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This really makes the developers of a game like Evolve look like even more of a joke. They had all of this dlc that was no better or worse content wise than this free Witcher DLC and yet the charged for EVERYTHING from day one. Glad to see a developer doing it right. I miss the days when "DLC" was called free updates/patches and the only post launch content you would pay for was an expansion pack tons of new gameplay. #6
Again you just completely proved my point by dodging EVERY critcism I have and saying stupid things like "I expected last of us" and I'm "super serious" because I wanted a story that wasn't so dumb and so pointless that it didn't even matter. You offer no counter to Insomniac's uninspired use of cliches like the fargarths and the catrinas, no reason why its justified that they didn't even make ANY kind of effort to make the story decent or have even one... #4.1.1
Can't wait for Mafia III. Mafia 1 was one of the most mature and well done stories of all time, and was also one of the first games I had ever seen that was adult enough to do a tasteful sex scene between two characters which deserves respect, especially back when it was released. It also had an amazing, vibrant open world and an amazing soundtrack. Mafia 2 had an excellent story and the way they tied 1 and 2 together was genius and inspired, nothing like that has ever been done before or... #11
People like you are the problem with internet forums. Anyone who has an opion different than yours is "complaining to complain" right? There's no way that I could just have a criticism of something that you liked? Its a joke that you say I expected Othello just because I didn't expect complete garbage. #3.2.3
You must have problems with reading comprehension. Firstly I said I loved the game itself, great gameplay with unique weapons and colorful graphis. Then I clearly explained all of my problems with the story: no likeable characters, pointless story that is of no consequence and has no relevance to the gameplay, stupid humor and unfunny cliches that have been done to death like the fargarths. Again saying that I expected Othello when I just wanted some characters to like and a story that isn... #4
Are you serious? Too young to understand? The references were the only good part of any of the dialogue but if you're really trying to say that a few movie references make up for juvenile, unfunny one liners and cliché trash like the fargarths then you're either stupid or insane. And then to act as if anyone who wants a story that wasn't a silly, inconsequential mess with no likeable characters wants it to be anything like Othello or citizen Kane makes you sound like even m... #3.2.1
I love sunset overdrive, but the story, voice acting and characters are garbage. When will we get a game with gameplay that's as fun and unique as sunset overdrive's but with a story that isn't pointless juvenile trash? Every character was stupid and the story was the most childish, uninspired and inconsequential that I have ever seen in a game. #3
The Target X screens look amazing and like a true sequel to Black. I hate when studios interfere and try to change a game completely into what they think will sell. Lame cartoony characters and a bright art style is the complete opposite of what made Black a success in the first place. What were they thinking? Its a shame that the ex criterion guy wouldnt release the full trailer though, at this point its the only thing that fans would ever get to see of the real black 2 anyway. Kind of cowar... #17
Nintendo fanboys writing articles won't change the fact that rehashing endless Mario and donkey Kong sequels, zero third party support and almost no mature games will never help the console sell. Not to mention that instead of improving the graphics substantially Nintendo spent millions making a touch screen controller. Terrible mistake and the lack of sales are proof. Nintendo just got too caught up focusing on grandmas and casual gamers because of the wiis gimmicky motion controls, peri... #25
This is just another reason why the Wii U is and will continue to be a failure as a "next gen" console: it has zero variety in its game content and fails to attract any notable third party support. This will be the end of any major third party franchises or I.P.s having Wii U ports, and churning out endless Mario, Zelda and Donkey Kong sequels isn't going to save the system.

When Nintendo refuses to innovate by pumping out games with the same characters and the... #25
People need to stop making such a big deal out of this, Postal had the same premise and that came out YEARS ago. Even the camera angle/perspective in that game was similar. That's how you know the majority of people complaining about this game are too young to remember Postal in the first place. Grow up its just entertainment. This game looks like a fun, arcade style shooter like Expendable. I'm hoping it has co op.

I guess rampaging in GTA doesn't count as wrong... #8
Hahahah. Keep telling yourself that Reggie. Rehashing the same titles with the same gameplay (Super Smash Brothers 12, Donkey Kong 10, Mario 27 etc.) and barely improved, last gen graphics does not mean you have the "best exclusives". That's why the Wii U as a console is failing and it only appeals do a limited audience, diehard Nintendo fans. Wii U owners are delusional if they really think that the exclusives or the system are better than the other consoles and exclusive games... #14
Just like with everything else, Christians are behind the times. #4
That's clearly not the main story so its irrelevant. The majority of this series, meaning the book and hbo show are nothing like the silly cartoony graphics in the walking dead games. At this point it just looks like they don't want to take the time to create a good looking graphics engine that isn't cel shaded. #4.1.1
Am I the only one who is really, really hoping that this game isn't cel shaded/cartoony like TellTale's Walking Dead games? I think it wouldn't feel authentic or be faithful to the style series/source material. I personally think that the tone would be ruined and it would be impossible to truly take the story seriously. #4
The Resident Evil remake was one of the best in the series and worth owning a Gamecube for. Great graphics, great gameplay, solid control updates and new features like the Crimson Heads and defensive moves were all excellent. This is one of the best remakes/remasters ever. Can't wait to play this again.

I always wished they would've given Resident Evil 2 the same treatment, imagine how amazing that would look. Even RE 3. #9
Regardless of the quality of the game the fact is that little to no significant new content was added, it was released at full retail price and its a re-release of something that is barely even a year old. The majority of people who played this JUST played it and so for a lot of them its pointless to pay another $50 when there is NO new single player content, no additions to the gameplay or controls, no significant additions to the multiplayer like a co-op mode or a new game type. Sure all th... #27
I'm sorry but I could not care less. Media Molecules games like little big planet are just boring children's games that I have no interest in whatsoever. I don't understand why someone would want to play generic, copy paste user created levels when there are actual games with adult themes, stories, gameplay, etc.I mean its great for kids but I never understood why any of their games were played by anyone over the age of 12. Nintendo has already devoted its last two consoles entire... #18
To all the people here that slam Battlefield 4 to try and downplay that the Wii U really is underpowered, selling poorly and extremely limited with its game selection: How can you compare ONE game having internet problems with a console and its ENTIRE library being underpowered and decidedly last gen? Pointless argument. Battlefield 4 online was trash but there's a world of difference between failing at making one game's multiplayer stable and failing at making a console.
I didn't really think it was funny either but "disturbing"? Really? Its a cartoon promo for a game. Grow some balls. #3
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