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And Counter-Strike 2 business!

So Valve is working on...
- DotA 2
- Half-Life 3/Episode Three?
- New IP from Turtle Rock Studios
- Counter-Strike 2? #1.2
Yeah, they pretty much revamped their content servers so that they could serve up more content while at the same time not have to serve up as much content.

So if a massive file gets patched, you'll only need to download the differences in that file rather than the entire file. #5.3
But it's nice to hear the truth.

There are sooooooo many things that are cut out of games simply because they're too difficult to do in their limited time frame. #3.1
It's pronounced day-ess #1.3.4
Yes #12.1.1
Love these graphics #2
What? No, I have a veteran status of 7 on the Battlefield site because I've played almost all of the Battlefield games. Max level is 8 I think. #9.1.1
I'm veteran level 7, registered for the newsletter, have an Origin account, but still am not able to get the invite key. #9
They should make a sudoku game.

Or maybe dog racing. #10
This is actually the greatest game ever made ever #1
SiN: Episodes.

Dynamic AI that scales up and down, modifying how enemies react, how much health they have, and their equipment, depending on how you're performing in the game. #1.2
Single player is solid, but the multiplayer is a step down from Crysis and Crysis Wars. The maps are small arenas compared to the huge levels in the first Crysis that had helicopters, tanks, boats, VTOLs, jeeps, and even trucks. The first Crysis also had nuclear weapons which were kinda awesome. #1.1.5
They're both RPGs, but they are very different. They're not really directly competing against one another. The Witcher 2 has a greater focus on story and decision making while Elder Scrolls V is more centered on action and exploration. #1.1.1
Games like The Witcher, STALKER, Crysis, Civ 5, Terraria, Minecraft, StarCraft 2, Shogun 2: Total War, Magicka, etc. have proven that you can still make a living off of PC sales.

However, if you want to maximize profits you will publish on all platforms. There really aren't many console exclusives anymore from third-parties--you rarely see a game only for 360 or only for PS3 from EA or Activision. They're always 360, PS3, and PC games. #1.1.4
And by Fall, he means April 2012. #5
What are you talking about #2.1.1
Yeah, sorta.

I find myself playing more indie games (Steam sells a lot of good ones) than these big blockbusters. #9
I like Source but it is OLD.

1. No. UE3 has a bunch of people dedicated to improving the engine. It has the latest technologies and well-updated tools and supports many platforms.

2. UE3 supports PC. It was updated a few months back to support DX11.

3. Yes, I feel that Valve have been better with the community, but not necessarily in respects to modding. They do hire modders but the tools they give aren't that great. Epic had the 'Mak... #5.3
Nope, from here on forth middleware usage will keep going up.

Hardware and games have gotten too complex for a single studio to create every set of tools needed. Even a team of 400 will have to get outside help if they wanted to create a game on the scope of Assassin's Creed or Grand Theft Auto.

Middleware usage among indie devs will especially go up if they're trying to make a Hawken instead of a Terraria. #1.5
Not really sure what kind of insult that's supposed to be, but wearing a helmet is a very smart thing to do. A kid at my school died a couple months ago from a crash in a bicycle race and he WAS wearing a helmet.

Cars offer you a lot of protection with their frames; bicycles do not, which is why it's highly advisable that you wear a helmet while riding one. #2.1.6
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