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LBP3 was the only game this month I couldn't live without. #9.1
I couldn't agree more. #3.2
So close. I bought mine June 14, 2012. Maybe if I call Sony I'll get one anyway. My Vita was $250 well spent, but dammit I want that PSN voucher. #37
This is just going to confuse people who don't know what remote play is. #6
PS Vita 4 life #21
Great podcast I just wish they would upload them to Youtube faster. Episode 48 isn't even on there yeti. #2
I'm gonna be the only person at my Gamestop getting this instead of Assassin's Creed at the midnight release. #3
Angry Birds is #12 FFS. #27
Sony does a pretty terrible job at promoting PS Vita in the west, but that doesn't keep it from being my favorite handheld ever. #10
Being a Vita fan is so depressing at times. #17
I thought Gamescom would be good for the Vita because it usually is. Not only were there no big games announced, but we lost one of our best exclusives to the PS4. It's a damn shame that Sony wants all of thier studios making PS4 titles so we have no first party games to look forward to on the Vita. Sure, there's still tons of awesome games coming to the Vita, but is it too much to ask for some Sony games on my Sony system? #28
This might be a day 1 buy after all. #12
Who needs remote play when you have an amazing library of Vita games to play? #4.2
Okay this is the third article I've seen with basically the same headline. #10
Sell the Borderlands 2 voucher and buy Freedom Wars when it comes out. I would try and get the OLED Vita if I was you. #2.1
It's not being discontinued you idiots, but even if it was I got my monies worth out of it long ago and still have years worth of Vita games I need to play. Why these so called "gamers" want one of the greatest systems of all time to die so bad is beyond me. #36
PS Vita is the greatest handheld of all time, hands down. Not just from a hardware standpoint either, the library is phenomal as well. People who don't own one are missing out. #30
Tearaway sold 350k according to VGChartz (retail only) and most of the sales were probably digital. Not bad for a Vita game. Besides, the game didn't have a huge budget to begin with so I'm sure it was profitable. #10.1
Hell yes it's an issue. I love games like Uncharted: Golden Abyss, Gravity Rush, LBP Vita, Killzone Mercenary and Tearaway. I'm dying for more first party Vita exclusives like these. #14
I would buy Odin Sphere, but it would just get lost in my 150+ game backlog. I'll hold out and try to find a physical copy. I still need to finish Muramasa Rebirth and I just got Dragon's Crown so I've got my Vanillaware fix covered for now. #6
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