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The entry point can be a little more expensive to a lot more, but in the long run it can be cheaper because of all of the great deals there are on games (made possible by the fact that no licensing costs are taken on games and digital distribution convenience).

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A first-person Zelda game would be interesting.

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Holy shit, what do you do with your life? That's 10 hours a day.

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Try less than half that.

You have console licensing costs (this means more profit on PC), distribution costs, and marketing costs.

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Whoever wrote this article, wtf @ your English.

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I know these guys. They're a small gaming community that I used to be a part of. They're pretty reasonable guys with respectable opinions. But I haven't read their reviews (didn't even know they started up a website) so I don't know what the quality is like.

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It sucks even on console. Bethesda just can't seem to get UI right.

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The Elder Scrolls does not predate MMOs...

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Does the console version have quicksave? Just do that. On the PC I just press F5 every couple minutes.

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More like bugs across all platforms. It's a Bethesda game so I'm not surprised. I'm still having fun, though.

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Rereading the message, it doesn't look like it says anything about how the forum passwords were protected, but the database Steam account passwords were hashed and salted which makes them nigh impossible to crack assuming the protection used is strong enough. It could be cracked with brute force but it would take an unreasonably long time. I'm gonna assume that the protection used on the credit card info is even stronger.

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No, he said that both the Steam forums and a Steam database were compromised. Encrypted info was taken but they cannot confirm if that encrypted info was cracked or not (very unlikely to be cracked since the encryption is very strong). Also, with Steam Guard in place, to even get access to your Steam account would require that the hackers also gain access to your e-mail. They would have to crack the encrypted passwords which would take a long time, then they would have to hope that that passw...

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Make it BF2143.

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Do 1080p full screen, the differences are very clear.

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Wow, that's dumb.

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While WoW is still very much alive, you have to accept that it has already hit its peak. Sub numbers will rise when Mists of Pandaria releases but a few months afterwards, subs will steadily decrease year-over-year. Blizzard knows this and that is why they're working on their next MMO crack, Titan.

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You guys be trippin. This game has the US Army and guns. That kinda makes it the best game ever by default.

omg they also did some crazy innovations on the perks system. Infinity Ward is so ahead of the times.

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On Nov 8, 2011, the greatest game ever made will be released.

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They operate independently, so they are indie.

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I really feel like the PC numbers are inaccurate.

The PC numbers for Battlefield: Bad Company 2 were larger than the Xbox 360 and PS3, and Bad Company 2 was primarily a console game.


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