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Overgrowth is coming to Steam, as is Natural Selection 2.

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Just wondering, have the people who say Far Cry 2 is better than Far Cry actually played Far Cry?

Compared to Far Cry, FC2 is kinda ass. It had some decent ideas and they were fun for a while, but the game devolved into monotony about half way through. Not a whole lot of variety despite being open world and sooooo much driving. Far Cry was a cohesive and solid shooter that did great job at having open levels without being open world.

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Minecraft originally was a browser-only game. But then when Survival mode came out, Notch released a client.

Now, Minecraft can only be played with that client. You can still play the old version of Minecraft (Creative mode) in the browser, though.

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There are a lot of games out there that you may have never heard of that are absolutely massive.

Crazyracing Kartrider has 230,000,000 users. Yep, 230 million.

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APB was designed by the lead designer of GTA.

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Procedurally generated graphics. You can still create graphically demanding games and detailed worlds without resorting to raster images. Potentially less flexible for the artist and more difficult, but this process dramatically reduces file sizes.

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If you can't see servers, use the Steam Beta.

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Third-person action-adventure game set in tombs. It's more Tomb Raider than anything.

Sure, the title has the "un-" prefix, it features a male protagonist (like 99% of games), and it has shooting, but other than that, no, it really doesn't look a whole lot like Uncharted.

If it takes this little for you to denounce something as a clone, then would that make Uncharted a clone of Tomb Raider?

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Does R* Leeds have PC porting experience?

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How is this an Uncharted clone?

It looks nothing like Uncharted.

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Realize that these are concurrent players.

For Counter-Strike, the peak concurrent players are usually 60,000-80,000, but that makes up around 1.4 million players in a 24 hour period.

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R6V was timed-exclusive for the 360 for like a month. The PC version came out a month later.

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Um, BattleRecorder is the name of the replay recording system in Battlefield 2 and Battlefield 2142.

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repi said that their demos are done using a single GTX 580.

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Actually makes a noticeable and surprisingly big difference in visuals. Too bad it didn't launch with DX11.

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Oh sorry, I just woke up. :P

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They don't make much money off of actual sales anymore (since everybody already owns the game), but they make a ton off of hat sales.

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We'll eventually hit a point where games are limited by artists and less so by the technology. In a way, we're already at that point. You can develop your game for a high-spec PC using the world's most powerful graphics engine, but if your artists can't draw, then your game will look like shit.

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You sure about that? The new Frostbite uses a deferred renderer so I'm pretty sure there will be dynamic shadows in at least some areas of the game.

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