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We dont need another movie, we have plenty thank you.

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We 360 owners dont get Killzone 2, Uncharted, God of war 3, Gran Turismo, Little Big Planet,Resistance 1 and 2 and ps3 owners dont get Mass effect 1 and 2, Left 4 Dead, Gears 1 and 2, Halo 3, Wars, Odst, Dead Rising 1 and 2?, Alan wake If it ever comes out. Just play what you can get or buy both systems. Oh yeah nintendo has a console also but they make shovelware crap and wii sports, it is fun, admit it!!!

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I've been waiting for the pitt since it was announced. Bethesda has had months to get it ready, WTF???? I'm just glad I did not download the corrupted version. Glad I get to avoid that headache. Please hurry, I need to kill with the auto-axe!!!!!

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ps3 finally gets a better multiplat!! Too bad its a lame @ss looking game, good for you ps3 owners, Im sure this game will sell 10's of copies. I'll be enjoying every other better looking multiplat on my 360!( yeah yeah Killzone 2 blah blah)

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The Wii version is far superior, it even looks better than killzone 2.

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I guess i never realized that. Hell yeah I love me so zombie killin. Dead rising was kick ass and left 4 dead is very fun, get it for PC at least if you dont want a 360. It is hard as hell on expert but can be beat. (1000/1000 GS for me by the way. GT: xX Nocturnus Xx )

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360 does have better games, Left 4 Dead,Gears, Mass Effect, Lost Odyssey, Project Gotham, Halo(?),. Plus your avatar is pimp, BRAAIIINSSS!!!!!

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The resident evil series has proven itself to be very badass, whereas killzone has not. The first one sucked and the second just has pretty graphics, whoopt de doo!

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Halo odst is a FPS that uses a grunt soldier as it's main character and has not yet been released. Halo Wars is the RTS you were thinking of.

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Yeah I own a 360( Go ahead and hate) Killzone 2 looks pretty sweet but I dont think its enough to persuade me to spend $400 on another gaming system. It just looks like any other FPS to me. I'll stick with Battlefield Bad Company and Left 4 Dead. (Both fun as hell online)

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Gears of Halo 7 is much better...

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Infamous is part Gears, Uncharted, GTA and Ass..
This game is part Ass, that's funny to me.

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Left 4 Dead is a great game, true it lacks enough maps to keep it going for the long haul, but the multiplayer is top notch. I've had this game since day one and am still playing it frequently. It really is a shame that PS3 owners will not get to play this gem of a game.

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Killzone 2 hasn't been released yet, correct? Yet people are saying that it is the best game ever. Why not wait and see if the game is really all that great before saying how awesome it is. People were saying that GTA 4 would be the greatest game of all time, unfortunately san andreas was much better. (Killzone 1 sucked BTW)

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Left 4 Dead... Need I say more?

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Metal gear series was cool on ps1 and NES. Game lost its flair for me on ps2. Splinter cell took the cake for me for stealth games. Oh I know that i dont own a ps3 just a 360, but the game of the year should have been Dash of Destruction on XBL Arcade. Killer graphics, over 100 hours of gameplay and was also a huge challenge to complete.
(I am glad that gears 2 didnt win, it was crap, Left 4 Dead is much cooler)

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The xbox 720 will not use blu ray, dvd, or hd dvd... It will use LASER DISCS. The machine will weigh 35 pounds, and run at 60 decibals. It will also include an 8 track input as well as 5 coax outputs. It will run using dot matrix graphics and have a 386 processor. It will rule... seriously.

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Guys the BEST zombie game ever was ZOMBIES ATE MY NEIGHBORS no other game can compare... JUST KIDDING Left 4 Dead will own

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Look people, this game is about surviving a fictional zombie apocolypse. I for one am a huge fan of Romero's movies and well almost any other zombie flick ( please exclude some of the horrible 'B' movies, those are bad) Anyway... You can play with your friends, kill zombies, and have fun at the same time, isn't that what video games are about anyway? Who cares if the game doesn't look like gears of war or call of duty it will still kick A$$. The demo was fun but too short. Cant wait til tuesd...

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yes it is my fifth 360. but i have never once paid to get it replaced. Microsoft had better make their next system more reliable or i may have to buy a ps4. I just dont like the current line up of ps3 exclusives, (resistance, mgs4, warhawk etc...) every good game that is on the ps3 is also on the 360. And the 360 has better exclusives (mass effect, gears, fable 2 etc...) I just like them more, sorry.

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