I am so SMRT


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on ps4? I saw it for preorder just a couple of days ago. maybe my store is wacky

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it's not even out yet

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This article is literally speculation. Might as well call it "Features we'd like to see in the new update".

Reports are indicating that Sony could be adding the following features to the firmware update, though it still doesn’t have a release date:

PS One Classics compatibility
The ability to take game demos and trials from your library by hiding them
Wish list enabled in the PlayStation Store
Increasing the maxim...

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what the hell are you talking about? There's been comparison videos about it. There's been featurettes and articles written about it. There's been games that's already achieved this. Not to say it's not amazing, but don't say no one cares.

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it's maybe just not for you? There's a lot of games I don't understand. Didn't need an article to explain it.

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Before I played the new versions I was playing the old version on the PSP. They've always been hard. Grow a back bone you wieners

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jesus christ guys

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Just curios - what's the spoiler?

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Why are you people complaining about spoilers? What's the spoiler? That the master sword is in the game? That's not really spoiler since its -you know- in every game. There are horses and bows too so spoilers!!!

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is Battlefield and Call of Duty too similar? Is Sly Cooper and Ratchet And Clank too similar? What a stupid question

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I've never heard of ANY of these shows :(

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When things like this are out why report it? IT's going to be taken down. Let it spread through word of mouth. Every time!

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Edit: PSP like device doesn't mean it's a Sony device, could be the NX. closed

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They had two for Wii U

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i agree

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Complaining about people complaining.about people complaining.......

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WAH WAH WAH God gamers complain about EVERYTHING.

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Well they're not going to say their own product is crap...

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