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Boring pretentious artsy shit

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Top screen is 400x240, bottom screen is 320x240. Ppi for both is less than the first iPhone. (However, the top screen is rendered at 800x240 when 3D)

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lol, honestly I'm kinda jealous though. All he does is play games and since he gets tens of thousands of viewers, he can put commercials on his channel. Probably makes a couple thousand a month from that.

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4GB would be much better. Even smartphones today have 2GB of RAM.

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Have you seen a true 120 Hz monitor? It's true that for some people, they can't distinguish past 60-70 FPS, but for most people they will notice a difference between 60 and 100.

GTX 680 is really only for those people who have tri-monitor setups or want to play with 16x AA lol.

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Piece of shit game. Even though they're indie, they're also piece of shit developers. The project lead is a scumbag.

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Mojang just takes ideas from PC mods anyway.

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For that price, it better be a real leather jacket.

Real, high-quality leather jackets go for $500-800 (something like Temple of Jawnz), and even much higher (Julius).

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Yup, that's definitely a tank.

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I would not mind a prettier Terraria. Amazing game and they put out an incredible amount of free content.

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Sure, but with retail you have to pay to press the discs and make the boxes, then you ship it off to a warehouse where you store the game, then you have people box up the games and then ship it off to the store.

Upkeep costs for physical is much higher than digital.

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But I'm not sure if they're willing to improve the detail of the artwork. With such a massive game as World of Warcraft, that would be a gigantic undertaking.

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Minecraft doesn't use voxels...

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Battlefront 3 has been canceled, man.

Even if it did exist, the developers that are speculated to be developing it do not have a good track record. They're like a 4 out of 10... on IGN's scale.

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For some readers of N4G, it may have released around the time they were born haha

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If you want to develop games, yes. But if you just want to make money, there are easier programming jobs that give you as much or even more money than game programmers.

If you want the big bucks and you're a programming expert (like, you're really, REALLY good at programming), you can go into high-frequency trading (HFT) programming and make hundreds of thousands of dollars a year, *starting*. Get more experience and you can be paid as high as a million a year. It ca...

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From my knowledge, tracer rounds are typically used when there is little light with suppression weapons such as machine guns to see where you are shooting. They're pretty much never used with snipers, though.

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Can't wait for the next blurry image!

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No way, man. My uncle got like a 2000 Prelude for $1500. He replaced the engine and a bunch of other things for like $2000 more and now the car runs beautifully.

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Less than 200

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