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He is complaining about a fucking beta?

At least this beta was for free and last an hour or so.
That's more than can be said about Metal Gear Solid Ground Zeroes #21
oh god yes!
I hate the expensive memory cards that the vita requires #11
eum ... no?
Mine installed in 10min or so =/

I saw the offer in the story today.
Don't matter, I already got as far as it will let you

It's pretty fun! Love the shooting
I do hope the harder difficulty is tweaked though where the AI will be smarter rather than just do more damage and have more health, cause it doesnt make the game harder, it just becomes more tedious #13.1
BETA is now open to all
But only for 2 days >_> #12
Let's see
And Yes #33
No offence, but then why not 60fps?

And don't anyone dare tell me cause it's either to early in the console's lifetime or that they don't understand how to 100% optimize games like with the PS3 cause

First of all, they said that the PS4 was easy to develop for, having a very pc like architecture and second, they delayed the game for a year! Optimization should be 110%! Specially cause it's a first party Studio. Why would Sony not provide t... #19
Honestly, those who played The Last of Us on PS3 I think will be happy that they played it on that already and those who wanna can buy it again for PS4 for a cheaper price than original.
Those who haven't can just get a better looking version and experience one of the best games of last gen

So why am I pro this but think that GTA V remastered is a cash grab?
6 million sales vs 32 and a half million sales

Rockstar already made their money... #33
My game cover is in higher res than your game cover! XD #3.1
I'm all for females in games, but like many say, you wouldn't even notice it

All this article tells me is "bitch bitch wine moan" #19
I'll try it, but in my own experience, remote play just doesn't work for me. Wheter I have wifi, a cable or try to connect directly to the ps4, remote play is pretty much a useless function for me now

Not sure if it's cause I live in Europe and Gaikai isn't used here just yet? #11
I luv my vita and I luv the games on it

But I'm not a fool wearing a pair of rainbow glasses and thinks everything is happy happy joy for the vita

Sales are bad and publishers stay away from it

At least it's been doing well in Japan and Sony is porting most games over (cause we know THEY sure as fuck wont make any games for it >_>)

All in All, I dont think it's a bright future and that it'll end up bein... #23
Before they release a game, they should give FULL acces to maybe a 1000 people. Let them play of a day or maybe 2 so they can find all the bugs and glitches, fix those and then release your game

And to the first idiot who might reply with "But then those 1000 people wont buy the game"

First of, a game like battlefield, call of duty, ESO are played way more than just a day or 2 BUT with a 1000 people, you could cover pretty much everything of the gam... #7
Media Server

I can't believe this still isn't on the ps4
I know we wanted a game console and i still stand by that, but why strip away like 50% of the services that a ps3 offered?

Fuck me! Even the vita can do this! Why not the ps4?! #10
yes! pls bring them back! #29
Get Dragon's Crown, it's awesome :D

It could have had a bit more meat (few more stages) but it's hella fun. Besides, I believe right now it's for free on PS+ for PS Vita? At least in Europe #4.2
Meanwhile, Mighty N°9 asks 200.000 dollars for English options #2
I'll get disagrees, but can I ask : Why?

What about the last guardian would justify 5 reasons cause as far as I know, we know nothing about it. We don't even know if it still comes out.

Sony should just stop pulling our leg and give some news or confirm that it's cancelled #1.10.1
Bloodborne looks like it's gonna be dark as shit
(in terms of actual game, not just enviroments)

And I'm okay with that :p #1.2.4
There will also be the dick level that appears in any level creator ever made ever.

Mark my words, people will make dicks out of bricks, position coins like a dick and even the enemies positioned like a dick. It will be call Dicktopia.

I really wouldn't care for such a level, but let's be honest. It's going to happen. Humans can be immature when given the freedom to make what they want :p #3

Shows how dedicated/desperate the fans of the old games are (me included)

The day they anounce a new Crash Bandicoot like Crash 2, 3 or Twinsanity ... Boy, I'm gonna go fucking crazy!!

I want my crash bandicoot 4!!! #21
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