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I think like any game in a this kind of genre, it takes a while before you know or not if its clicks with you. Even after 8 hours you're sort of going off faith in the end game.

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I was playing on Master though. The line of sight on guards are very short. Cause I was crouching next to the drunk in that case. Just annoyed the hell out of me.

The city design could be a much more free.

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I don't think I said the game looks crappy. It does look good. And the tessellation is pretty good. But it just isn't optimized well. Its not a secret, its getting a overall mixed opinion at best.

I'm happy you like it. I don't ever try to try or care to sway anyone's thoughts.

Btw, my Basher name comes from my first gamertag on XBox that was randomly generated. I stuck with not knowing how well it fit haha. Biasbear is named after the bos...

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Haha. It has so much potential. A sequel would be great with all the assets and such built.

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I could've honestly did a top 30 on this one. The PC version does run like garbage for me. I saved that for the review I guess. I'm also told the dev team didn't have enough time to really polish it. I hear that so often now its not even a factor.

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I think Titanfall is perfect for you. It is a very accessible FPS that focuses more on action than skill. That isn't to say you are not skillful or it requires none to play. Titanfall is very cosmetically pleasing. When the action is on, IT ON. And when its not and you're looking for a pilot... Zzz. Overall a fun, good game.

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Sorry I've never been good at math. Blame the video games. I just wanted to point out their worth. And I don't have fun killing them because they are dumb. It is like pushing down the slow kid in school.

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Your opinions are yours and you're entitled to them. The only thing I'd say is that Microsoft and Respawn both sold this as the next big next gen title. In some ways it is, and in others its not. I feel overall, it isn't. And it doesn't have to be.

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I play Dota2 way more than I'd like to admit. And I think the creeps there have more thought behind them. They win games on regular basis and some heroes greatly affect their performance.

In Titanfall, I feel their effect is much less than that. If I am going to play with AI, let them truly turn the tide more often. My thoughts anyway.

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Ha, for better and for worse.

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Of course not. But keep it fresh. This is a misstep as we await Rocksteady to do a proper title.

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Thats what we said, haha. Its not terrible but this is how it usually starts.

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Don't take us seriously and you'll be good.

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When he put it that way, it somehow made sense to me. He believes it would have to be the gameplay mechanics that make it art. I can agree with that. but who cares as long as its fun, right?

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I say we get this square drawing business going.

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As I said, he sent me the Skype message and I really didn't believe the news of his termination. Publsihers/ developers think they have us by the balls.

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