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Is this game play the same way as the first one?

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I'm sure 95% of PS3 owners have had a PC that came out in the last 3-5 have played the first Mass effect which was better on the PC to.

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Portal 2 :)

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LOL Damage controll is coming in from the bots today First ME is Over rated and now this boy this is just to funny

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How is he a fanboy when he's stating facts on whats coming out for PS3 and the 360? its the truth.

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It took forza about 4 motnhs just to sell 2 Million yet alone GT 5 sold 66 Million WW as of Dec 10th
http://www.digitaljournal.c... oh and GT5 came out in November.

Lets see Forza 4 do those numbers.

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Look at What PS3 has in 2011

Killzone 3
Infamous 2
Mass Effect 2/3
Little Big planet 2
MLB The Show 11
Uncharted 3
Back to the Future

can some one remind me what 360 has besides Gears and Forza flop?

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@gameur this is probably some worked up bot that's angry that they lost another exclusive and it looks better on the ps3

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Think about it you get better graphics a interactive comic that will let you decide the key moments of the game that probally are the plots of the game such as what happens with Wrex and ashley/alenko I'm sure there will be a romance part because that plays a key part of this to and the whole plot with the council

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Lets Compare the PC/PS3 version next please

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Stay Classy MS.

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this is what I call I fanboy.

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I say Mass Effect just the fact that there was really nothing shown any cgi or game play footage for elder scrolls the first few teases debated this could have been a diffrent game. though if EA didnt spoil the surprise earlier on there store the announcment would have been much bigger.

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Whats sader is he says he is..

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Can we just call of VGA's 11 now and just make Uncharted 3 Goty now?

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The VGA's are Like a car Reck there Horrible but you always find a way to watch them.

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best case Halo Reach was Xbox Goty but overall no way ME 2 GOD of war 3 I can go on. were much better than that.

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I Played Red Dead once I'm on my 5th play through of ME 2 that should say something hmm?

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GOTY = Epic fail.

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MGS Collection in HD

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