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" Check it if you like stuff "


I've been saying this for a while now #1.1
Xof you're right on that my mistake #9.1.2
They stole it? I'm pretty sure it was purchased... #37.1.1
I'll be quoting that from now on when trying to explain to people how young people speak on the internet. #9.1
I don't regret getting my Wii U at all. I prefer it over PS4 (due to Gamepad) #13
so quit reading it #4.1
I'm not pissed either way. This is healthy for exclusives to happen on both consoles. This creates competition and competition means new games. If both consoles had the exact same games what's the purpose of two consoles? #37
Yay just picked up a PS4- looks like I made the right move :D #28
thanks for the comment- I've never played the other versions so there was nothing for me to compare to how it was to what it is. I'm strictly looking at this version alone.

Driving seemed fine and fast to me (besides the slippery controls). #2.1
I'm all for freedom of expression, but there's also consequences to it.

Just cause you can say it doesn't mean you should #14.1.1
A) Why would anyone defend this game?
B) Why is anyone talking about this game?
C) Why would anyone defend this game? #14
um...your name is literally XBOX ONE... #1.1.1
gotcha, not arguing that point...(psss... read past the headline) #4.1
I understand from DVD to Bluray but Bluray to Bluray?
Believe me a person can buy Ghostbusters only so many times. (I'd buy it again) #2
awesome soundtrack #3
I thought that said "Forza Horizon" I was going to lose my **** #2
“This is maybe a little bit of a strange story, but we never really went out of our way to decide on the sex of these characters, even though they have somewhat gendered appearances,” Hayashida reportedly stated. #1.2
I couldn't have said it better myself #1.1.1
The Toronto Sun reviews games? What the hell? #5
"Even though its 2D the worlds are multi-layered with painted backdrops which aren’t really detailed and reflect the type of terrain you are walking through, but these layers react to your movement in the foreground, also there are elements like clouds that act independently even though it soon becomes a repetitive animation."

that's the point i believe.... #5
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