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Would quite like to see official 2012 numbers for all the companies now :) #3
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I assume SE will bring it over here but if not I will import. This should be the last release next to 2.5 before kh 3 it's been such a long wait and everytime dearly beloved comes
On my iPod I get the urge to play kingdom hearts. I really want 3 #2
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This is an obvious troll site. #2
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Depends how people view the situation, am on placement ATM so I can afford to buy brand new games but last year at uni I was struggling and when I needed a game I had to buy it second hand.

We have seen with big releases that a lot of people will buy a game brand new but for some games buying it second hand and cheaper is a better alternative when you are unsure about it.

Sony shouldn't go through with it but I think there emphasis is on Gaikai and gettin... #1
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I think this is the first time I have said ti but I NEED this games not want but need. Square this, versus and 10 HD in 2013 and I will fall back in love with you OH and a sniff of kh 3 would be nice. OH OH and chrono cross announcement (A) #3
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I agree I hated 12 mmorpg style of fighting and the gambit system made unjoyable. #10.1
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When versus is released let me know. If anyone needs me I will be playing 7 to 10 AGAIN #8
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My predictions are a lower price point ps3, usa finally getting what we in europe have which is the 12gb flash ps3.

Tetsuya final gives a long awaited new trailer for versus/release date for ps3 and concept art for kh 3

Sony finally reveal ps4 details and square shows kh3 screenshots for the ps4.

Psvita gets many killer games which will finally get it going

Last guardian finally show its face and agent turns multiplatform but... #4
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Don't get why there's a picture of Hope. #1
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Versus: Very elusive rpg square undeniably scrapped. #3
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It is incredible the number of exclusives Sony's ps3 has in 2013, I really hope a lot of ps3 owners pick up the games cause they all look like the deserve some recognition. #14
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Actually my first ff 6 and my favorite was 8 purely cause I have good memories while playing it and the score and story was amazing.

To make such an assumption about my like for a game series purely because my statement is silly. Everything you do in an rpg/jrpg contributes but ff side quests are about gaining an inside on the universe and the people in it while the leveling is just a nice perk it never has been a requirement for growth within the game. I have played and beat... #1.3.2
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Not really side quests if it is tied to your growth usually side quests are for those who want to expand the universe like in 10 where you got extra info about Spira or 8 where you learned about a character a bit more.

I usually find side quests rewarding as well. #1
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I put mine in the oven its a bit slower but much more effective, people can be so dumb sometimes /s #7
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Those were the ones who defined me as an rpg gamers. Everything from each musical piece to the plot line and well developed characters bring a strong sense of nostalgia :)

Everytime I relax I listen to breezy from ff8 everytime I want a true gaming experience I play 7-10. This was the peak of ff's and no wonder new iterations struggle with standards like that. #4
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To understand the game fully then all games are necessary therefore CoM is the sequel to kingdom hearts. #4.3
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Also just noticed her outfit has changed in one of the battles, don't know if they picked up on it or its just my bad eyesight but that has a hint of 10-2 about it though am assuming you can just change her outfit which would be cool cause I remember in 8 when you got your seed uniform and I never wanted to take it off but you had to to progress through the game :( #11
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it looks alright and 13-2 was good but the damage is already done and I really would prefer SE to start really knuckling down with versus and 10 hd aswell as getting KH 3 a teaser trailer or just a hint that it is in production.

EDIT* Also the doomsday clock reminds me of Majoras Mask a little bit #2
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witht he rght games and developers behind it I should think so, back in the day nintendo hard was a serious challenge now if nintendo hard was used it would be seen as an easy task.

Sony is now seen has hardcore and nintendo overly family friendly but perceptions can change with the right tools. #1
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It is hard to compete with developers like naughty dog who have had years of experience in the industry I have every faith in SE and Edios that they will make a brilliant game but it just wont be as good as Uncharted. #3
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