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Yeah I think it was too. A lot of the game mechanics had already been established and I doubt him as a new director would change it up a lot. Good to hear they are openly speaking about this game now though. The days where it used to be months on months with no information are over now :) #1.1.1
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At least they want to improve instead of givung up but let's be honest here it seems fruitless. Ms threw so much japanese central games to the 360 and got squat in return. I probably wouldn't waste my time there and just make it easy to import the xbox to consumers who really wanted it.

But I guess this is why I don't run huge businesses cause that's probably a stupid move. #1
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1. Ps4
2. Nes (simple yet functional)
3. Game cube
4. Xbox 360
5. Sega Mega Drive

That's my list anyway.
My top 5 "hated" original (bear controller)
3.wii for non motion
4.dreamcast. (love love love the console)
5.atari jaguar

That ones in no order and it doesn't mean I don't like the console. #1.1.1
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It's really easy to follow of you have played all the games. You don't need to do extra reading (like ff 13), it's not overly convoluted like mgs series and they haven't tried to be clever and make non connecting games connect like zelda series. #2.1
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Kinda off topic but within the same scope of conversation:

I think Seymour's hair is the weirdest in any ff

Also Irvine in ff8 the most normal for a 0 layabout character (for a guy) though I wonder what steiner holds under his metal helmet?

I am only talking about the 3d final fantasy.

Back on topic: all these hairstyles I feel match there designs and characters. As for top 5ing them I couldn't comment. #1
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All kingdom heart is one touch but like you said it's strategy. I would love to see someone beat sepiroth with just the attack button :) #1.2
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I am at the stage where I can continue to wait I mean 8 years of waiting another can't hurt. I will have kh 2.5 and type 0 to keep me going then hopefully 15. It's definitely not worth the 8 year wait (no game is) but the game looks like it will be epic all the same. #1
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It's a great sound track props to yoko for her work on it. I just hope they release it in the u.k as well. #1
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We don't know for sure but his "squad" seems guy oriented but there might be characters that come and go.

As long as I connect with the characters (unlike 12 & 13 then I don't mind.

The author is okay with it but I don't care either way as long as it an engaging story. #1
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Good these nations get to play a new gen console finally. #1
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Great news, I haven't bought destiny as it's not my kind of game but that boost in numbers is great news for Sony after heavy advertisement. #1
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You need to move on with the times. There are still airships and classic themes final fantasy has never stuck to one style and one battle system. #1.7
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This is the year of Kingdom hearts 2.5 as they said they wouldn't announce anything new for 3 and focus on 2.5 #9.1
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I wouldn't mind aberdeen sounds weird I k ow but it's small for a city and there's a big divide between rich and poor because of the oil plus it has a harbour, heliport etc #3
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Don't quote me on it but u am sure one of the developers said this year is the year of Kingdom hearts 2.5 which is why nothing was to show for 3 #2.2
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I am not buying one until more software comes to it. I missed out on the wii but will pick up a u solely for Nintendo games, they are still of top quality.

I feel Nintendo will be doomed to this fate though of the majority of people buying only for Nintendo meaning they don't have a huge install base. #1
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If we are putting ff2 I would love to put in Skies of Arcadia and I know people will shout it's not underrated but the people who say that are lovers of the genre among a larger audience it's near unknown I think.

Also hogs of war

And mischief makers purely cause it's so bloody hard. #1
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It's not that easy, it's seen as a casual machine, almost like a entry level console. The hardcore Nintendo people will state they have games like zelda, bayonetta, zombie u and am sure a slew of a other games but the fact is its not enough. Nintendo need to invest in new ips that are hardcore.

Plus the stigma that it's underpowered rrings true, I mean why make a beautiful game for x1 and ps4 to have it down ported.

Nothing wrong with their game... #2
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To me horror games are about the suspense and being helpless thats why the silent hill p.t was so great, you couldn't do anything but keep going, its why i love five nights with freddy, its all mental, making you scared and jumpy.

The more you add weapons the more it becomes more action, I had many frights in the last of us (hopefully not a spoiler) but turning that generator on in the hotel and hearing the scream of an infected, yeah that ended me.

Games... #1
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Purely for my age when playing it my top ten is:

1. Banjo Kazooie
2. Pokemon Snap
3. Mystical Ninja
4. Conkers bad fur day
5. mario 64
6. Mischeif Maker
7. paper mario
8. Goldeneye
9. mario kart
10. pokemon stadium #4
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