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See if shenmue got annouced I would dust off my old dreamcast and play 1 and 2.

I can see an hd collection more likely so people can get up to the speed with the story.

There seems to be a lot of companies in it so I am hoping of some suprises, Square Enix's count down is in 7 days and while its most likely mobile it could be something for playstation which will then be showed more at Sony.

Why am I getting hyped for this confrence with s...

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Tetsuya gave the reins to Hajime Tabata so that Tetsuya could work on kingdom hearts 3 and knowing tetsuya a lot of other projects as well.

In an interview he sid he wanted to make the gameplay in a way a lot easier for people to play essentially making it a one button press. I can't remember if it was just mistranslated but it still worries me.
I hope he just means it will be easy to use on the surface but more deep and engaging for people wanting a more fuller f...

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It's so pretty and looks so tangeable.

I hope they have secret areas on the world map like the island closest to hell and the island closest heaven and the research lab in 8 or where you get quadra and knights of the round in 7. Also I hope there's secret towns and villages...I am rambling because am starting to get hyped again!!

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This game looks very promising, if I had to compare the open world and over feel to any ff i would place it nearer 8 though a story with fighting kingdoms also seems to draw heavily on 9.
Both are my two most favourite ffs so I have high hopes this game will be superb and the story will spot on (tight and easy to understand).

My only two concerns is comments the new director made about the battle system and maybe that the other characters in noctis' group won'...

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There is no way to fully know unless it happens but they will have contacted sony about the issue I assume rather than tell magazines and websites first.

Its a simple thing to stop and I imagine the sql would only affect a small part of PSN rather than the whole thing. The key word is could its not been proven it can and sony might have prevented it by some other means.

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I found 13-2 is the game ff 13 should have been but it still feels a bit undercooked and lightening returns I think is a disservice to fans the graphics are the worst of the 3 and it feels like it was thrown together to get some qu ink money from the Japanese market.

I hope 15 will be better and address some issues though I am remaining hesitant right now as all we have seen in battle game play not really seen too much else like menu system and towns and in game interactions....

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I know it's personal preference but I feel ff 13 wasnt even warranted the first play.

They took so many step backs with the game mechanics, story and detail like towns and side quests.

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It's sure going to he one big trip down memory lane when 2.5 remix come into my possession.

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Reddit community must be pretty young (who voted) if that's their worst games. Those are all playable.

Superman 64 is my worst though I recently experienced dick Tracy on Nes and wow it's bad. Last gen dies anyone remember lair that was bad halo 4 I don remember being unplayable haha.

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Wow 20 years! that's crazy, well done to Sony for creating great pieces of hardware and supporting them for years.

I remember when the playstation came out, I was only 2 haha but I was told while back that the playstation was so popular in the u.k that night clubs had them installed.

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If there is one game that's done it right this gen it's bayonetta 2, all unlock able are not behind a pay wall they are just there with the game to unlock, plus giving the first bayonetta with it.

I just wish this was the standard rather than the exception.

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I agree the story is a bit messy, if you play all the games and follow it closy it makes sense apart from Xeonort suddenly being able to go backwards in time and get all the xeonorts together that's a bit stupid and lazy writing.

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I don't think you realise how hard both ni no kuni and kh is.

Kids can play it but they will have a hard time following the story and progressing through certain things.

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I smell a troll haha
It's a fantastic game, complex story, great characters, a bit of nostalgia, fantastic battle system.

I am 22 I was 11 when the first game came out. I have been waiting for the end of the series for so long.

I was at home living with my parents and starting secondary school (In Scotland)

Now I have a long term girlfriend, a house and a job.

Time flies when you wait.

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It's cheaper to do so that's all they are saving money cause that's what they are like.

Kyle Bosman on gametrailers put it very well you should watch his latest episode on the final Bosman

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Yes, it was dead on arrival. There could have been potential and there is but not in games, other world applications e.g in surgeries yes.

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Why can't they just be honest instead of all this bull.

Kyle Bosman hit the nail on the head. It's cheaper and quicker to have it at 900.

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This does make me slightly jealous of x1 owners. I don't know too much about this game but am i right saying it's going to be connected with a TV series?

I wonder how that will work of I heard right. Anyway enjoy it guys looks good and with sunset you guys are set already :)

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Um this isn't new what so ever. People working on the game have stated many time that this is the year of Kingdom hearts 2.5 and they don't want the spot light off it.

Hopefully with it being developed in unreal engine 4 I can maybe see it being released 2016 (early) my reasoning is I don't think square want any competition (epically from its self) for final fantasy 15 coming out.

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Oh yay now if I play I have to feel like I am there watching Hope being a little B**ch.

I think I will pass on this one...even though it probably wont be released.

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