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Unless it doesn't take place on next gen systems, I don't care where it is.

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Lol, go to the link as described and click on the HL3 icon that the guy is currently playing and the page breaks and pieces start falling.

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Been thinking about getting a Vita again, this does not help it's case.

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All of this Diablo III hate made me want to play. I went to log in and.... servers down for maintenance. :(

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They do. I had my copies of COD2 and Kameo 3 days before the 360 launched. It was agonizing to stare at them. Also had Uncharted:GA a few days before the Vita launched.

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I'm not going to bother to comment on this....

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So is Assassin's Creed...

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I disagreed for the irony.

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The world has had 6 years to get a PS3. I have gone through a few of them and I am not rich by any means. I don't give an F about late adopters. It is way passed time for next gen. It's not like after the PS4 is released that people cannot still go out and buy a PS3 slim. I guarantee you that the price of the PS3 slim will drop even more when the PS4 comes out. Eventually PS3's will be $99 NIB.

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Yeah great idea. Lets focus on putting out another version of a 6 year old console instead of releasing our next gen console that people (me especially) are clamoring for.

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Not going to happen. It may come to PS3/360 but never to Vita.

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I really hope so, I'm ready today for next gen hardware.

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It has been almost 7 years since the launch of the Xbox 360. I was in line on November 22nd 2005 and got mine. I am tired of this gen, it is time for new hardware. Period. This gen is all about milk and greed. And now I can't comment anymore because some rabid fantards stole my bubbles. This is why I usually hang out in the forums and away from the front page madness.

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No. They both fell flat on their faces. Neither one announced a new console. It is passed time for the next gen to come out and they both failed. Nintendo has already won this E3 IMO. Nintendo has been terrible as of late and the Wii U will likely suck but at least they realize that it is time for new hardware.

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All I want from MS at E3 is a new console. I am tired of this gen and am ready to jump to next gen. It won't happen though and I'll trudge through yet another year of crappy sequels.

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Thanks a lot! Congrats to everyone else as well. N4G Rules!

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I still have my launch Gameboy... and the Tetris it came with.

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God of War: Ascension confirmed by Amazon. It is a prequel to the GOW series.

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Sold mine already. Boring system, no games and nothing coming out anytime soon to warrant keeping it. Gaming is a dying past time of mine. Next gen needs to come with shiny new graphics and huge, awesome games to renew my interest in gaming.

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Until you get robbed like I did.

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