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Um, no, you're the one who's delusional.

The emulator has the capability of running PS2 games at a different native resolution. You can run Shadow of the Colossus at a native 1920x1080 if you wanted to. You could even add 4x MSAA or 16x anisotropic filtering. All this at 60 frames per second v-synced if your machine is fast enough.

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Yup, still one of the most popular online games. It has tremendous lasting power, both 1.6 and Source.

Pretty sure the player numbers for Source are about on par if not higher than Halo Reach, and 1.6 is even more popular.

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From what I've read from Reddit, CS:GO at the moment is mostly Source but with the best aspects of 1.6. But there is still a lot to be added and changed. Valve invited a bunch of professional CS:Source players to come and playtest and give their feedback. The pro players came to Valve today and played the current build of the game then gave feedback, and tomorrow Valve will implement their feedback and the pro players will play that version of the game.

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More PC games need this!

Left 4 Dead had split-screen but the set up was a little complex.

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Sony DADC makes SecuROM.

Just sayin'.

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Technically, it's not a huge jump, but Skyrim's art is much more consistent in quality than Oblivion's and the direction is better too, imo.

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DNF had regenerating health and two-gun limit. Maybe classical level design, but definitely not classic gameplay.

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Wow, what an idiot.

People like her don't deserve to be mothers.

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I really like the shadowing and the post processing is very nice, but it looks like compromised resolution heavily to get those in. The game is quite blurry.

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They may have talent but the work conditions are not great which consequently makes unhappy employees.

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Another iPhone game

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Looks like CG from 15 years ago.

They say they're not artists, but they could have easily hired one since they were given 2 million dollars in grants.

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Some are from the alpha, some aren't.

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btw, here's what Carmack had to say.

"Re Euclideon, no chance of a game on current gen systems, but maybe several years from now. Production issues will be challenging."!/ID_AA...

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FXAA is better than MSAA at alphas and specular aliasing.

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Real, but currently looks to be impractical. Might be nice for a Checkers game or something that is mostly static, but start moving all of that point cloud data around and whatever system you have will start to cry. It seems way too computationally complex for current systems unless they devised some clever way of doing animations at an acceptable frame rate.

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Yeah, this is pretty evident in Resistance 3.

The post-processing effects and lighting in that game are beautifully done, but as a compromise the significantly cut the resolution. So the game is blurry and edges are blocky.

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But you usually don't make art assets for a platform you don't intend on releasing the game for.

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I can run the Battlefield 3 alpha at medium settings at over 30 frames per second on my 3 year old graphics card. It's an 8800 GTS which you can probably find for about $50 nowadays. If you can run GTA IV, which is pretty poorly optimized, on your laptop, you will be able to play Battlefield 3 fine.

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Yeah... this is next-gen quality lighting.

Textures and models are still current gen quality, though, as they're largely unchanged by the mod.

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