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Mining update!

Would be great if they added like 50 new blocks and 200 new recipes.

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I think this was sort of the intention for survival mode all along.

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Should be fine! I played medium settings on my 8800 GTS 512 in the alpha. Got ~30 FPS on average, though that was a Rush map. The Conquest maps should be more demanding.

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Played it maxed out on PC and was not that impressed. The geometry was too low poly.

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Yeah, Valve said they're going to design a new PC-centric interface. The wheel is just for the consoles.

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Valve is bringing in both Source and 1.6 pro players to help balance and tweak the game. They know they can't cater to both casuals and the hardcore with the same exact game so that's why they made a Casual mode and Competitive mode.

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PC version will not have the buying wheel.

I've actually gotten back into CS:S after a couple years of not playing. It's still a really fun game.

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Gabe actually said in a GameSpot interview that Left 4 Dead 3 may come in 2012 at the soonest.

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The 8800 GT, a mid-range card, was able to play Crysis at 720p, high settings at 30 FPS.

The "official Crysis PC" had this card in it.

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Well, id Software made the engine but yeah.

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Kinda cool how they added shadows.

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Multiplayer was awesome in Crysis. Big maps with 32 players and a bunch of vehicles. But I doubt it's going to be in the console release.

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It wasn't open like Far Cry 2, but the levels were large and open-ended. You could actually do objectives in multiple different ways. I remember in Crysis Warhead I skipped about half the level and an entire driving sequence by simply swimming through the water instead of taking the road.

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Counter-Strike came out on the original Xbox ya know

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This looks like the PC version, too. A bit disappointing.

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But not necessarily efficient.

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I see it. Banding annoys me so much in games when I see it. Wish they would bump up the color depth on PC games since they have the memory bandwidth to spare.

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Minecraft is ridiculously big. In just 4 days, a video Notch made demonstrating *SPRINTING* in 1.8 got 700,000 views.

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Logic error here.

16 ms + 150 ms = 166 ms
33 ms + 150 ms = 183 ms

Having a 17 ms difference allows your eyes to see that frame 17 ms sooner and react 17 ms sooner than 30 frames per second.

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Well, the tweet said that it saves them memory and increases performance. Probably the difference between a stutter here and there and smooth.

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