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this is why nintendo will continue recyling obsolete last gen tech in its hardware- it increases their profit margins. win for them as they laugh all the way to the bank, but gamers lose out because the saving nintendo make using old junk tech isnt passed on to consumers, we get tech past its sell by date and the industry suffers because one of the most innovative companies is using tech nobody wants to develop games for..

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mario galaxy was not about freedom or exploration. it was very linear. it was just a series of paths.

sunshine had wide open spaces to explore.

the stages in galaxy are similar to small stages found in sunshine and mario 64... these stages are essentially on rails, its not about freedom at all, it was more testing your platforming skills.

as was pointed out in another comment, galaxy created an illusion of vast space simply by separating th...

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the bizarre way you control the game. its not like the old ones where you just play the game, you now have to use the controller in a pointless way to steer/shoot.

ie it now has added gimmicks. gimmicks it doesnt need. if it aint broke, dont fix it

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all three look rubbish.

nobody plays games like that. it doesnt look fun, just annoying.

it also looks like they've ruined starfox by adding stupid gimmicks

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i see the 3ds game as the insurance- ie if the wiiu didnt take off and gain a large user base to guarantee smash bros success, they would have it on 3ds to pick up the lost sale.

and this is exactly what has happened. the wiiu has failed, and now they put smash bros wiiu on the shelf to concentrate on getting the 3ds version out first.

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i played mario kart on the wii yesterday and just couldnt enjoy it.

i just cant play games like this anymore... ive outgrown them

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''your obviously a kid that doesn't understand how the world works''

how very mature, name calling.

''a company does not make any games on a console that they are giving up on''

false. smash bros for wiiu has been in development for years. back when it first started they didnt know the wiiu was going to be a sales disaster and flop. now they know the wiiu has no market power, they are abandoning pushing the...

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even though its clear they are abandoning the wiiu in favour of the 3ds.

lol no smash bros until the winter.. eek, the wiiu is finished

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nintendo always drip feed its customers.

whats even more concerning is that the little games they do offer dont even appeal to the core.

NO, dk is not for everyone. No, mario kart is not for everyone. No, smash bros is not for everyone. no matter how much the hype machine tries to convince you, those games are actually games for children.

i dug out mario kart wii and smash bros for my wii yesterday and tried to play them... ugh.. i have ou...

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lol i knew it. typical of a fan to put a positive spin on it, even when it came right from iwata's and miyamotos mouth.

just admit defeat with wiiu, its the honorable thing to do haha

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Ugh... are you deaf, dumb or just blind? even nintendo said the game pad is the wiius WEAKNESS. the gamepad has got to go.

hopefully at e3 nintendo will unveil a new SKU without the controller. then they can slash another 80quid off the price and get some sales.

as of right now, the wiiu is useless.

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i need a refund in all my lost bubbles, since nintendo is saying everything i was saying that lost me all my bubbles.

nintendo fans couldnt stomach the truth from me, but now both iwata and miyamoto are saying the exact things i was saying, i think its time for nintendo fans to accept the wiiu is a disaster.

dont shoot the messenger

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right from the horses mouth!

i want a refund on all my bubbles lost for saying the exact thing iwata is saying.

nintendo fans think im trolling, does that mean iwata is trolling??

hate to say it but I TOLD YOU SO.

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hardly a new thing.. nintendo have been licensing its characters to third parties for years!

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and i have lost all my bubbles.

nintendo fans cant handle the truth even when it comes from the horses mouth

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those games you listed are respectable, but not the sole reason for owning a wiiu. nobody will buy a wiiu for splinter cell etc

its the exclusives that make a console, and its why the wiiu is defeated right now.

this is the situation with wiiu

not even the dreamcast had this problem. it had many games which set it apart from the c...

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im talking about consoles.

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