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Who called the mailman?

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I love you Microsoft.... This news just have made my day... I can't stop laughing ;)

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Oh my god this is the most stupid thing I see for a long time!!! Jesus Christ this is an insult to our intelligence!!!!!!

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The Amiga version was much better.. If I'm not mistaken 7 parallax scrolling simultaniously and better resolution... Those were the days ;)

Edit: and the music oh that music...

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Exactly. I was thinking the same...

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How can this in the article "The author also mentioned that the game does not suffer from noticeable frame rate drops" turn into this in the title "The Witcher 3 PS4 Currently Suffers From Slight FPS Drops"

Jesus what a garbage...

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Foxtrot you don't make any sense...

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How can that be? Uncharted 4 is in development for at least 3 years...

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Nonsense article..

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Bu...buuutt this is PC in ultra... how is it possible Infamous SS looks so much better?

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Man side by side there`s not even debatable. Driveclub current gen vibes (great lightning, textures, car detail, environments... Project Cars just falls behind on everything..

Graphically of course.. i expect Project Cars to have much better physics than Driveclub.

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That`s cloud computing right there...

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Just one word: FUD

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The secret is not losing focus.. A console should always be game centric in is core.. All the other stuff is welcomed added value build around it.

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They increased the clock speed on CPU not GPU... this is embarrassing..

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Xbox One Plus in two years confirmed..

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This article is quite retarded...

*shake my head in disbelief*

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"But we did it way cooler than the Romans"

Yeah man it was way to cool to kill them all in the arena.. That's the spirit!

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KONAAs I like your nickname..

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