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I hope it's not I paid for the limited edition of both 1.5 and 2.5 and I would not be happy if se mugged me off by giving another game with the collection.

My wish is to have kh 3d bundled with kh 3 as a thanks for waiting gift. #1.1.2
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@neonridr the reason why you would get disagrees with the earth being round is because it's an oblong spheroid. #1.1.9
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If they are going to make a last of us 2 I would rather it not be with joel and ellie as I am glad what they did and how those character developed.

Maybe in the u.k as a setting would be a cool idea with a new protagonist but that's just me spit balling, the matter on a sequel is heavily divided. #1.1.1
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@MinaBossT so kh 1.5 has the first game Kingdom hearts 1 and chain of memories which was the GBA game released after kingdom hearts 1, though you are getting the 3d version that was released in japan on the ps2 but in HD.
Finally you get 358/2 as a movie to watch.

Kingdom Hearts 2.5 has kingdom hearts 2 and birth by sleep as well as re:coded as a movie.

Kingdom hearts 2.5 collectors edition has all the games mentioned above.

I hope t... #1.1.2
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The remakes are excellent, the remixed sound tracks are great. My only gripe is dream drop distance isn't there and I fear squareenix might make it a standalone game. I hope they include it with kh 3 #1.1
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They get the business from mum's buying their 11 year old 18+ games.

The one in Aberdeen is either filled with kids from posh school kids or mum's, that's all. I don't how we have 2 game stores. #1.1.1
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I am glad there is an article explaining these aren't hacks, they can't really be blocked and I hate how the media generalises it to hacks, pretty sure the bbc said they were hacks. This just builds up pointless noterity when they are basically just flooding servers.

I am not a huge online gamer, I am stuck in my ways of purely single player but I can understand the frustration, epically new gamers wanting to play on Christmas day. #1.1.1
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I am not the biggest fan of 12, I didn't like the single player mmorpg game style and was not emotionally attached the to character but and HD remake I will sure try and complete it this time.

The controls were tight and the story was good, who knows maybe I will like it this time. #1.3
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I played my friends imported one. I will replay so I understand the story but the game play was tight on the psp #1.1.2
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Yes, I thought it was great. I had my hopes high and was a little dissapointed with no last guardian haha but I am used to the pain. I reckon they shouldn't do it annually unless they have a lot to show rather than a reflection on the year and a look at games already coming up. If they throw in surprises each year then yes it will make me wanting it again. #1
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And one of the nominations for least shocking news goes too...? #1
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Some people can't afford both or support buying games for both consoles or afford both online or have enough space for two or have the time to play games across both platforms. It's a charmed life for people who can though. #2.1
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If you go by games now x1 but Sony's first half of 2015 line up and knowledge in the security that sony has longevity when it comes to supporting a console over the years it's clear the ps4 gets more for your money in the long run. #3
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That's cool but I am purely getting the game for the 15 demo #1
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OH BOY, A final Fantasy game on mobile - gee thanks square.

Do I get the option to pay for microtransactions? I do! Wow square you are so awesome.

How about a cloud costume deal? Really a tenner, sure square.

Honestly when will they stop and just listen to fans. I mean I understand mobile is big buisness in japan but you will end up isolating your western audience which is where gaming is growing rather than shrinking. #1.1.1
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and the world weeps for what could have been ultimately never was. #1.1
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I am hoping the sequel to LA noire will pop up. #13.1
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My fat died from a ylod had to get the slim which want backwards.

7,8,9 and kh 1 and 2 played well so I missed that function.
I liked having it on download though so I didn't have to disc swap :) #2.2.1
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Yeah I am not happy, while I wasn't expecting an ff 7 remake on the stage I certainly didn't want to see another port of the game. Its a blatent money grabbing attempt.

SE need to bring out 3 and 15 soon. They also need to remake the ps1 ff's and a new chrono game.

I hope to god their new rpg is a refreshing new ip and not a game that was clearly given minmal money to develop. #4
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The ff 7 was just a kick in the balls to loyal fans of square, I wasn't happy seeing this money grabbing attempt of a PC port.

I already have the game on the psone which means I can play it on ps2, I also have it on ps3 and psp.

Not impressed. #2
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