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i think the forums do not have enough kingvulcan. #10
i love this game, ps3 fanboys do not know what they are missing. #2
i'm not surprised
no i am not, i mean just look at the ps3 it has a really high price and a terrible attach rate. #133
too bad nobody buys them, hahhahaha just look at the sales of infamious. #58.1
oh crap this guy posted a list that means he won the argument! #50.1
stop twisting my words! #5
well then i guess that also applies to mgs4 and resistance 2 #4.1
idk about that but you can record matches #2.2
man my penis has better graphics and gameplay than this turd #2
there is also gonna be a halo 5 and a final fantasy 15 #11
I'm 12 years old and what is this? #12
i don't need paper brah i'll just put my finger inside of you and i'll twist it left and right 'til there is no crap. #7
can i wipe your ass brah? #3
the economy is crap, the average Joe will rather buy dvds.

we all know the average Joe is the main consumer of entertainment #9
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