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That's cool but I am purely getting the game for the 15 demo #1
OH BOY, A final Fantasy game on mobile - gee thanks square.

Do I get the option to pay for microtransactions? I do! Wow square you are so awesome.

How about a cloud costume deal? Really a tenner, sure square.

Honestly when will they stop and just listen to fans. I mean I understand mobile is big buisness in japan but you will end up isolating your western audience which is where gaming is growing rather than shrinking. #1.1.1
and the world weeps for what could have been ultimately never was. #1.1
I am hoping the sequel to LA noire will pop up. #13.1
My fat died from a ylod had to get the slim which want backwards.

7,8,9 and kh 1 and 2 played well so I missed that function.
I liked having it on download though so I didn't have to disc swap :) #2.2.1
Yeah I am not happy, while I wasn't expecting an ff 7 remake on the stage I certainly didn't want to see another port of the game. Its a blatent money grabbing attempt.

SE need to bring out 3 and 15 soon. They also need to remake the ps1 ff's and a new chrono game.

I hope to god their new rpg is a refreshing new ip and not a game that was clearly given minmal money to develop. #4
The ff 7 was just a kick in the balls to loyal fans of square, I wasn't happy seeing this money grabbing attempt of a PC port.

I already have the game on the psone which means I can play it on ps2, I also have it on ps3 and psp.

Not impressed. #2
Last guardian
shenmue hd collection
kh timed exclusive or ff 15 timetimed
Squares new rpg exclusive
half life 3 exclusive

These are things that cause pandemonium. Those said in the article will just make people happy. #2
I think if at least 2 of the 4 aren't talked about and at least 1 of the others i thouched on would make the confrence pretty poor (thats ust in my eyes)

You don't throw a big party without some suprises. #1.1.1
All I need to be happy is:

Last Guardian re-reveal
Info on SE new rpg
KH 3 info maybe
updates on games we already know are coming out e.g. bloodbourne etc

A ice touch would be shenmue or crash but I am just looking forward to celebrating 20 years of being a PlayStation fan :)

edit: Also the author says the sales gap between the two are shrinking.
I assume he means in America because it's only increasing wo... #1
I can't wait to play bbs in hd #1
Duplicate story #1
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Cheers, bubble for being so helpful :) #1.1.1
Haha ah memories.

Does anyone else pick up in final fantasy x when the group are in guadosalam that Tidus says AYE really messed up? #1
Two questions:

1. Anywhere I can watch this online
2. What time will it be on British time? #1
I would probably buy it, I have bought every single kh game to date + collectors edition. #1
The mechanics of kh 2 were a whlie lot better though I preferred kh1 purely for nostalgia and the fact it was a bit harder.

My order for kh series:
kh ddd
kh 358/2
Kh chain oof memories
kh re:coded #1.4.1
Kh 2.5 is all I need.

I just completed ni no kuni and before that lightening returns and before all that persona #1
Haha looks like my phone thinks butthat is an acceptable word. #1.1.1
Would be a smart move by Sony.

China is a huge u tapped market, there is a growing middle class that can now afford consoles butthat doesn't mean they can just spend spend spend so they will look at both consoles and go "well ps4 is cheaper therefore we will get ps4" #1
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