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Casey Jones

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Loved The Last of Us. I hope they port over a "Definitive Edition" to PS4.

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Great, now when is it coming to current gen systems?

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Lol, just get all systems and stop fighting the stupid "war".

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Just more entitled, crybaby kids whining about how the world owes them more and more. It's 6v6, deal with it.

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Merry Christmas N4G! May your shelf of games be filled to the max.

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Wow! You know what the guy that was first in line got at our launch event? He got his PS4... and that should be plenty.

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I'm certain it will release eventually to the current systems but why not on the same day as last gen systems?

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I do have an ok PC, I don't have my 360 or PS3 anymore. It just irritates me that devs cry about the limitations of consoles and when a new gen hits they still put games out for the old systems. Why? If people are not willing to upgrade then screw em.

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So what about PS4/XB1? Why are we getting the shaft here?
Hey new generation of consoles! Lets release games for the old, outdated crap. Meh.

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Lol, I'm so tempted to put a picture of a picture of a picture of an ebay user selling a picture of a man with a picture of an xbox one on my ebay account. I will mark it as a rare import since I am in the USA and the other sellers are in the UK.

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I went through 8 of them. 3 Red Ring, 1 video error, 2 e74, 2 faulty disc drives. Microsoft repaired 3 of them. I eventually got tired of sending it to them so I crafted a devious way of getting a new one.

I would buy a new one from walmart, take the working insides out and switch it with the broken one and then return it. The original design of the 360 was pure garbage. Ironically after I finally got the 360 slim I learned how to fix all those issues and bought broken ones,...

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You must be hungry. It's lunch time!

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Of course they do. In fact just after I played last night I went on a killing spree in my neighborhood. I then proceeded to use copius amounts of mind altering drugs then went and stole the goodyear blimp and went on a joyride.

My god, GTA V is awesome!

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Physical media ftw!

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Ok, how is that relevant to anything?

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How the hell is current gen able to handle this masterpiece?

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You heard it here first folks. $72 x 3 hours = $12918.

Math is no longer universal.

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I hope you scalpers end up like the Wii U scalpers did, with extra consoles they have to sell at a loss.

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Yeah, I only paid $40 for a 320gb (I think, it may be a 500gb) hdd.

Lol, that's how often I use my Wii U, I forgot how big my HDD is for it.

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