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"Dont take my comments seriously"


What Ron Paul wants done cannot happen because congress will fight him on it. When he was working he hardly voted for anything. It was either too liberal or not conservative enough so he almost never voted. Ron Paul is also only really liked by internet people. Which means he is not going to be a candidate.

Newt could get what he wants done but he is also a hypocrite which some people seem to not care about(recent votings). So he probably will be the candidate. #1.2.1
He needs to be as fast as guy instead of a slow poke like zabuza. #2.1
Next gen probably will be the last. Sony could just use all of the devs they have and make games as a video game publisher like EA and activision. #2.1
ME2 was just fine. #1.3
This engine looks like it is focusing on shaders like the engine RAGE is on. #5
"But could Drake be gay? Yes, he most certainly could, and having high profile characters like him be queer would help in creating an environment where games can be fun for everyone."

Drake cannot be gay. He is probably the most straight video game character ever. Ok, maybe stretching it a bit. #1
This one blog long ago had a great ideao for changing the bubble system.

I think the bubbles should be based on agrees and disagrees.
There could be a agree to disagree ratio that determines how many bubbles you have. People are less likely to bubble up than to bubble down but peeps have no problem pressing agree and disagree.

Your ratio and the amount of disagrees and agrees you have should be visible by all users. There also should be a "you... #6
Well boobs aint sexual parts of the body. They are used for keeping a baby or young child healthy with good nutrients from the milk. In the USA boobs have become so sexualized that many women are to ashamed to breast feed their own baby! #3.1
Have they caught them all? #1
That is amazing since Halo reach's story mode seem to give the CPU a hard time. #6
This gen IS better than last gen. Sure many things have been bad in this gen but everything else is more than anyone could have dreamed last gen. BF3, uncharted, gears of war, etc... would blow everyone's mind if they showed gameplay of those games at that time. No one would believe they were real games. The only thing we are missing this gen are the Jrpgs. #2.1.4
Yeah, normally COD players leave matches very quickly. Many even leave for being the first to die in a match or round. #5.1
This person has their brain knowledge wrong. Men use their left side of the brain more than women for listening but women use both sides for listening. It has nothing to do with multitasking because our brains are slightly different so for men one side just works harder when listening than the other. #2
It has in the past. #2.2
The game should have came with multiplayer co-op. What should be added as DLC are quests and dragon riding. #1
Who cares? The WORLD. *Hint* Guinness book of WORLD records. #1.1
Not enough room for what I want to say but still read
Being gay is wrong. I do not think many of you would read long enough to get to this link. In this link read page 198(should already be put up).
... #1.1.14
Battlefront back in the PS2 days where I was growing up was just as popular as COD. It is sad to see such a great series not have a release this gen. There might be some time left but maybe they should just wait till next gen. #1.1.1
He has reached advanced sarcasm. #3.1.2
Since the vita is like the PS3 it would be less than 5 years. #3.1.1
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