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"Sanity is a full time job in a world that is always changing"


The big budget ones, maybe. Truth be told, there has quite a few Turn based RPGs on consoles this generation,

The Wii had Arc Rise Fastasia,

The 360 got Lost Odyssey, Blue Dragon, and Magna Carta 2,

The PS3's Atelier Arland Trilogy, Atelier Dusk Trilogy, Cross Edge, Trinity Universe, Mugan Souls, Time and Eternity, Record of Agarest War 2, and the three Neptunia games.

And some multi plats with Enchanted Arms Eternal Sona... #15
"PS3 isn't successful with JRPG. That success goes to DS."

Last time I checked, the DS wasn't a home console.

"Wii has Xenoblade better than any JRPG on PS3."

Your point being? I really hope that weren't trying to say that genre as a whole did better on the Wii because of one quality game, despite all the commercial success the genre had on the PS3.

"Tales of Symphonia on GC best-selling T... #18.3
Just because a system has more sales, doesn't mean games will automatically get better sales on that system.

With regards to Grances, the PS3 was the only 7th gen home console where JRPGs found widespread success.

As for Hearts, I don't think they where planing to release it on any platform, we probably are only getting it because either Sony, gamestop, or both helped fund localization of said game. #18.1
Sure, it's an anti Nintnedo Conspiracy. It's not like there was any reason to believe Nintnedo would be attending Pax East.... Well you know, aside from them attending Pax East in 2011, 2012, and 2013 #7.3
I got
"What's your favorite uncle's name?" A: "Morty"

"Where do you Park your Car?" A: "Gruderman's Parking"


"What's the strangest Halloween costume you've ever worn?" A: "Polar Bear" #4.3
Try just typing in "Morty" for the uncle question. #4.1
I'd say MK2. It actually plays well (unlike the first game), and it had a decent story. (V's story felt really slow, it also suffered from a lot of missed opportunities)

Honestly the biggest flaw is MK2 was CFW Trick... Which actually manages to be the worst thing in the entire series. #3.1
"Easy, they promise a bunch of "free" games but forget to mention that in order to keep said games you need to keep paying for them So because a lot of people signed up under false pretenses"

Now that is bad... Or it would be if that's where remotely true, not only can you read it on PSN+ cards, or from the PSN, but every time you download a game through plus you get a notification telling you that you only have access to said game while you're a p... #9.1

It's Clock Strikes by One Ok Rock #1.1.4
To be fair though, the PS4 version of Yakuza Ishin is really just a port of the PS3 version. #26.1
Called Fairy Fencer F, though I can't believe I completely forgot about Battle Princess of Arcadias. #3
I'm guessing at least some of these will be among the annoucments

Dangan Ronpa 2
Disgaea 4 (Vita)
Neptunia Re;birth1
Fairy Fencer F.

And in the, I can dream category, Yakuza 5 #2

NISA is a part of Nippon Ichi Software, in fact the name NISA stands for Nippon Ichi Software of America #3.1.4
Yea the game was developed by Spike Churnsoft. After reading the article I don't think the author realizes that NISA is only localizing and publishing the game in the west. #3.1
I wouldn't be so fast to put those consoles in storage, chances are that the emulation won't work with physical copies of games. #7.1
"I've never reported a Patcher article, even if it was negative about Nintendo and most of his are."

Ok, let's look at the first article I linked to, a Pachter one you reported with with this quote "All news from Michael Patcher is trashy."

I only report articles that are made for little other reason than to bash(because clickbait is lame), articles that twist facts or redundant articles which is what all of those fe... #18.1.3
Funny how no one reported this one as being "Trashy" though

But I guess reporting almost every negitive article for your prefered company as "lame" would make be the biggest act of fanboyism one could do... But I'm sure you would wouldn't know any thing about that.

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They really need to do 2 things

Get some decent third party support, seriously look at all the third part games that have been announced, and you will see that Most of them are skipping the Wii U.

and Start listening to there fans, there are some many things that I've seen WiiU and 3DS owners requesting, things that would proibably be easy to implement and would cost Nintnedo much if anything, like going region free or a acheivemnt system. It's baflel... #16
"Whether it sells 50k or 2M, if devs feel it's a flop, then it's a flop."

What's your point? I highly doubt anyone would say less than 2000 is even remotely acceptable.

"Also, spiritual successor isn't the same thing as a true game in the series. "

No but they generally are similar enough that you can judge the market one based of the other, and that is how it with Yakuza and Shenmue.

"... #10.3
Yakuza HD and The Wonderful 101 say hi.

Seriously people need to stop with this "Nintendo Fans only buy good games" BS #1.1.4
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