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Just grabbed a 12 pack just in time. #1.5
*gasp* People found out some stuff to cry about on Sony since Microsoft has nothing. #37
Agreed I totally forgot about the world cup. I'm more of a hockey fan but I always watch the world cup. It could actually make them some money. It's a bigger sport then most people realize. #30.1
Really? Who even gives a sh*t?? Own the 3DS( well kinda gave it away since it sucked) Would never want one that is bigger. #9
rapelay 0_o #32
only 60gbs were backwards huh? So my 80gb is just magical and can do it? Sweeeeet. I doubt these rumors already. Either way I have a ps1,2,and 3 so I think I'm okay. #41
Well enough to create controversy #18
Cause he's a tool #17
I agree I was so disappointed in it I never even finished it and I LOVE all the other GTAs #3.4
Looks awesome but I am just way more impressed with Killzone on it. #40
Looks awesome but seems like it'll disappoint #10
Yeah this looks fake as hell doesn't look anything similar to what I've been playing on the beta. I could see it happening but that picture just doesn't look legit. #24
I love this game I've been playing it all day at work on my Vita. All I have left for the platinum is some of the death mode missions=) #1.2
It's Metal Gear Solid 4. I'd rather have this again with Trophies then Rising. #1.5.2
I should disagree cause you don't have a PS3 lol. #1.2.2
10 stealth games I don't ever want to play. #2
dunno what this is but I want it #3
That Galactus?
How does that look like Galactus? He has two huge antenna like things coming off his head, a gigantic hat, red glowing eyes and he's a metallic purple. That looks like a bald black head with some whiteness to his face...I know he has many forms but where is that form coming from.. can't say I've ever seen it. #
Linux for Humans
Another reason I don't use Windows. Sucks for most of you. #13
That's because you didn't buy the lighter fluid add-on. Simply stand your console up right and pour away into the fan. It only does massive explosions. #5.2
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