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"Make the past worth reminiscing in the future."


... in the 80s. Then we're back to cardboard. #2.1
I know right? What about them LoL players? #1.1
Because I have don't have much money, I need to plan what I will buy. I'm sticking with my PS3 for a while since it has a lot of games I haven't played yet. #5
You are going to get it since you preordered it.

Walmart #4.1
Best Girl Onodera! #1.1
Yay! :) #2
I saw IGN post it in Facebook. Thought they were having a slow news day. #8
At least he got one. #3.1.1
There are people who hate Pacific Rim? #7.2
You somehow complimented the power of current gen consoles. #4.5
Sleeping Dogs wasn't even released yet in 2008, not knowing it's direction. GTA IV was revealed 2006, when Saint's Row was just released. #8.1.1
Not even as a different title? #2.1
@auddigity I doubt Rockstar will port it to PS4. Like they said: "The best games are the ones that are near the end of a consoles lifetime." #2.1.2
Metal Gear Solid has great stealth. #1.1.1
For PC maybe, you can tell it's for PS3 and 360. (Flat textures.)

If they somehow make it look better, then it better be on PC/or PS4 #3.1
I just owned an XL. Can you tell me about this flash cards? #2.1
That's what made San Andreas fun. #3.1
That post was deleted hours ago. I think he got in trouble. #2
I remember they said it was Jonah Hill. #2
You just can't get over an illness. #4.2
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