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This is old, my silver packed up because the battery bit died.

For some reason though my red is still plugging away :D I think it will be a dark day when my very first pokemon game dies and with it *Sniff* my pokemon.

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$99 is good but pay as you go shows money grabbing antic, so says exactly the same about microsoft as it always has been and that is:

1. they are a comapny and want to make money
2. they know how to make something look good to get people to buy it.

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I was surprised to see the psp sales and then I saw basically everything went up.

Good news :)

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I was away to say its only may but thats month 5! christ this year has gone by so quickly.

Ps3 is closing the gap a bit and nintendo definatly need that wiiU for a little sales boost even though the 3DS is whooping ass

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Nintendo Power Glove MARK 2!

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Not really its very annoying when a company thinks it can dodge out on payments, I have no quells agaisnt microsoft but what they did was unreasonable.

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Finally there is justice, I can't understand why microsoft thought it was above the law.

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I do have a ps2, I still play Ps2 from time to time games but everyone plays multiplayer using LAN now on the ps3 and 360. Very rare you will get a friend say hey you want to come round to mine and we can play splitscreen game?

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Looks intresting and we all need a new IP in this world but I am not excited until I seem more details I think.

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Cool numbers would like to see the end of the month sales though.

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I miss sitting next to my friends playing a two-four player game.

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Sick to death with all the *insert number* people we would like to see in all-star battle royal.

Hopefully E3 will shed some light so these article will be finshed though even when the roster is shown we will get articles like *insert number* people that SHOULD have been in all-star battle royal.

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It's good for the consumer, its such a big thing and the big 3 are well aware a lot of eyes will be on them, if they can "win" then they have won a lot of people over.

Yes i find it stupid that people argue over it but it makes the big 3 fight and release some big guns.

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Is that going to be multi-plat?

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It better not be!

Miss the old times where you brought a mate round to play co-op and multiplayer stuff now its all done over LANS etc

I guess am just resisting change.

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Every game should be considered the main story.

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Any KH news gets me so insanly excited haha :L


EDIT* Also Nomura said KH3D is directly linked to KH 3 so I am very very excited!

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I hate things like this. Lets highlight that its a woman composing the music.
Or things like 5 FEMALE game designers.

Who cares about gender yes I understand its seen still as quite a male role but thats changing and I for one can't wait for the day these kind of things stop.

Also they are really good composers :)

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They were right about the 3DS, but no one suspected nintendo would drop the price.

I have no doubt in my mind though that the 3DS would sell but you have to admit it was slow out the blocks.

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I actually think they may be right for once.

The little kids that grew up having a wii will be wanting more hardcore and will look to microsoft and sony.

The wii U will be more hardcore but come on people see the word wii and it will be forever associated with casual plus the extra screen i think people will think what a waste of money.

I could be wrong but meh I don't care am picking one up purely cause I like a variety.

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