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Zombies were the worst, most generic and uninspired part of Crackdown 2. Totally unnecessary. I'm so glad they're gone and that Crackdown 3 is being made by the developers of the first one. I didn't really like the trailer but the gameplay is going to be great.

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Conker Live and Reloaded with Xbox Live support would be a dream.

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This looks like a shameless combo of Last of Us and State of Decay. Such a blatant ripoff of both of those games in tone, aesthetic, setting and gameplay. The whole zombie genre is getting tired in general, but something this derivative doesn't really seem to be necessary. It would've been better if Sony Bend made a more unique IP that had nothing to do with zombies since there are more than enough zombie/survival games already. Why not bring back Syphon FIlter? Getaway? Or start a ne...

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I am so tired of apologists posting trash like this to defend some bad game they purchased or like. This logic is such a joke, maybe you could say that reviews don't matter if you're talking about one review, or a couple of reviews, but when the majority of scores are bad then the game is bad. The sad thing is people ALWAYS make this argument and it it is really, really getting old. Take Lair on PS3, that game had awful controls, awful level design, awful everything, and it received t...

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Yeah that's why they released an unfinished piece of garbage like Rogue Warrior and the fallout series is known as the buggiest in all of gaming.

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I appreciate you taking the time to reply. I understand you wanting to give Nintendo the benefit of the doubt but if their only reason for not dropping the price is because they'll lose money on each unit then they are being short sighted. It is definitely more profitable to sell a hundred thousand Wii Us at a loss than it is to sell a few thousand at MSRP. I'm one of the people who would've bought a Wii u if they ever did a price drop, and I'm sure there are countless others ...

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Edmix I have to ask, do you really think that anyone cares enough about your opinion to read pages and pages of your comments? You're the same guy who posted paragraph after paragraph about how star wars battlefront is a flawless game just because it sold well and you own a copy. Please learn how to state an opinion without taking over the comments section. Thanks!

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@Shin What you said is nonsense. Sony sold the 60gb PS3 at a loss of almost $200 a console when it first came out because they knew it wouldn't sell at a higher price. So what is Nintendo's excuse? They don't have one.

And what does "profit first sales later" even mean? You do realize they depend on each other right?

Another one of the five vocal Wii u fans heard from. Still doesn't mean the console didn't fail. I think the ...

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EDMIX you're an apologist and a joke. To defend a rushed, cash-in Star Wars that released with a small number of maps, a 50 dollar season pass and no single player content (a couple of small, throwaway wave mode levels don't count) shows that you're either blindly biased or you know nothing about games. Battlefront has been out for over a year and DICE is still working on DLC which they have no excuse for since they released the game incomplete. The gameplay is simplistic, repeti...

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Just because you're trying to trivialize the differences doesn't mean they aren't huge. No telekenis vigor, simplified skylines and skyline combat, tons of vox populai sequences and the entire sequence with Saltonstall were all removed. Infinite is a great game with lots of personality, atmosphere and a great story but the combat is simplistic and repetitive. The skylines and story are underdeveloped. Most importantly Elizabeth could work with you in combat and combine her tear p...

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So you liked Rogue Warrior then?

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Obviously neither of you ever knew what the original concept from Human Head was. This game looks nothing like Prey at all and it is a disgrace that Bethesda is calling this Prey 2 instead of just making a new IP. Literally nothing in this trailer resembles anything from the first Prey. No anti gravity stuff, no portals, no unique alien weapons (the only human weapon in Prey was a wrench, in this trailer there's already a generic pump shotgun). Even the enemy in the trailer was a black ...

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I am so, so tired of this vocal minority. This is seriously becoming a joke. Trash articles like this and the one saying that mass effect should start with a female protagonist by default. Why? This is insane. The percentage of women that actually play full AAA console games, not cell phone trash like candy crush or the simplistic wii party games, is small. So now these women that happen to play shooters and other games want every single game to cater specifically to them when they make up an...

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All I know is I pre-ordered this back in 2009 when it was still supposed to come out on the PS3. The fact that it still isn't out yet is probably a bad sign but hopefully it's at least as good as Ico or Shadow. If nothing else the extreme delays show that they announced it way too early when they had NOTHING or it would've been finished a long time ago.

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Whether you think its garbage or not you can't deny that it is a similar post apocalyptic zombie outbreak game with crafting and survival elements. Only difference with Days Gone is it looks like a shameless rip off of last of us; another gruff main character with facial hair and emotional problems whose dealing with the loss of a loved one. Even the aesthetic of the game is almost identical to Last of Us. That kind of shameless plagiarism plus the fear of making someth...

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No one else is tired of zombies? Zombies are the World War II games of this (and even last) generation. Game developers have overused the concept, saturated the game market and run the entire genre into the ground. (Film and TV have done it too) There are just way too many zombie games. How many different ways can they do hordes of undead? Its all the same.
Days Gone is state of decay 2 with no multiplayer and a heavy last of us influence. Doesn't look special. Dead Rising 4 look...

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This really makes the developers of a game like Evolve look like even more of a joke. They had all of this dlc that was no better or worse content wise than this free Witcher DLC and yet the charged for EVERYTHING from day one. Glad to see a developer doing it right. I miss the days when "DLC" was called free updates/patches and the only post launch content you would pay for was an expansion pack tons of new gameplay.

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Again you just completely proved my point by dodging EVERY critcism I have and saying stupid things like "I expected last of us" and I'm "super serious" because I wanted a story that wasn't so dumb and so pointless that it didn't even matter. You offer no counter to Insomniac's uninspired use of cliches like the fargarths and the catrinas, no reason why its justified that they didn't even make ANY kind of effort to make the story decent or have even one...

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Can't wait for Mafia III. Mafia 1 was one of the most mature and well done stories of all time, and was also one of the first games I had ever seen that was adult enough to do a tasteful sex scene between two characters which deserves respect, especially back when it was released. It also had an amazing, vibrant open world and an amazing soundtrack. Mafia 2 had an excellent story and the way they tied 1 and 2 together was genius and inspired, nothing like that has ever been done before or...

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People like you are the problem with internet forums. Anyone who has an opion different than yours is "complaining to complain" right? There's no way that I could just have a criticism of something that you liked? Its a joke that you say I expected Othello just because I didn't expect complete garbage.

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