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Wow 20 years! that's crazy, well done to Sony for creating great pieces of hardware and supporting them for years.

I remember when the playstation came out, I was only 2 haha but I was told while back that the playstation was so popular in the u.k that night clubs had them installed. #1
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If there is one game that's done it right this gen it's bayonetta 2, all unlock able are not behind a pay wall they are just there with the game to unlock, plus giving the first bayonetta with it.

I just wish this was the standard rather than the exception. #1
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I agree the story is a bit messy, if you play all the games and follow it closy it makes sense apart from Xeonort suddenly being able to go backwards in time and get all the xeonorts together that's a bit stupid and lazy writing. #4.1
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I don't think you realise how hard both ni no kuni and kh is.

Kids can play it but they will have a hard time following the story and progressing through certain things. #2.5.1
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I smell a troll haha
It's a fantastic game, complex story, great characters, a bit of nostalgia, fantastic battle system.

I am 22 I was 11 when the first game came out. I have been waiting for the end of the series for so long.

I was at home living with my parents and starting secondary school (In Scotland)

Now I have a long term girlfriend, a house and a job.

Time flies when you wait. #2.1
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It's cheaper to do so that's all they are saving money cause that's what they are like.

Kyle Bosman on gametrailers put it very well you should watch his latest episode on the final Bosman #1
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Yes, it was dead on arrival. There could have been potential and there is but not in games, other world applications e.g in surgeries yes. #1
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Why can't they just be honest instead of all this bull.

Kyle Bosman hit the nail on the head. It's cheaper and quicker to have it at 900. #1
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This does make me slightly jealous of x1 owners. I don't know too much about this game but am i right saying it's going to be connected with a TV series?

I wonder how that will work of I heard right. Anyway enjoy it guys looks good and with sunset you guys are set already :) #2
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Um this isn't new what so ever. People working on the game have stated many time that this is the year of Kingdom hearts 2.5 and they don't want the spot light off it.

Hopefully with it being developed in unreal engine 4 I can maybe see it being released 2016 (early) my reasoning is I don't think square want any competition (epically from its self) for final fantasy 15 coming out. #1
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Oh yay now if I play I have to feel like I am there watching Hope being a little B**ch.

I think I will pass on this one...even though it probably wont be released. #1
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I loved loved loved the music in final fantasy 8 and I rank it very highly in my top sound tracks in gaming.

Breezy, blue fields, find your way,Fithos Lusec Wecos Vinosec

all stellar tunes, thje irish jig is a great piece as you assemble it yourself and I enjoy selfie rocking that flute and Zell breaking out in tap haha. #1
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Not a fan of slides or one on each page so barely read them.

No mystical ninja though which is an over sight, that's a really fun but weird game.

I am glad mischief makers is there. #1
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He wasn't tough if you had the card ability equipped and transformed the laguna card into 99 hero drinks. Kinda ruined the game for me after that. All the bosses couldn't stop me for was invincible mwhahahahaha #4.3.1
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Yeah I think it was too. A lot of the game mechanics had already been established and I doubt him as a new director would change it up a lot. Good to hear they are openly speaking about this game now though. The days where it used to be months on months with no information are over now :) #1.1.1
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At least they want to improve instead of givung up but let's be honest here it seems fruitless. Ms threw so much japanese central games to the 360 and got squat in return. I probably wouldn't waste my time there and just make it easy to import the xbox to consumers who really wanted it.

But I guess this is why I don't run huge businesses cause that's probably a stupid move. #1
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1. Ps4
2. Nes (simple yet functional)
3. Game cube
4. Xbox 360
5. Sega Mega Drive

That's my list anyway.
My top 5 "hated" original (bear controller)
3.wii for non motion
4.dreamcast. (love love love the console)
5.atari jaguar

That ones in no order and it doesn't mean I don't like the console. #1.1.1
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It's really easy to follow of you have played all the games. You don't need to do extra reading (like ff 13), it's not overly convoluted like mgs series and they haven't tried to be clever and make non connecting games connect like zelda series. #2.1
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Kinda off topic but within the same scope of conversation:

I think Seymour's hair is the weirdest in any ff

Also Irvine in ff8 the most normal for a 0 layabout character (for a guy) though I wonder what steiner holds under his metal helmet?

I am only talking about the 3d final fantasy.

Back on topic: all these hairstyles I feel match there designs and characters. As for top 5ing them I couldn't comment. #1
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All kingdom heart is one touch but like you said it's strategy. I would love to see someone beat sepiroth with just the attack button :) #1.2
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