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Max settings game, low encoding quality video. #2
Rocket launchers, grenades, and grenade launchers are considered small arms. #1.3.2
I wouldn't be surprised if Battlefield 3 came to Steam.

I feel like Valve put their games on Origin to cut a deal with EA for EA to put their games on Steam. #1.3.3
Actually, 1280x720 is nearly double the number of pixels as 960x544. #1.1.6
Counter-Strike #5.1.2
Well, they did streamline some things compared to the first Deus Ex, but they didn't do it as drastically as Bioware did with Mass Effect 2. #12.3
It's Eidos Montreal. #10.1
No way the PC version is that low.

The PC version hit a concurrent peak of 60k players playing it. That would mean that 75% of people who bought the game were playing it at the same exact time. #1.3.2
The developer is awesome (Zeno Clash is one of my favorite games) and the artists do amazing work, but I dunno about this game... I know it's only $9, but I'm gonna wait until there's a demo on Steam. #2
That was 4 words. #16.1
Deus Ex: Human Revolution has both MLAA and FXAA as anti-aliasing options.

FXAA looks better than MLAA and the picture is still sharp. However, there are still noticeable jaggies. I don't think it does as good a job as MSAA, at least this particular implementation. I know that there are updated versions of FXAA that work better. #1.2.1
Actually, ASUS and Samsung are doing very well in the tablet market because of their competitive pricing. Also, they make excellent tablets. #1.1.4
Diablo (PS1), Warcraft II: The Dark Saga (PS1), StarCraft 64 (N64)...

They weren't bad by any means, but they were definitely lacking compared to the PC versions. #1.1.2
The Battlefield games have historically been nearly entirely multiplayer focused. They may have had short little scripted missions for when your Internet is down, but the series didn't have a story campaign until Bad Company 1.

If you want a big campaign, you're playing the wrong game. #1.2.8
Wow, loving that grass. #2
Well, almost everything. There were some really weird indestructible areas and eventually you'll hit the limit and things will stop breaking. #10.1.2
Minecraft can still reach a new market on Steam, though maybe not as large as Steam users are already PC gamers. When you exit out of a game on Steam, you sometimes get a pop-up showing you the latest new releases on Steam. This is a very effective marketing tool that helps games gain exposure.

I'm pretty sure the main reason by and large Notch is doing Minecraft for 360 is for the money. #3.1.1
Notch is dumb. #2
Yeah, the reason why they're so prevalent is because they're reliable and cheaply made. #8.1.1
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