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Actually you only get 2.2 GB to use as 1.8 GB is used for system info. I know this because a friend of mine bought the 4 GB model.

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I. Hate. Periods. After. Every. Word.

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That's pretty weak. My 134,000+ gamerscore is insulted by this. "Legend" at 25,000.... LMAO!

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Then I will have been enjoying my 720 since 2013.

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Wow, you guys are still fighting this war huh? Next gen is around the corner and you are still fighting over which console is better... sad.

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But my 360 controller doesn't have a "playstation" button. I guess I am screwed. :(

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I guess. I entered my preorder codes, installed the game and then played it for 3 hours when I got home with it after midnight. I got up about 11am and turned it on a bit later and it said that I got another golden key.

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I have 2 golden keys. Got one for pre-ordering and when I jumped on today I got another one for no apparent reason.

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Kind of in the same vein as the first trailer for the first one. Loved the first game. Can't wait for this one.

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What's next?
Hopefully the Xbox 720 and the PS4.

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Not me. I'm waiting for the 720 and the PS4. I had a Dreamcast before the PS2 launched and while it was fun for those 3 months it eventually never got played again. Buying a Wii U would be making the same mistake I did with the Dreamcast all over again.

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I stopped playing because it gets boring after a while. Get all the gear, a few guns, some food and then what? Hide in the woods and snipe zombies or the occasional noob running around?

I hope the retail version has missions or something.

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Direct answer to headline: YES. That is all.

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Thanks for more of your tears. Cry more?

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Cry More.

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Lol, that is what I spent the most time with in GTA IV. My cousin and I would meet up in a free play match and have competitions to see who could get thrown the farthest. So much fun.

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I don't know why this game got such high praises. I thought it was terrible.

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Day one for me.

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It can lead on PC but it needs to be on Xbox 720 and PS4. I want a huge map that takes real time hours to cross, driveable/flyable vehicles and NPC's that actually have a life of their own inside the game.

I'm just exhausted with the current generation and Wii U is likely not going to do it for me. I want the 720 and PS4 so bad.

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