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Not many people I know have one. I was tempted to buy one, but I bought another gun instead. I am always tempted by the handhelds but once I get one, I never use it. I've had 3 PSP's at one time or another but I always buy it, use it for a week or two then sell it.

Oh well, guess I'll just stick to consoles.

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Who has a 3DS?

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I've already got my 1000/1000 on this game. Hurry up and get that DLC out!

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I already posted the pictures about this in the Battlefield 3 thread in the forums, at 1:00 am this morning.

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Got my email today with the code also. Very awesome of Microsoft IMO.

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This game kicks so much ass. This reviewer is a total idiot.

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It means more MGS games I will not be buying.

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It better have them. I dont want my 121,000+ score to go to waste.... uh... wait

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Dude, they have announced that already. $249 for wifi and $299 for 3g.

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Well seeing as I got robbed at gun point in march for an Xbox 360, this did not help me. Ghetto trash will always be ghetto trash.

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Well said man, I'm in total agreement. Bubble for you!

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We should just blame that crazy, lunatic, psycho, asshole that killed all those people, nothing else.

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Ha! I'm buying it day one bitches! I will RENT CODMW3, learned my lesson after the last one.

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Well good for me, that's where I was going to get it anyway.

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Nope, Kameo: Elements of Power. Launch title for the 360 has the BEST water effects I have ever seen anywhere. Not being sarcastic either. Go back and look for yourself.

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YAWN.. getting tired of GTA V rumors. I want solid proof or nothing!

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I hope this is true, I am ready for the next gen. It has been about 6 years since the 360's launch and it is time for the 720.

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*Sigh* Already commented on this in 2 similar stories.
I'm tired of people whining about this, just play with what you get and STFU.

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Ok, I'll use my last bubble since I was bubble raped after the whole "Tman Army Fiasco".

Yes, I realize that not everyone can get this. But have you played Battlefield before? There are so many weapons to choose from already, and while they differ they do not break the game in any way. Why would I care if some guy in europe has some sweet sniper rifle I cannot get, I can still get up there and knife his ass.

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