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A gameplay reason why next-gen is a radical shift up from the current tech. Totally agree.

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...Portal? You serious?

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Thank you. At least you realize it isn't serious.

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To everyone believing I'm 100% serious, I love you very much.

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Thanks. We had some horrible audio issues this time around that are (unfortunately) incredibly distracting...Will definitely be better next weekend. Changing up the formula, too, to keep things interesting.

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If the lock-on feature would have altered my stated opinions significantly, I would have been more clear about it from the start. Regardless, I completely understand where you're coming from. Apologies.

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I...yeah. Actually, I'm getting sick of writing negative previews, and even any sort of opinion piece complaining overall. This industry has enough negativity without me encouraging more. Time to get positive.

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My mistake. I was having early issues with it, quit using the thing, and forgot it even existed. Blurb has been removed, though it doesn't impact my main points. Regardless, thank you for the clarification.

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I have few better gaming memories throughout this generation than stuffing hour after hour into my time with Borderlands. Then midterms came up in my first year in college, I couldn't game for a few weeks, and suddenly I had no drive to return. Damn shame, and points well spoken in your piece.

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A beautiful answer so unlike a typical Internet comment. Much appreciated, my friend. Thanks for reading.

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This was the nicest, most level-minded batch of N4G comments I've ever received. Thank you dearly!

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More like Worst Disappointments than Worst Games, but a good list nonetheless.

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I have never owned a 360. Sorry.

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1) Super happy if you loved the demo and/or are incredibly excited for the game. I want people to be happy and have fun, and my impressions are not law.

2) Why is a disappointed opinion with justification considered trolling? I didn't unfairly judge the game, and gave it leniency for being nothing more than a demo.

3) Many seem to latch onto the fact that I died early on by not taking advantage of the battle system...Why? I w...

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Nintendo has enough hardcore fans that will automatically buy the system just to, well, buy the system. It's after this initial hype period is over that things will get especially interesting.

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Hello friends. Let's stay happy on Thanksgiving, eh?

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Apparently everyone glossed over the sarcasm in the opening article. My apologies.

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Okami is a port of a port. I did not consider it for a reason.

Correct, I was speaking of Fez. In my eyes, a timed exclusive is still an exclusive if the other version has no announced release date.

Yes, I realize now that Velocity was an oversight. Apologies. Given this information, the two systems now have the same number of original releases. However, the downloadable, indie, and exclusive numbers still apply.

As for the Pinball comment, ...

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I prefer your opinion.

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The absence of experience points is astonishing...changes everything.

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