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Why spiritual to 7? What makes this anyway related to 7? It feels more like an actual final fantasy unlike 13. I guess I can see why you mean spiritual but probably more of an ommage to the playstation 1 final fantasy games. #9.1
Ff8 was the first complete ff playthrough I did my characters were all level 50 before the end of disc 2 and squall was 68. I find the story and the themes of this game great not to mention squalls character development.
Plus the musical score by nobou is amazing. #1
8 is my personal favourite but in my head I know 9 is the best. #7
That's what kh 1.5 and 2.5 are for. People who didn't invest money in different systems so they can catch up with the story. Plus there are lots of videos like game trailers which catches pepole up with the lore. #3.3
Gt is one of my favourite review sites. Excited to play it, not reading the reviews though cause I don't want the story to be spoiled in any way. #1.1
Someone agrees not many ff8 fans out there. Junction was awkward but the story is stellar, fmv gorgeous and the side quests so much fun. Square made a near perfect final fantasy world. #4.1
Those are good. Would also like to see black cauldron, maybe anastasia and I reckon they could pull off a bugs life. #1.1
Vagrant Story 2 / vagrant story hd confirmed #10
of course its coming on ps4, tomb raider sells best on ps4,know this. As soon as the deal is done a complete edition will come to ps4. Though I think it was a poor choice because some people who might have been a tr fan will turn to uncharted on the ps4. #4
I always hope a new chrono game gets announced but it will never happen. #16
I have offically finished my thesis and projects and in one and a half weeks I will be done with uni and can finally catch up on the the games I have missed: bloodbourne, order, shadow of mordor, driveclub and I can finish KH 2.5 #4
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I was a kid wheb ps1 released in the u.k my fond memories are of Croc legend of the gobos, spyro, Tony hawk, bugs and taz time warp and later re and ff.
ps2 I was more console aware and remember playing the hoverboard demo packaged with the ps2 for hours haha. Great games for me where gt, gta, ff 10, kh and dbz budokai tenkaichi? Dark chronicles
ps3 and ps4 are my mains now :) 22 and still happy with Sony. #21
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Very excited to play yakuza zero, sony keeping consistent in sales too.

XBO dipping so close to under 300, not suprising but quite sad. #1
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for me it goes:
Best to worst (main series)
11 (never played)

Its not a ranking of qaulity more of so how much I enjoyed it, theres no wrong answer. #2
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I don't think anyone was worried, nintendo isn't stupid.

Besides every company (sony MS and nin) get straight into r&D of their next console, I assume cause the wii U is a year older than the two they would announce something first. #1
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There is too much hate for 8 in the internet, its a fantasic game, the mechanics are a bit complex anad you can grind easily but the story and characters not to mention the surroundings the game takes place in is beautiful. #9
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Everyone's interpretation of video games is different. For me I use it as an escape from outside responsibilities, I am a heavy jrpg/rpg fan and I like taking on an adventure, like a book it's just nice to get away from your life and invest in another. #1
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Am excited for bloodbourne and although I played it on the psp I buckled and pre ordered the ps4 version of type 0 (mainly for the 15 demo)
Just started kh 2.5 now.
uc4 can easily wait for me. #1
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personally i chose ps4 over the xbo because the fact that sony have a good track record with bringing out games of a wide variety each year and them supporting a console for longer. #1
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Type 0 is a fantastic game with more human characters, a great game to play if you have never played it before. #1
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