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A very good point, but then you only have to look at something like Borderlands (which is probably the nearest comparable game) to reinforce the disappointment in the DLC / expansion content. If Gearbox can supply new areas and enemy types in half the time - and give players more for their money - why the hell can't Bungie? #3.1.1
Really am disappointed by what I've seen of Destiny post-launch. Any other MMO-type game would have delivered new dungeons or even one new enemy variation but recycled levels (and a lack of matchmaking beyond the first horde mode) is too little. Bungie are really going to have to prove their worth when it comes to Destiny 2, as a result. #3
I haven't really played AW much in recent months, but if anything is going to bring me back, it's Bruce Campbell. #1.1
I must say, I've really liked what I've seen of this so far. Can't wait to actually get hands-on with it and see if it fills the RTCW-shaped hole I've had in my gaming life for years (which Brink tried and failed to fill.) #1
Did they ever confirm that you could use it on PCs? For that price I'd be up for getting one to use with mine (seeing as I don't own an Xbone yet.) #1.1
Yeah, that's really tempting at this price, but that backlog... #1.1
It really is a mess. I mean, I'm almost certainly going to get a Wii U at some point, but gating content behind amiibos (regardless of whether they're figurines or cards) isn't encouraging me to get a move on. #2
In a way, I think it's a reflection on how the 3-player stuff is easier to get into and organise (a reason why most MMOs lowered their 20+ player raid requirements down to 10.) That said, some sort of group finder feature would be useful for things like raids and potentially allow more people the chance to see content that previously hadn't. I don't buy the whole "communication is needed" mantra as an excuse - the way I see it, if randomers want to die repeatedly, why sh... #1.1.1
That's a pretty good deal, and one I'd consider if I didn't already have a PS4. #1
And so the Amiibo addiction continues... #2
Looks legit. #1
Agreed. Very glad the game has turned out well, because the previews all looked fantastic. It'll be interesting to see if Slightly Mad Studios can keep the momentum going now. #1.2
That's an interesting development if true. I know a few friends who would love to be able to move their last gen purchases to RB4. #1
It's a seriously impressive effort considering it was developed made by just one person. It's not perfect, mind, but AoTTG really is a lot of fun.

Fingers crossed here as well that the 3DS game is good. The last thing we want is for publishers to think AoT isn't profitable as a game, because as AoTTG shows it could be so very, very good. #1.1
That's a seriously good price for Cities: Skylines. I'm not even bitter about paying full whack for it at launch, either, because it's worth every penny and deserves to be played. #1
My funds are low right now, but I'm seriously tempted to get this on PC. The New Order was absolutely fantastic, and the RTCW-esque vibe of The Old Blood has me excited (I spent a ridiculous amount of time on RTCW back in the day.) #2
I'm glad I'll be able to download again in the future, if only as a reminder of what could have been. #2
Some good titles in that list. Fairly tempted buy a few of them despite my backlog already being at ridiculous levels. #1
Absolutely agreed on Daredevil included in this list if it's based on the Netflix series, and had the cast do voices for it. I'd play it just for Fisk. That, and you know, the ridiculous levels of violence. #1
Am fairly surprised From Software didn't have item blurb in the loading screens already tbh, especially as Dark Souls I + II had those types of screens.

Still, glad to see they're making the overall experience better with these patches. #3
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