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I'm also playing Terraria, Hatsune Mike PDf and killzone mercenary.

I agree that you should play Tearaway, but to fill the summer drought? The game can be beat in one charge. I think it's maybe 4-5 hours long. Not that lenght is the most important thing, I just wish it was way longer because it was so fun #13
I don't know, I thought the Budukai and Tenkaichi games were pretty damn good!
I specially love Tenkaichi 2 and 3
(dont mind the mistakes. them names are difficult :p ) #6
Damn you Megaman! That was mine :p #4.1
So nothing at all?
No color swaps, no stickers or anything, only 6 members ... in a crew? About 50 cars and tracks ...
Wow, as pretty as it looks (cause it does look hella pretty) this game seems to be bare bone on content

I love evolution studios, but I'm not seeing this game turning out a succes in any way =/ #39
One question
Buy the PS3 version, you also get the download for PS4
Buy the PS3/Vita version, you dont get the other?!

I can understand that not every game supports Cross-Buy, but if the console versions support cross buy for each other, why not the PS Vita version? Not even cross save ffs! At least have one or the other =/ #1
I love me some Vanillaware and the idea of them being part of a Castlevania game ... drool

I'm still playing Dragon's Crown on my Vita, so much fun! :D
I would like it to be a metroidvania style gameplay with Vanillaware doing what they do. #7
Assassins Creed has combat?
I thought it was just a sequence where you mash a button until everyone is dead #15.1
I bet it's Melancholic!
It just fits the overal theme of Freedom Wars XD

and anyone who doesn't know that song, wont get the joke
Still, looking forward to this game #3
No worries, it'll get here
It's already confirmed for western markets #1.1
Because then one asks himself
"Why didn't you just put that in the game anyway?!" #8.1
Pff, nothing of value is lost.
Crytek is a company that undermines the problem with games

Graphics over Gameplay

I hope they start to realize that graphics dont make a good game ... but after Crysis 1, 2 and 3, this, Warface, Hunt, I doubt they'll make something decent. All their games have sucked so far, most of the time only having pretty graphics #40
Blablabla excuses blablabla
Sony, you said you would have better online now that PS Plus is required with PS4. Better start showing some results #35
At this point I wouldn't care if it's an arcade puzzle game
Any news would be welcome #34
So a PS4 might as well be called a PS TV now?

I would agree with your statement if, ya know it was called the Vita TV as it is in Japan.
It's a Vita device for your TV. It does what the vita can but on a TV. #1.3.1
I agree mostly with you, however ...

Why would Sony release a beta of their streaming service with prices that no reasonable person would pay for? They should have either had really low prices and just a few test games or maybe even free game tests ;
"Uncharted 3 Single Player is playable today via PS Now!"
Next day, a new game

The point of a beta is to let people test the shit out of it, just find anything wrong with it, before you... #4.1
Yep and that'll be the one I pick up :D #1.1.4
Yes, Pokemon in true HD and maybe a new spin on it

But that will never ever ever ever ever happen.
It's like saying that The Last of Us should release on the WiiU
Exclusives owned by rival companies will not appear on the rival consoles #17
If that's the honest truth, then great! I can't wait for it

If it ends up being a broken and bugged out release, may God have mercy on your souls at Bioware, cause lord knows the fans wont #1
I doubt that
Specially cause Capcom rather makes deals for exclusives to get money
Microsoft - Dead Rising 3
Sony - Deep Down
Nintendo - Nothing yet

And beside that, they wanna make multiplats for more money. It's a company, so it makes sense

OT : I just wish Nintendo would buy Megaman License #55
I mostly agree, altough I will say I'm having a lot of problems in Sancturary.

I gues it's the many npc's? But I barely had any problems during the final fight =/ Odd #2.1.4
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