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Terrain tessellation. #1.2
A $2500 computer would be on the highest-end of the high-end spectrum. Nobody really buys computers that expensive.

A typical gaming computer nowadays will run you roughly $600 and will do most games on high settings.

To say PC gaming is expensive is like saying the PS3 has no games and the Xbox 360 red rings all the time. #2.1.6
You should've known that Valve does not give refunds on games that have already been released.

It's very rare that they make exceptions. #2.1
But the Diablo 3 beta is coming next month! #1
The Doom 3 ones are impressive. #6
I start on Sept 22nd, lol. #3.4
OnLive only needs 6mbps. #6.2
PC version #2.2.1

Consumer electronics are not only consoles. Don't know why you would think that.

Music players, tablets, laptops, computers, cameras, TVs, phones, GPS, monitors, speakers, and a lot more all have a yearly cycle. Some even bi-yearly. #1.4.3
The yearly cycle is normal for consumer electronics. #1.4

Yes, but that's very rare. Video card manufacturers make sure to have proper safety features in place so that they don't have to spend millions on unnecessary replacement costs. #1.1.5
Those can get pretty complex, but they're nothing compared to old school western RPGs. #2.1
Or Tribes or Half-Life.
Even Goldeneye. #3.1
Played both Mass Effect 1 and 2, but don't know if I'm getting 3. If I do, it won't be until it goes on sale for like $20. I have no faith in Bioware anymore. #3
Yeah, it was only a small portion of the game and it didn't have everything the game had to offer. #1.1.6
The thing about Windows is that it's very backwards compatible. I think there's backwards compatibility back to Win98, and there's software to have compatibility with 95 and DOS.

Microsoft will have to start fresh one day. It's great being able to run old software, but the consequence of that is a lot of old bloat and confusing code. #1.2.3
Windows 8 is coming soon which is supposed to be very entertainment driven.

Games are entertainment. Epic Games makes games. Windows 8 is a PC operating system. PC GAMES?! :O #1.1.2
I wish I could have even a fraction of the programming skills these guys have. #1
I attended a presentation from OnLive at my school and they said that, while not doing amazing, OnLive isn't doing bad. There's plenty of people who play at night but not so much during the day

The company is doing very well with the actual technology, though. They use it in other products, license it, and stuff like that. #1.4
Yup, publishers love digital distribution cause it cuts out the middle man. That means like 20-30% more profit per game for them. #2.1.6
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