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Change the field to view to fix your motion sickness. #3.1
motherfuckers #3.2
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I'm gonna be conservative and say roughly 40 billion copies sold in the first 42 seconds. #10
This was a given. BF3 will be the biggest game on PC since... probably Team Fortress 2. #7
There's gonna be a day 0 patch #24.1
I have a feeling they'll eventually bring it over to the other maps. #3.1.3
The game is just doing too much at once for consoles to handle rendering that twice.

Halo can do it because it's relatively simple and predictable. Battlefield 3 can't because it's very complex in its interactions and visuals. #4
It'll be protected for awhile. They keep the server files to the trusted server operators and there won't be any unofficial servers unless those files leak, which I suspect will happen eventually. It happened with Bad Company 2, but you're going to be stuck on an older version of the game unless newer server files leak. #1.2
I really doubt that would ever happen. The Cell architecture is different enough from ARM and x86 to make it a really large project. Also, I don't know if the PS3 has enough RAM. Pretty sure all Google TV devices have at least 1GB of RAM. #2.1
Samsung and Sony appear to have the most open arms towards Cyanogenmod. Samsung even hired one of the main guys behind the project.

HTC was pretty open towards the group but I think they backed off a little bit recently for some reason. #3
Chuck Testa #5.2.1
Team Fortress 2 #3.2.2
Go play Battlefield Heroes. #2.3
Hats #1.6
Crytek took their time on the first one. That's why it's special. #4.1
The point of a beta is to gather feedback to improve the game... #2.1.3
They already said that gameplay will be completely equal to have a level cross-platform playing field. PS3 supports KB&M anyway.

The matchmaking system will help console players not be too destroyed by PC. #2.1
500MB is a large difference. Don't know why you would round up... #1.3.5
Community managers are employees of the company. They sometimes have a small say in the development of the game so they can still be technically a "developer." #1.2.5
Well, Intel still owns the technology behind Project Offset and previous developers on the team are still working at Intel so... Nintendo would be pretty much just buying the name. #2.1
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