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There is no doubt an audience there for such a remaster, but I won't be part of it. For me, FFXII was where the series started going downhill. I didn't like the gameplay changes, and I disliked most of the characters (except for Balthier and Fran, obviously) to the point that I was never able to finish it. #1
Yep, that's a fine list right there. I'll be downloading something on each platform I own next month. #1
Agreed on the Metro start screen. I could see the reasoning and the potential, but it really didn't work in the desktop environment (it's great on tablets, though.) I just hope that, as the article mentions, the auto-update feature doesn't screw everything up for early adopters. #1.1
Not really feeling this particular LE tbh, but that's a fine price for those who are interested. Hopefully this will mean we'll see some good deals for the base game as well. #1
Not a lot I want from that list, really, but the prices aren't too bad. Might be a good way for some gamers to catch up on some missed games on the cheap. #1
I thought it reaching £35 was a pre-order good deal, but these prices are even better. So long as the orders get to gamers on time, I'm all for retailers fighting for our money by lowering the prices! #1
While I'm more interested in trying this the more I see of it, I'm probably going to hold off getting it at launch. Good price, though. #1
I'm probably going to hold out a little longer before picking one up, but this is a great price even if it doesn't come with a game. #1
It's a weird one. The changes / lack of features will cause the faithful / hardcore fans to be up in arms, while on the other hand those people who usually find F1 games a bit too involved (like me) will find it more accessible. I'm more then happy to give this one a go as a result, although probably not at full price. #1
Okay, that... is an absolutely insane price. I mean, £15 at launch was pretty good going, but £3 for The Old Blood is fantastic value. Very glad I held off buying it until now! #1
Can't say I'm too pushed to get it at its current price, but might be worth towards Christmas if they throw it in a sale. #1
I actually think throwing in the PS TV is a great move. It's not like they're selling well as it is, and improving the install base might encourage developers to make more apps for the PS TV / Vita. #1
I only recently watched the anime series on Netflix, and thought it was fantastic. I haven't had chance to get hold of a copy of the game yet but absolutely intend to do so. #1
I hope it's sorted soon. The PSN has always been inconsistent with its speeds, but today has been utterly ridiculous. I've spent all day trying to get DriveClub and it still reckons it will take around 24 hours to finish downloading. #1
I'm not a huge fan of the Shonen Jump stuff, but I'm glad this is a good game in its own right, if only because it might convince other manga / anime publishers to create similar stuff. #1
That's a hell of a bargain. Such a great game. #1
As strange as it sounds, I think this has helped push my decision to finally upgrade to an Xbox One sooner rather than later. #3
I honestly didn't think Sony would be able to match Microsoft's strong performance earlier today, but they damn well did, and then some. Today really has been an excellent day with some fantastic reveals. Let's hope tomorrow is just as good. #1
Agreed. There were some great highlights, but I wasn't that impressed with it overall. At least it was better than last year! #2
I was actually expecting more gameplay from Halo 5 tbh, but overall I think they did a fantastic job with their presser this year. Looks like I'll be pricing up an Xbox One fairly soon... #2.2
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