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" Check it if you like stuff "


Have SMB 3 on the Wii's Virtual Console, so I'll finally be able to transfer that over for a buck.
and will also buy SMB3 on the 3DS because this will be the first time i can play this game on the bus. #6
haha someone disagreed that you'll be buying this on the Wii U. #1.2
this isn't a sale, it's a new lower price for these games.

Apparently in the states it'll also have Animal Cross and Donkey Kong.

And yes, that new $5 price change for other games is a real pain. Payed almost $75 for South Park. Stupid 13% Tax! #2.1
"The Network Services may permit you to transfer some or all of your data, information, account balances, and Digital Content between Nintendo Devices that you own, or between your Network Accounts. Please refer to the User Manual for more information on this feature."

Just to clarify on the account-based titles and information. #3.3.1
you're going to get me in trouble at work...Thanks #1
Dear God, was going to buy a Vita just for this game...sweet #6
I hate when they do that, what's the point of a preorder if they're out of stock already? #1.2.1
Have fun! I will too :P #2
should have included the New Adventure of Pac-Man, loved/hated that game #1
Why are you replying to me? I don't care #2
awesome, can't wait to try it #1
I'd do it ...sadly #1
You can transform into Bullet Bill. I guess that's the connection? #4.1
I know right? That blue shell is pretty #1.1
whoops! Good catch! Thanks! #1.1
I agree, I was very surprised with the end result #3
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Haha thank you for your insight #7.1.1
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I have never got a day-one console, I usually wait till all the bugs get sorted out (give or take a year) to either bu the cheaper version or the newer model (PS3 SLIM) #7
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I can only imagine how much fun that would be! #2
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I believe it's only for retail copies not digital copies and no word on PC version as of yet #7
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