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Well, no offence but Microsoft has an unfortunate but earned reputation of, how would one say, fucking things up.

I am not too worried though. I have Minecraft on PC anyway and enjoy it for what it is already. Early acces or exclusive content wont make me buy an XB1 though =/ #2.2
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Bringing up the New 3DS, what is Nintendo's fixation with using the word "New" lately?

New Super Mario Bros 1 and 2
New Super Mario Bros Wii and U
And now New 3DS?

I'm surprised they arent naming all their games with new
New Bayonetta
New Super Mario Kart
New Smash Bros.

Oh well, nice comment :p New New 3DS and judging by Nintendo's names in the past, I wouldn't even be surprised #5.1
Why is it that this joke actually is true?

Good one, PSNintyGamer. Hats off to you (or a bubble :p) #3.4
As much as people want FF type, I can tell you that more than half of the people will buy it just for the demo.
Same here though, guilty as charged ^3^ #2.1.1
That's fine, I'll have my borderlands needs fullfilled with the pre-sequel

Do hope we still get a Borderlands 3 where you go from planet to planet :p

Anyway, curious to see what they'll come up with #1
Apparently, people haven't learned anything yet!

This happens all the time. VERY few games live up to their hype, but people just blindly believe it.

This gen has been nothing but dissapointments >_>
- killzone? boring
- ryse? boring
- knack? so simple and boring
- forza? microtransactions up the ass
- Watch Dogs? Very mediocre
- Titanfall? Very limited content
- Destiny? no good story and very... #40
Go right ahead

I'm still playing Project Diva f 1

Can't wait for the sequel
Hopefully it'll be a third game in the series that they bring to western markets #2
Yes, until GTA V releases again for PS4, XB1 and PC

That's the only advantage they have with Destiny sales, being released on PS3, PS4, XB360 and XB1.

But that's just how I think it'll happen. #2
What does it mean for Minecraft?

Nothing .... Aboslutely ... nothing.

Minecraft is already on every system under the sun. And the systems it's not on yet, have been confirmed to release in the next month.

I truly dont see the point in this =/ #11
This just seems rather desperate of Microsoft

They should use that money to start up completely new studios for brand new IP's. Stuff like this and Tomb Raider is what gets people mad at you Microsoft! What don't you understand about this?

Also, isn't minecraft owned by Notch? Besides, even if it isn't, his name is known now and when he makes a new game, you can bet your ass people will stand out in line to get it ( as a manner of speaking ofc... #18
Just tell me this (cause I dont trust "professional" reviewers)

Is the game fun to grind? And is the story about 10 hours? Cause for 70EUR, I do want my money's worth.

The beta I played was fun, but the missions seemed a bit repetitive. Go there, defend. Go here, defend, ...

Again, just wanna know if I should get it now or just wait when the price is lower (or for a sale) #9.1
Huh, that adult Link was pretty nice detail (that it changed cause of his location)

I do like these kinds of details to games

In fact, bad as it may be, Bubsy 3D does some neat things when not playing :p #3
It's simple
Many people will either buy Minecraft on PS4 or upgrade from the ps3 version, right?

Those who buy it on ps4 might buy the PS3 version just to get both ps3 and vita versions for the price of one and thus buy it twice. Once PS4, other PS3.

Those who upgrade the PS3 version to PS4, can't claim the Vita version for free and thus if they wannna have it on Vita, they have to buy it again on vita (or do like the previous paragraph)
Good to know I'm not the only one

I did enjoy it, but it wasn't mind blowing or revolutionary
Just a fun shooter that I'll prob pick up when it's on sale #1.17
While I would like a new Gravity Rush game, I'd be rather dissapointed if it came out on PS4 or at least PS only.

Gravity Rush is a Vita Exclusive and the Vita is already in a tight spot. It doesn't have to lose even more ground by either porting exclusives to consoles or making sequels to exclusive vita titles on PS4

However, we already had an announcement trailer for Gravity Rush 2, confirming it to be released on PS Vita #1.3
Well, let's just look at Minecraft on Vita
Minecraft sells far more units than bioshock ever will

If not even something so universally liked by both core and casual gamers can sell the vita, I really doubt Bioshock Vita could have

That said, I still wouldn't mind seeing something bioshock on vita
even a port would be fine for me at this point #4
^ this, Sony
take note now!! #12.1
No excuse for those who dont have it already

Go buy it, like right now
Go on!
Stop reading and buy the game :D #2
I dont think so and really, I hope not

When I think of games, I like to think of Uncharted, The Last Of Us, God Of War, Gran Turismo, Infamous, Halo, Gears of War, Mario Galaxy, Super Smash Bros, etc etc ...

First of, by themselves, tablets have no buttons. And while you could use one at home, I really dont see that as an option when you're out and about.

Second, tablets are just not powerfull enough for these types of games. And those th... #24
Free stuff for my game?

Always welcome :D #1
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