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Streaming on major websites starts at 11pm UK time if anyone needed to know.

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I am fine with paying of upwards of 300 quid and maybe at a push 350

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PSIV I think the roman numerals would like smart

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Wii U is killing 8th gen haha

Good to see ps3 having over 50% market share do far this year.

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Believe it or not that despite their rivalry they do help one another.

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Gametrailers timeline is better at explaining.

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Standard numbers for the US. Slumping year on year. Some new hardware please.

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Ps4 is shown the internet excplodes with negativity no matter how awesome it is.

Sony doesnt show it the internet explodes from trolling.

There a funny video on gametrailers called the do's and don'ts and the guy says keep your big surprise for last and he said that the trailer for Phantom pain isn't MGS5 it is actually the last gaurdian...HEads explode etc. But yeah if they have a huge bomb to drop that would be awesome.

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I think people will think they will get better because it is human nature to wanting the best out of something.

Plus they have talented people just poor choices mainly through their upper staff e.g wada and other big wigs like directors. There base staff are very talented at what they do and don't deserve to be laid of through other people's faults.

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Golden sun is the best. Discussion over.

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One ending one play through game done 13 saga finished get on with versus and everyone is happy.

I ain't bashing the trilogy I really enjoyed 13-2 but I wasn't asked for by western fans at least.

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They did waste it because they are stuck in a classic Japanese idology just like polyphony digital were it has to be perfect. That isn't a bad thing it's just they show things to early.

The risks SE took with 7 had long lasting affects which paid off but fans are starting to get tired. I am still holding out for a spark of true SE again in the form of kh and versus.

Wads really needs to get the bull under control and listen to fans e.g localizations of t...

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Things since sony are showing first they have a 3 month window between that and most likely microsofts reveal for the lime light and attention all the while they can keep tweaking it is a clever tactic

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Agreed they have done everything really well for a while now.

Besides slow and steady does win the race look at the wii it shot out the blocks but you can't sprint a marathon and nintendo suffered for it.

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I would have said no half a year ago but now with alll this hype its hard not to be swept up in it and now here I am waiting excitedly for the reveal of the ps4 and you can bet I will be pre ordering the second I get a chance too!

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Well done to Sony and the Austrlians for picking a good console

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They are turning into DFS, sale here sale there

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Well done Microsoft and everyone this gen, first time everyone has soared passed 70 million consoles.

And people say gamings dying :D

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3 I have learnt:

It's a game it's meant for entertainment so relax and don't get frustrated

Persevere and never give up

If you die in real life just like a game you can just respawn at the last check point.

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As long as it has BC for ps2 and 3 aswell as killer games I am happy, I don't play much online but if they make good use of Gaikai that is also a boost.

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