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" Check it if you like stuff "


I got it. Can't go wrong at that price really #14.1
Let's set it in World War 1. Reload after every bullet. #19
I will NEVER buy a theme or wallpaper. Such a waste of money. I too got the anniversary one just for the sound...something so soothing about it... #4
A remake or "Remastered" from 1998 i think it fine, but a remake of a gmae that's a year old i think is pushing it. #2.1.2
I really hope we can download player created levels as I suck at making anything #3
fantastic idea - and a ghostbusters one would be nice too #1.1
I find PVZ Scary.
Also horror means :


an overwhelming and painful feeling caused by something frightfully shocking, terrifying, or revolting; a shuddering fear:
to shrink back from a mutilated corpse in horror.

So in other words Zombie :P #8.1
they're technically not's a horror game (zombies) and the goal is to survive. I mean it's a stretch yes as that genre didn't exist at the time. But i can see how it can be seen as that. #3
that's my plan. stupid 13% taxes... #4.1
does it really matter? #2.1
A lot of people have a problem with that. If the game plays well - regardless of it being a remake, is what should be graded. #1.1.2
Stupid Canada and its 13% Tax... #23
I've been telling people not to buy it but apparently that doesn't make sense. Also. Clever title. #1.1
don't buy it #6.1
you caught me! I'm one of them.

Anyways what I'm doing is not buying the game. Not supporting the game.

Just like I've been doing with Assassin's Creed and Call of Duty.

Instead of complaining and throwing insults about how this isn't fair. Do your part and don't buy it. That's why I'm saying it's OPTIONAL. You can buy a half-assed game and buy the DLC or you can be an adult and not buy a half-assed game. #1.1.1
Because people forget the DLC is optional. #1
dammit. Now i have to buy this

TheSuperior, why you got a disagree blows my mind #2
I skipped the 3DSXL had my 3DS for about 4 years now...time for an upgrade? #3
What's wrong with Wii Mode? I don't think people are idiots, I just think Nintendo does a terrible job at explaining things to their customers. #3.1.1
you always could. just not with the controller. This won't change. #3.2
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