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Ah, gta, you have come back to us!

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Not really, alot of japanease video games have this.

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Agreed to the power of 10. This is WHAT a video game should be; pure, kick ass fun.

I enjoy my Heavy Rains, and L.A Noire's, but game's like Saints Row is why I'm a gamer!

Not kidding when I'm saying, this has goty potential....Looks hot.

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Dude this is suda 51..anything goes!

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I'm not sure why to be honest.

The past Call of Juarez games were damn good. This just has rushed written all over it. I'm guessing pressure from ubisoft if anything.

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Was expected, sadly.

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It's actually quite more than that. I played the import version, and it's quite unique. It's like a Silent Hill meets Portal in a weird way.

The reviews are pretty praising as well.

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Agreed. The only reason why us gamers want a new gen is simply for the improved tech...it drives me mad. It's not like we NEED a new gen. We just WANT a new gen.

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Deepak Chopra is a guy...

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Yes...why Microsoft is so keen on making it is baffling.

In concept the kinect is actually very unique. Having the ability to command teammates by voice command is quite nice. Also I do admit playing child of eden on kinect does make you feel more like your MORE "part" of the experience.

THAT SAID, kinect games have a huge wall in there design. The fact that nearly every game has to be linear kills any interest that I'll ever have it. If they mana...

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this is for the 360/Ps3 not the wii...

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It's okay..the reviewers have already played it.

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Underdog goty?

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New Ip=Instant Buy
Suda 51=Instant Buy

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Silly fool. You read one review, and bam your opinion is made like a volcano, eh? Listen up. This has over 25 reviews on metacritic, and had a 88 average.

You call that flop, I call you flop. Eh?

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Okay say 20% belong to the PC. That's 60%...Who cares about the other 40%? People who play Angry Birds on there ipad, or play Farmville on facebook...those aren't even gamers, and they never will be.

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post the link in that "case".

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I'm not sure if they would count those sales that were done with the promotion...even if they did include the sales of the promotions, the sales numbers are still WAY HIGH...

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Because of da GRAPIKS!!!!! right? :/

As a gamer with a budget, this gen is still hitting it's stride imo.

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It's 10 freakin' bucks. Can you find something else to complain about?

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