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"A computer scientist and Athlete. My last name is Lyon"


Dead space 1 - first get on the ishimura
Fatal Frame 1 & 2 - all of it (game still creeps me out)
resistance 2 - fighting the grim in the abandonded house
TLOU - just hearing those damn clickers :O

Thats my standout ones :) #1
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wouldn't have made much of a difference the xbox was sold out everywhere at launch so it was a successful launch in microsofts eyes.

Having titanlfall come out later is just as good cause am sure the reviews will be good and it will sway even more people to go out and buy an x1.

Still on the fence about getting an x1 myself (bought a ps4) so I will see how it gets on. #1
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Those games doidn't come out in a year of itself so give the wii-u time :)

I do feel it won't see as much 3rd party support though. #2.3
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Indie is looking steller but heres me just looking forward to Octodad the most haha #1
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Lets hold hands and sing for peace with all consoles :)

I am not a fan of the online hate people project towards one another for liking a certain console or thing but it won't go away. I do feel supporters of an exclusive brand though who articulate their comments thoughfully are good for swaying over consumers but fanboys which spew nothing but hatered towards another competitor really hold things back. #8
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To be fair on him yes he has made poor choices but things like game dev delays are out with his control as well.

Also Hiroshi Yamauchi (family) has the biggest share holder at nintendo (3rd president of nintendo) and it is ultimatly them Iwata needs to please as well and I think things like placing nintendo ip on other platforms (though don't quote me on it) is something they would not want.

edit: found pach explaining it a bit better than my terrible tex... #2
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It's basically a family run business. Don't expect change anytime soon. #1.2
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Final Fantasy 13 was not an ideal Final Fantasy game imo.

Saying that however they did redeem themselves with 13-2 it made me want to completed it and get all the trophies and I found it much more engaging (its a shame many people just brushed it off). The mechanics are what the first one should have been like.

I am actually looking forward to 13-3 and I like how they are changing things and trying new things out. Don't knock it til you try it as I always... #2
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Still haven't opened my ps4 purely for coursework and exam reasons so I have only played on my friends but come Monday I am opening that bad boy up :D #5
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Shenmue 3 am calling it now.

One can only hope #5
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Everyone is entitled their own views but you get the feeling some people who are hating haven't even played the game.

Hell TLOU isn't even a genre I usually pick up and play (more of an rpg/racing guy) but it was brilliant and I apperciate the story so much as well as the clever gameplay mechanics.

You know you have met a TLOU fan when you mention the word winter and they smile at you. #1.1.2
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Once again people refuse to read comments and pick what they want to read. I never once said there was no great games coming to x1 I said based in his list it's what it shows.
I even said am sure there are a great number of exclusives coming to the X1.

Please people read comments before jumping to conclusions. #1.4.1
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I don't think halo 5 and TF are a massive justification for te extra 100.
2 games out of the whole year is a poor investment.

Though I have no doubt that MS will realise a slew of great games that will make it's way onto the X1 #1.1.1
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The vast majority are multiplatform which is sad to see as am sure there are a great number of exclusives coming to the platform espically indie.

This list is bascally saying spend an extra $100 to play multiplatform. Looking at the list I would pick up a ps4 over an xbox one in 2014. IMO #1
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even if just 1% of the chinese middle and upper class buy a console that is still a huge number for Sony, MS and Nintendo to work with but I suspect with such a growing number of wealthy middle class chinese I see no reason why there won't be an EASY 10-20 million sales within the chinese market. #21
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It was a clever move by Sony.
The Japanese market is theirs compared to Microsoft.

Demand is clearly high for the console and MS did not release their X1 early.

Moving the Japanese supply to America and Europe was a great shout and with the wait the Japanese audience will have a good amount of games to choose from. #1
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I loved my gamecube: pokemon Colosseum, mario kart double dash, sunshine, melee etc

Though it wasn't my go to console, it did suffer an untimely fate and I am glad I wasn't an early adopter as I picked mine up when it got discontinued which meant I had the back catalog at my disposal already.

Plus handles are always cool on a #1
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Honestly I have played skyrim to death now, fantastic game but I don't think I would re invest all my hours in again playing it on a newer console.

Rather see what else bethesda gets up now. #3
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Obviously not as it does not have access to xbox titles and nintendo titles as well as many others so the variety isn't like netflix for tv and film.

However Sony's rich back catalog of games is very good and it is enough to keep anyone entertained for the rest of their lives. #1
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I agree with all them especially ps+, sony really have taken over MS who really showed how it could be done so kudos.

As for the word dominates I feel that is pretty strong but they really have stepped up their game. #3
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