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"A computer scientist and Athlete. My last name is Lyon"


it's true in some respects but when one person says it over another its usually based on whats in the box rather than saying oh ps4 is more powerful for graphics or xbox is more powerful for texture. I don't think I have heard a person argue whats more powerful like that.

Then again I don't usual get into those kind of "debates" with people. #1.1
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While I do like betas I miss my demos. I loved buying playstation mag and getting to play like 5 demos o still have the tomba demo :)

I can't wait to buy type 0 just to play ff 15. There's just something awesome about demos. #3
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Sony is being humble. There playstation experience is showing that they still care. Just cause xbox are running their mouths every day about how amazing they are going to be doesn't mean sony does,they are saving news for playstation experience.

They are doing all they can with the resources they have, they aren't in a strong position as they were when the original playstation and ps2 were announced.

Of course this is humble opinion #1
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Not a clue why I laughed at that but I did so bubble for being funny haha.

I was in both camps
n64 : pokemon snap, goldeneye, banjo, conkers, super smash, Mario kart, mystical ninja, mischief makers and Mario 64

Ps1: metal gear, all the ff's, hogs of war, guilty gear, ddragonball fighting game, tomb a, Croc legend of the gobo. #2.1
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I am actually very excited for this game, I played 1 to death and made some awesome Kingdom hearts inspired levels if I do say so myself.

I played 2 but never completed it as it just felt like an add on rather than a full blown sequal but 3 with the ps4's share feature is a match made in heaven. #1.1
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Japanese composition music for games I find much better than any other country for composing original scores. #1
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I am thoroughly excited for this game, with such little information :) #1
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Good numbers for ps4.
Sunset selling well, will be interesting to see mcc numbers :)

November is usually a bit slower on Christmas build up. #1
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Clearly someone didn't spend a long time following the story or playing past the opening scene of that's what you think of the characters. #7.1
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9 is my second favourite, very nostalgic.

It wasn't even going to get a roman numeral at first as they didn't want to deviate the direction the newer ff's were going in.

I love how abilities are learnt in it and the story reminds me so much of older ff's. #1.3.1
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stock up on ultimas from the island closes to hell on your attack, beat laguna in a card game and convert his card to 100 hero drinks and you have a recipe to beat any boss in the game. #1.2.2
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Wow if thats true this will be a RAREity ;)

We RAREly see proper games from this studio now.

I am not overly excited by rare games now, this is due mostly to the orginal team have all but left now. Who knows though, I would like to be suprised. #2
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It is my favourite final fantasy, yes the junction system was flawed but I found the story paced well, and the lead (Squall) developed perfecly over the intricate plot.

I would love a remake, to play out the train squence in hd or when going through sorceres edea's parade or actually going through ultimecias castle in HD would be fantastic.

I can't sing this game enough praise and I am actually on my 7th play through now.

Any scenes o... #1
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Tetsuya said before he handed over the reins that you will be allowed to fly it. #11.1
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Totally messed up. I read it as master chef and wondered why I was getting questions wrong. #1
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Mobile phone I reckon. #1
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I think gta v finally stole it's crown if I am honest.

A lot of this list seems to coming from rose tinted glasses, take the nostalgia away and you find rockstar really out done themselves on v though sa is a masterpiece #2
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Omega Ruby and now Majoras Mask along with smash bros that I got!

My wallet hurts.

I really want to play majora* I remember playing a lot out of ocarina on my n64 (which is still plugged in with mystical ninja in it ;) ) but I never got to play majora apart from that time at my friends house so I am so buzzing to finally own it when it comes out. #1
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I think in terms of popularity he wins. My fav was barret though, he was badass and I hated Cait Sith.

For me my favourite ff all time is Squall but thats influenced on it being my first completion of an FF and I loved his character progression throughout the game and how he changes. Though my favourite scene still is seifer at the end of ff8 fishing with his friends like nothing had ever gone wrong...such a good feeling.

Other note worthy characters for me are... #1.2
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I hope its well before that.

I am buzzing to play the demo for it "after" playing agito.
I love that marketing ploy to buy another game can't remember the last time it was done this big apart from crackdown to play halo. #1.1
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