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For a SHOOTING game, I'd think recoil is pretty important.

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Did not play a whole lot of 2142, but from what I remember of it the guns felt pretty good. Having the recoil style similar to that in BF3 shouldn't be a bad thing.

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It's probably the number one gadgets and tech magazine. They're pretty popular.

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I suppose it wasn't a nice response, but it was a valid one. This repi guy is the main rendering architect on Frostbite at DICE. He's given multiple talks at events like GDC and SIGGRAPH. (If you give a talk at SIGGRAPH, that means you're among the best in the world). He knows what he's talking about.

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Um, the PC version of Bad Company 2 was the most popular version, going by player numbers. It was PC, 360, then PS3 in terms of raw player numbers.

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PC hardware to get a level of quality on par with the PS3 has gotten really cheap. Like kevnb said, to play BF3 at 720p at medium settings, all you would need is probably an $80 graphics card like a Radeon HD 4870 (which plays 1080p Crysis on high at 40 FPS).

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It was confirmed on Beyond3D that the 360 screens they released were bullshots. They weren't crazy unrealistic, but they were fake in that edges were absolutely perfect.

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They toned down a lot of the post-processing lighting effects and the textures are nowhere near as sharp as the PC version but it still looks pretty good. It's about what you'd expect from a AAA console game.

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I just built my brother a computer with a Core i7 2600k and a Radeon HD 5870 for $600. Of course, it does require a lot more work finding great (and I do mean great--the Core i7 was $130) deals on things to get the price so low than just going to the store and buying a PS3, but you get so much satisfaction out of it (at least imo).

The console versions will undoubtedly look good as Bethesda have proven to be competent at developing for all three platforms, but as the consoles...

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Don't judge a monitor by its brand. Asus puts out some good displays and it puts out some bad ones, and so does Sony.

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Making it more accessible would increase sales, but I wish they wouldn't. I feel like doing things like adding more gunplay would detract from the core gameplay and just be there for the sake of appeal.

I don't want Mirror's Edge to end up like Dragon Age: going from a smart, well-thought-out game to a dumbed down game made to find a broad audience rather than sticking with the people who found the first game great.

But business is business, I sup...

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Crysis 2

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Just got my GTX 570 yesterday. It's a pretty beastly card, especially when overclocked.

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It's still Unreal Engine 3, just the latest version.

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Hold on, R700? Why would Nintendo use something 2 generations old?

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I wanna know what's up with this scanline effect in this game. It makes the game look really weird.

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Crysis 2 was more consistent in its texture res, but it isn't higher res than the first Crysis. Things like grass had their resolutions halved.

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Yes, that is true, but if one guy was able to do this in his spare time, Crytek could have easily hired a texture artist to specialize in high-res textures and released it as an optional download like how BioWare did with Dragon Age 2. Crytek has the resources.

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Kinda like that Crysis 2 leak.

I won't download it cause I'm actually interested in this game.

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He might come eventually. :D

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