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There was a picture showing them as part of the instant game collection in some magazine and I think Sony confirmed it, or something along those lines. I think it will come in like the middle of December

Edit: just looked it up and apparently they are all coming out on December 5, yay! Can't wait to play vanquish, and I held off on Arkham city because I thought they would put it on plus, lucky gut instinct #17.1
There is a uplay passport that comes with it, it's just for people that buy it preowned #1.1.5
You came off as a bit of a ponce there, mate.
And the author is being presumptuous, how does he know the final roster for PSABR? #1.1.1
@rpd And they colonized America, bringing the language to them? #2.1.2
Just be grateful for the English language and learn to use it properly before attacking the nation that brought it to you. #2.1
Well at 2:07 you can see;
Artifact Assault
Team Deathmatch
Capture The Flag
Steal The Artifact
Drive The Car
Open The Can
Meet Ted

I'm not sure on the last ones but that is 12 on that page, so by multiple there will be enough game modes. #1.1.5
It's always daytime somewhere in the world. #6.1
but George Washington and Ben Franklin are thought to be templars #1.7.1
That picture isn't sarcastic, I don't think you fully understand sarcasm. #7.1.1
Wow, this site is turning into reddit. #10
I don't care who I kill, in fact I think it's about time England and America aren't portrayed as the good guys. However, Ubisoft said he would be neutral, yet we've only seen red coats being killed.

So like I said, the killing isn't the problem, but being lied to as a consumer is. #4.1.1
Bloody hell ubisoft, just tell us if he's neutral or not, because it doesn't seem that neutral with all this american patriotism. #4
Local multi-player on this game was the sh*t. Some good times were had with Timesplitters 2. I wish there were more games that had both online and local nowadays. #1.2
Parappa is a legend, there is no one more important. #11.1
YES! I didn't think of that, didn't they release an exclusive joker thing on AA. #5.2
I haven't played Sly yet, but I've only heard good things so I will get it. My favorite collection was the ico one. I had never played SoTC and it was amazing. The 3d was pretty good to. #4.3.3
They are making a loss on hardware because they can make it back on software. Nobody buys a console without games.

I would rather buy a system that offers more, so I don't care if they are making a loss, I'm buying a console not a company. #18.1
But the whole world isn't North America. #13.2
The only real reason my wii would get used is for smash bros. Four friends and smash bros makes for fun times. #2.3
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