I am so SMRT


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Holy crap people are always unhappy. Anyways two game I'd never try are free and now I can try them :) Good stuff

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Death trash looks cool

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For those that didn't read the article and are going crazy over this:

It is, partially. People clearly like to poke fun at this issue and their own ongoing confusion, while others think the idea anyone would be confused by the choice of two buttons is a bit ... hard to believe."

relax people

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Canada's gaming prices in general are nuts

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what a terrible article. The headline is VERY misleading and the idea is just idea. There's so many ideas people could throw out. It doesn't warrant an article like this. Here's an Idea...sell the game separately OR if you buy the new COD you get the game. See, meaningless. The author just knew what to put to get peoples attention and it worked.

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Here's how to read a review "Hmm. That's interesting" And move on you wieners

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This is the third time i've seen these stories. These aren't stories that need to be shared. This has nothing to do with Nintendo or the console. This is just a thing that happens. The Dailymail will run with this and give Nintendo a bad name, or at least try to.

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When did Forum posts become news? It's like when the News channels source twitter. Don't do that.

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That's what I've always been saying!

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I'm going to buy it- it's Ghostbusters how can I not?


Never mind looked at the screenshots. Looks like a Top down shooter...thought it was going to be like the other Ghostbusters game

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please don't suck, please don't suck, please don't suck

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Don't mind him he eats his own face. I look forward to these.

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I would love Rare Replay....

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The only reason i wanted a vita was for remote play. This would be a welcomed addition.

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10 years? Wow, good for him. I remember watching his videos in college

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people CAN disagree with me. But it doesn't make sense to. I'm actually not going to reply anymore in this section as I forget that Sony can do no wrong and everyone must love sony or don't say anything at all.

This generation of gaming disgusts me and so do the people (not all) who play it. I'm not going to argue with people online about how these options mean nothing to me. In fact I kind of regret even commenting at all.

If you're goin...

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I don't stream EVER, I don't really have that many friends on my PS4. I REALLY don't use events or know what they are and I don't own a computer. So yeah none of these updates are good for me.

Buy me a computer and then I'll say this update has something for me

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That is fine but my comment wasn't saying this update sucks. my comment was that this update has nothing for ME. How is an update that has nothing for me an unpopular opinion? You don't know what I like or need.

Also the disagreeing was because people disagreed that the update has nothing for me.

It's like saying I don't like Carrots and people disagree with that. How can you disagree with something that is fact to me?

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sheesh why all the hate? There IS nothing for me here. I'm sorry you guys feel there IS something for me here.
I clearly don't know what I like.

Joel_c17 that was a little unnecessary. These options are good for some people. It's kind of a bummer when a big update rolls around that offers nothing for me. And since this is a comment section i commented on it.

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nothing in this update that interests me

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