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no they will call it ...console ....and playstation will change the name in hardware for gaming.............

all the comments below r trolls

ppl that dont like w8 ..have no idea where the consumer it is moving....take a look at ios and osx ....metro is just the answer

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cute rendering total gimmick CONTROLLER luckly isnt a sony product

ah im seeing i got the podio....of 1 bubble ..this on n4g mean my comments r true ill do another account soon ...i still wait moderator fix this bullishit..elimineting this sony cheerleaders fanboyims

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xbox gamers wanted kojima and we get it pretty enough
imho i dont like quick time events

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let quantic dream artists have full advantage of of the titan hw and u will have that freakin hd difference

theres no way where r kia can beat a ferrari...if u push the accellerator

clearly if u do a lap witha kia going at 80 km/h and a ferrari stopped to the start....the kia win

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now seriously how can compare a ps4 with a titan WTF u need to be really dumb

one is a ferrari the other is a freaking kia

ps4 gpu:
1024 Stream Processors
18 Compute Units
18 texture units
32 Rops (maybe 16 utilized...coz the system cannot push with the other parts all this totally unbalanced...check the little difference between this and the titan rops and the enourmous difference in cu's and sp....they should sp...

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ppl seem to forget that sony was coming from an hell gen...with the ps3/move/vita combo that gave them loootsss of financial prob also in the game segment.....they reached to give ps4 to ppl why expect a super good enough cmon

ps4 will be good machine ..sure isnt a new tech or something but sony cant invest in r&d...we already know this why ppl was expecting the heaven?...they just couldnt invest that much

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trust in me u just have no idea of what u r talking about..sorry.....custom menus?!?! wtf haahah

let put in this way..cpu can do most of the time pyhisics and ai, an i3 can do lots less ai than an i7
8 jaguar core can barely compete with something between an i3 and a ps4 can do less than the half of the ai than a NOWDAYS pc......put this idea in the next years of life of the ps4 with all the new cpu coming from intel/amd and u will understan...

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nvidia could be in damage control against amd...but a thing is true..and im not talking as a pc fanboy....but as a tech fanboy

the ps4 have nothing of an pc architecture + unified ram ..this "unified pool" take all the advantage and disadvatage of the design......the cpu will suffer the ram latency (on gddr5 can be 300 to 500 cycles ..while on ddr3 usually is 66-100)..and gpu can fly with that enormous bandwith

now the pc architecture thi...

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sure they need.....sound crazy? lol

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no always on required no used game blocked....we already know this....journalist wanna just clicks

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no i think ms will trap sony on the power lvl

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if i would seen the things that we (and i) know criticize sony and support ms about what they r doing with the next xbox...i could easly doing it.....

if u directly ask me if i like the "ala pc" ps4 architecture..for what i studied i would answer no..but theres no way to come up with a decent console seen the money sony could invest in ps4...

if u ask me if i like what ms is doing with know how to spill every penny from customers...(and t...

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clear article

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also if will be in 2016 ...this is the figure that explain how the console (at least we know the power of ps4 176gb/s :/ ) will keep our beloved pc....down....

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what ppl was expecting ..with that cpu/gpu in the ps4? all games in 1080 60? im shocked that they reached 60 fps in 720 honestly .....a lots of games will be sub1080

but with more objects and sffects on screen of course

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what i seen in the sony conference..was a sort of catch up with x360+some nextgen features a more social gimmicks as the fantastic and useless share button sort of crosschat...a controller that "recognize users" a dual camera that is a low spec kinect branded sony that they was shy to talk more about coz it would sound something like "ok yes we r copying microsoft coz they did TONS OF MONEY WITH THAT KINECT SHIT AND WE DID NOTHING WITH THE MOVE FAIL!" a bimbo sculpting ga...

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why they should be worried?

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is a low spec low end pc...cpu and gpu side

as will be maybe the xbox

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for what i know it has 50% less perfomance in cpu (around 100gflops)...less sophisticated memory system....but faster ram...

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dme ? best way to resolve bw issue.....genious

same perf of gddr5 without spendind that much...and plus resolve stall and gpu idle time....and gddr5 latency ;)

ps this document r 1 year old ...just to let u know eh

but i think most of u dont understand what theres wrote over there

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