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Region free so I am sure whoever wants it there could potentially import it.

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I really hope not, the whole reason I play on consoles is I don't like iterating every 2 years.

I don't like spending over and over again just to play the latest games and if console gaming does go this way I might have to do what my friend does and just play last gen consoles when I new gen is released.

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If this is true thats great but remember all the promises the wii u got of 3rd party support.

I wouldn't hold my breath and I don't think the publishers are either until they can get a feel for demand.

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Its a big industry but the console industry is the wrong thing to tax extra on and in fact they should be getting tax breaks like in scotland to entice developers to come, the issue is the same is the same in U.K with horrifically slow internet in the country.

I feel other industries could be more suited to this tax.

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I think it is unfair to brand people as casuals because they won't upgrade to ps4k.

My friend loves gaming but he can't afford to upgrade every two years thats why he plays on consoles and not pc.

I love gaming too but I see no need to upgrade when my most anticipated (like i said in my previous comment) are coming out so soon.

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If it is true which it seems it is. I was expecting an E3 announcement.

Still very much worried about this, iterating consoles over two years might not work like it does with phones. I know I probably wont be buying a ps4K anytime in the near future as I have too much games I need to buy like: ffxv, ratchet, persona 5 and uncharted 4 so thats a big chunk of money gone and it will only continue when more games come.

I am sure if VR finds its legs and triple A ...

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For me Jrpg's are my go to then sandbox and finally platformers.

FPS, RTS and Fighters are the three I play the least.

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His artwork is some of the best not just in the gaming industry but in general.

I am very excited about this though wont be staying up late to watch it, stupid 6am start at work (live in teh U.K) but can't wait to hear all about it :D

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While I agree the 3rd one is overdue and it's been poor handling of tetsuyas time by square there has only been 2 unnecessary games in the franchise and that's recoded and 358/2 (which was still a good game tbf).

Com, bbs & 3D are all needed for the story :)

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1.5 seems a bit bad, that should refer to games that are pretty much broken and unplayable. I wasn't expecting high reviews though.

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Unpopular opinion but I actually prefer the music in ff x-2 to ff 10.

Zanarkand Ruins being a particular highlight in such a glowing soundtrack. The game is way too easy in my opinion though.

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The feels hearing this. I was 10 when this was first released (U.K)
I am now 23, I finished primary school, secondary school and university and have a job.

i will never forget loading the disc up and watching the awesome intro movie with utada hikaru's simple and clean techno remix playing XD and the ending, man so much emotions.

I really loved the tarzan world and halloween town the most, wasn't a big fan of agrabah.

One of t...

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Ff 8 is my favourite fantasy and first one I completed. Yeah junction ingredients was a bit off but the story was epic from intro to outro

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You clearly have only played ff x x-2 and 12.
Ragnarock in ff 8 is a personal fav of mine. Airship travel is sweet from the Nintendo fantasys all the way to riding the invincible in ff9

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50 hours of your life just for the main story, tack in another 50 for side quests and and then more for maxing out ;).

I am so hyped. Just need to know the release date so I can take time off work haha

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@DragonKnight Necessary for them to expand their mobile foot print and in turn make more profit which in turn means they can fund more games.

And Necessary and Planned are not oxymoron to each other, you can have a necessary closure that has been planned.

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I am very hyped for this game as with every other SE game atm. They have seriously bounced back after a patchy last gen.

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Dualshock 3 was for the better, the original ps3 controller had no dualshock; it was just a light sixaxis controller. When they finally brought out the ds3 it weighted better and had rumble, I just hated those damn trigger pads :P

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I can handle what you said and I hope your guess turns out to be true.

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Remember sony's boomrang controller. Things can change. I hope for Nintendo's sake that this is not the final controller looks uncomfortable. Judging from comments everywhere I think the majority really dislike the direction this controller is going in.

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