. That is a far cry from the robust Sharing features the PS4 offers, which include that same screenshot functionality, ...

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"Wii U never got "sold out" headlines until late 2016 when they exhausted shipments"

Really? that's really unbelievable... mainly cause it's not true, but still.

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As you said NIS is the publisher outside side Japan, the site in question is a Japanese site. So most likely it's dealing with an IP made by Nippon Ichi software.

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That seems very unlikely

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Can't wait for Yakuza 0 and Kiwami.

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Glad to see they gave Yakuza 0 some love, can't wait for that game.

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Good sales for Yakuza 6, can't wait for the western release.

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Two Yakuza games and Persona 5 in 2017, could next year get any better?

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FFIX is remembered well now, but it drew a lot of criticism prior to release due to it's more cartoon like graphics and it's return to a more fantasy based setting. Ultimately it just turned out to be a bunch of people complaining about how some trivial things meant it was no longer "there Final Fantasy" without even waiting to see what the game had to offer or even if it could stand on it's own merits despite not being the Final Fantasy they wanted.


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After playing the new demo for a bit, really my only concern is with the track list you can listen to in the car, though hopefully there will be more.. Probably will to considering I didn't find Stand by Me while browsing the selection.

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