I tell it like it is and people hate it when they are exposed as hypocrites
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F**K Mobile games. hows that for respect?

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its the truth

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listen the Japanese prices are inflated they pay more for games than we american do. if this comes to america it will NOT be 450$.

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never heard of them

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Platnium puts out shit the same way ninja theory does. i find it that they are the two most overrated devs this gen. i would have rather Metal Gear Solid: Rising was put on hold till next gen so kojima productions would have had the capable hardware to make their vision come to life instead of letting platinum turn it into that revengeance crap. take it how you want i honestly don't care i speak my mind on how i feel and i'm not going to follow the trend of giving developers praise ...

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to be honest i'm honestly just really burnt out from playing as snake all the time. i just want to play a "Actual" Kojima Productions made Metal Gear game with a different protagonist or antagonist. i was so excited to see kojima's team was making MGS Rising. it was like a nice breath of fresh air to the series. i was highly disappointed when they handed it over to that overrated crap developer platnium games. i commend shinji for starting his own company instead of staying ...

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who the hell cares i swear if it wasn't for dead space or the obscure games they have published like shadows of the damned i wouldn't even be buying any EA games.

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yes i did and game sucks, it was boring, short, and repetitive. platinum games is way overrated.

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no, back of the box says prepare to die and it thats what it means. if you wanna be a lame and not learn the game thats your prerogative. its already confirmed that there will be a successor to dark souls so screw you and the casuals.

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instead change that horrible ass name.

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no it doesn't need a easy mode. if you can't learn to play the game then go buy something only noobs play. people have become so lazy they want everything handed to them.

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Rare isn't rare anymore so forget about it. even if nintendo were to get rare back it wouldn't be the same.

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Point Lookout & Undead Nightmare are examples of the type of DLC model every dev should follow by. sizable content worth the money.

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im sure they could negotiate something because lets be honest those franchises are worth as much as they once were. but then again maybe your right.

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sony if i were you i'd try to buy out the spyro and crash IP's from activision through vivendi. best do it now since vivendi is trying to sell blizzard/Activision off.

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MediEvil 1 & 2 are amazing, but MediEvil resurrection was ass. that stupid narrator ruined the game for me. it was so annoying hearing his voice.

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sony if i were you i'd try to buy out the spyro and crash IP's from activision through vivendi. best do it now since vivendi is trying to sell blizzard Activision off.

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guess you had video game boy crushes huh?

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i didn't say they weren't jackass, how about i say it in words you could possibly understand. i basically said don't assume that everyone is experiencing the same problems as other people when they aren't. i've seen plenty of people on here besides me that have played the said games with no issues at all. am i saying its good that bethesda has been lazy developing those games on the ps3. No im not, so get your panties out a twist.

EDIT @waltyftm thank you...

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