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Whats bad in my view is:

Price point
A lot of the features is for America only
I feel kinect doesnt appeal to me and so therefore is an expensive add on + I don't think they have marketed it well enough or even used it properly yet.

Finally I just don't want to shell out a system that (based on track record from the previous two systems) will lose support from the company after x amount of years.

EDIT* Instead of peopl... #1
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i feel most people who buy xbox's in japan are most likely westerners living in the country and people who can afford both consoles. #2
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Going back to the days of the first fatal frame would be a good start.

The fear is somewhat gone, the idea that you can use brute force to escape situations isn't appealing to me. Though having said that I found dead space a great example of how horror can develop into something great, I mean i replayed it the other month and getting on the ishimura is still horrifying. #1
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It says for emereging markets so that means it will be a really cheap system and they can develop games for very easily, clever move get a foot hold in these markets and when the times right they can release a normal system and with brand recognition in the markets they should have a large chunk of sales.

well thats what it should be in theory. #2
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I think this gen is a good time to test the water of VR, I tried rift and it was very immersive. I could see in years to come VR being essential to gaming and pricing is a bit tricky because you buy the console unlike rift where it is just VR. So really for Sony and MS it's just a perirphal independent of each other competition wise. #1.1
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Yeah MS seem to be running their mouth more for this E3 build up than I remember while Sony is being dignifiedly quiet compared to what they are used too.

I do love watching both conferences so it will be exciting to see which one wows more, I am sure ms know this but just remember no kids on stage please. #1.1
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Think I am the otherside of the fence to you, its a games console (or should be first and foremost).

Original tv show on xbox at first sounds but you couldn't justify the price of the box and live for a couple of tv shows. #1.1
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meh if no one is overly interested I will pitch in and get a couple of my friends to do extermly rubbish free running and death scenes.

Just give me a week and I will have a movie. #1
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I feel this guy has very very limited knowledge outside last generation. #1
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We all know XB1 sales are reported as shipped but the sad thing is the so called "professional gaming journalists" report this as sold to consumer rather than sold to retailer and then hail MS for actually thinking they are closer to sony than they actually are. This is in due part to poor research on their part and the way MS spins their news.

That in no means is to say the XB1 is doing bad I mean in all the convoluted facts they have given out it does seem the xb1... #1
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So much want :( #9.1
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Nintendo have this tradition of making fantastic triple A games but adding their console name on it like 64, wii and now U.

Stilightly annoying haha #5.2
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Square Enix is a big culprit for doing just this and need to focus properly again, westerns bought their games because it had that non Western feel.

shin megami tensei is a good example of a game that is not created to appeal to westerns but in doing that makes it more appealing IMO. #1.1
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Depends the abilities you select, I would like to see someone fight sephiroth with just those buttons you mentioned. You need all of the face buttons and the quick link shoulder button too. #1.1.3
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from what I have read, sony's mobile division is actually profitable or at least doing alright. #2.4.1
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It was a good move by sony, the shares aren't doing much now and SE need to develop games for both systems in order to stay a float so its not like sony can really wrangle any exclusivity out of being a big shareholder.

I think sony have been very proactive with the trimming the fat and restructuring, plus with the news of 7mil ps4's its looking very good. #1.1.1
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The one thing MS fails at above all is paying for an xbl account so you can use your paid netflix...thats messed up #1.2.3
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Yeah great sales momentum for the ps4 and it seems there's no real change looking at the % difference. Titanfall really didn't bump the 360 number up...not like it matters since its old gen now. #1.1
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HOGS OF WAR...this needs to happen but i think I am the only one who wants it :( #5
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I am more concerned about the wii u and ps4 are very healthy #1.1.6
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