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I love smash bros, but I've always played on the playstation, so I've always wanted this game. It needs Jak, and I want the guy from SoTC (forgotten his name).

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Why wasn't Gaben at number 3? *kneels on ground shouting at the sky* Why won't you just give us a game with the number three in it?

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Peter Molyneux isn't so much a troll, just a genuinely morale corrupt person that thinks too much of himself and his opinion.

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It does look pretty genuine. I'm not an xbox gamer, but this seems good. The reason I bought a ps3 was because it gave me a blu ray player and free online, plus I knew the exclusives from the past generation. If MS manage to bring out the quality of games to match sony, I could see value in this.

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But they all deserved it, we don't.

I was being sarcastic, if you didn't catch it.

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The thing I'm annoyed about as a British person is that they don't seem to be following the story properly. I couldn't care less that we are the ones being killed, seeing as both sides of the war the people were British, the Americans fighting were originally British, so I don't mind us getting killed (especially seeing how we treated the world like we owned it, we deserved it, but I feel that USA is becoming what we were when we had the empire, invading countries at will and ...

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Can we not forget that this IS A GAME. I want the game to follow its story, and to be honest it seems that the Americans were templars so they should be the ones being killed. Connor doesn't fight for the winning side, he fights for the assassins.

@Pushagree Wow, just wow. The russians tried to end the world in nuclear fire as much as the Americans, and it is the Americans who actually dropped a nuclear bomb. The only reason America dropped the bomb was to end the war be...

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