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Absolutely agreed on Daredevil included in this list if it's based on the Netflix series, and had the cast do voices for it. I'd play it just for Fisk. That, and you know, the ridiculous levels of violence. #1
Am fairly surprised From Software didn't have item blurb in the loading screens already tbh, especially as Dark Souls I + II had those types of screens.

Still, glad to see they're making the overall experience better with these patches. #3
Agreed. I actually gave it a chance compared to the Dynasty Warriors (which have never really interested me) and found it quite fun. #1.1.1
So glad Cities Skylines is doing well. It deserves the success it has had, and some of the mods that people are coming up for it are fantastic. #1
My backlog is already at ridiculous levels, and yet I'm very tempted by this... #1
Very interesting read. It will be interesting to see if more people, like the writer, will give Dark Souls II another chance after playing Bloodborne. #1
Not sure I'd get this, but I like the fan service of it all :D #2
That actually looks like a lot of fun :D I quite like it when devs turn on the insanity for Aprils Fools. #1
Tbh I'm more looking forward to Xenoblade Chronicles X than I am the new Zelda, so the news that it has been pushed back to 2016 doesn't change anything for me really. #1
Still not sure I necessarily need one, but the price drop makes it a hell of a lot more reasonable a buy than it was at £90. #1
Despite the fact I played Baldur's Gate and Icewind Dale to death many years ago, this one hasn't been on my radar (even during the Kickstarter campaign.) However, now development is complete, and the reviews are coming back positive, I may have to rectify that mistake and look into getting a copy. #2
Glad the opportunity to grab it is back again, as I missed getting it when it was on PS+ before. Gonna go and queue it up and then get on the MP (hopefully people are still playing it!) #1
An interesting guide, but it does highlight how costs can spiral out of control. Things like the OS, monitors, gaming mice and keyboards, and speakers all add up as well, and unless you're fine with average quality goods you'll be paying a fair bit for those too. #1
With jargon I think a lot of it boils down to personal engagement with the story. If you find it boring then more often than not the jargon will feel forced, but if the world is interesting it becomes a topic for discussion. The best example I can come up with off the top of my head is Mass Effect.

That said, as someone who didn't enjoy FF XIII I found a lot of the jargon forced, but then again I don't have any issue with the jargon used in Kingdom Hearts, which is co... #2
I probably won't be getting this as I've yet to investigate Steins;Gate properly (it's on my to-watch list on Netflix) but as special editions go it's a pretty good bundle for the price. #1
The PS4 version is definitely still happening, although there's no ETA for its release at the moment. #2.1
As much as I enjoy Telltale's stuff, the writing from Tornquist and his team really is on another level. Plus, Dreamfall Chapters has Shitbot - the best character ever created. Ever. #1.1
I'm still not totally sold on getting Type-0 HD. Will be interested to see what the reviews say when they finally land.

That said, very detailed guide. Will be sure to return to it if I go grab myself a copy. #2
Because of these rising prices, I've reached the point where I hardly pre-order games anymore, and wait for the deals to roll in. Even PC releases have had some cases of ridiculous prices (AC:U for example, which also highlights the whole AAA price for buggy content issue we've had over the last few years.)

Hopefully prices will normalise again as we get deeper into the current console generation. #3
A shame it doesn't match its predecessor. I'll probably get hold of it eventually, but will definitely wait for it to come down in price a little. And for the backlog to clear a little bit.

Also, slow-clap for that sub-title :P #1
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