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Yeah got to agree.

I seem to remember a similar situation with bioshock as an box exclusive over a ps3 and people saying it was never coming to Sony.

Just me drawing lines but you never know maybe years down the line. #1.1.3
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That's what my friend does, not that extreme but when the new generation of consoles are released he then buys last gen with a massive back catelog of games #1
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I don't think this will be a common thing I feel nintendo are just trying something out, i doubt microtransactions will be a main driving force in mario games etc.

Only time will tell i guess. #1
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Good point, we never had 1080p back in the day but that didn't stop us from enjoying good games.

However with that said its now 2014 and I think gamers should expect good quality throughout the medium so better res and fps along with great gameplay.

Unfortunately for MS, Sony has all aspects down and offering that experience at a cheaper price. #2
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This is what happens with updates there is always something that one patch will fix but then it will create another issue.

Happened with the ps3 now and again. #2
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The final build is better...but but but its already so pretty that my eyeballs melted from that trailer with gameplay!

I am very excited for this game. #2
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right those 3 games would do nothing to stimulate the xbox one sales or at least in a notable way.

Turok, Robocop and a judge dred reboot?

How about orginal new ip's that are more diverse than just point and shoot?

If we are going for reboots what about loving reboots of rare ip's? e.g a proper banjo reboot or perfect dark? #1
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as much as I love the original the graphics and over head control are very clunky and haven't stood the test of time like 8 and 9.

I would very much welcome a remake...but with square the subject of an ff 7 remake is april fools day everyday. #11
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My take on the game is it was never really about the relationship itself.

I have played this game more than any other ff it is my favourite for my own reasons of course.

I feel that it's more about the character development of squall, he was very closed in at the start due to feeling lonely that his 'sis' left. Felt like he couldn't trust anyone. Rinoa I believe is used as a catalyst for him being more open about himself and letting his friend... #1.2
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I can't help feeling that Sam & Max should have been on this list. #1
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its a matter of opinion especially with FF games.

I love 9 its a very special rpg and 8 is regarded even higher on my list, that doesnt mean yours is wrong either.

The idea of an rpg is that we all experience it differently unlike say a shooter where everyone has more or less the same experience. #1.1.1
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I always get concerned when I here the word full power so early but I assume it's just PR talk to entice more people. #1.2
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One of the hardest games on the n64 but so addictive. Just picking up the wee guys and throwing them around gave me endless fun as a kid. #2.1
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No no no you don't evem know what his job is yet you bash him at every oppertunity.

You do realise big comapnies go to him on fincial advice and stock investment and that he comments on game stuff because alot of his investors are in the gaming business.

He even states he guesses, these guesses are just for fun based on previous trends and in no way affects anything he does or tells anyone to do. Anyone can guess but since he is w... #1.1.13
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Odin Sphere 2? #15
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less mobile please Square :) #1
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Kh 1.5 and 2.5 will tide me over.

2.5 will come out before kh3 so when 2.5 is released my money is on a secret trailer for kh 3 and a release date if we are lucky. But that's me thinking the world is just a straight forward place ha. #15
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I played the original and the Psp version two. They are really gems that are under rated #1.2.1
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@vishmarx I said a release date, not it being released this year

HD remasters do count as it allows people to relive past experiences and allow younger players to maybe get to experience it.

FF10 HD isn't out til march and 2.5HD KH hasn't even got a release date yet.

KH has FF characters and interwoven plot lines with them so in my eyes it is very much part of the ff tree. #1.1.3
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yeah but it is coming out on the ps4 which is what i am meaning. didnt make it clear sorry :) #1.1.2
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