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Have to say, still unacceptable how it was released

- No PS+ edition
- Online didn't work
- Challenges weren't up yet
- Microtransactions day one
- Clubs couldn't be made/joined
- When online worked it was a buggy mess
- Delayed weather update

I'm sorry, but when something is fucked up, it's fucked up, specially cause it had a year delay.


Now that the...

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I love all these comments, how everyone is pointing the difference between DDOS and hacking and completely ignoring the question at hand

Should Sony be taken to task for the PSN issues?

It should be obvious! Ofcourse they should be!
Specially cause PS+ is REQUIRED
You better make sure your online service is up and running and secured! Otherwise, what's the point of forcing people for it to play online? The free games and discounts happened...

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so it's FINALLY back up for me

I expect compensation, seeing how PS Plus is required and it fucked up ... again

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You say:

The 15$ a month is for free content updates and maintain servers.

Are you that retarded? You pay 15 dollars for free content? THINK

If they ask 15 dollars a month and lets say 5 dollars a month for servers (though thats bullshit too), it leaves 10 dollars a month for "free" content. So this content that should be released every month, should be about 1/6 of extra content of the base game, considering the game costs 60 and y...

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O goodie

Will it take Crash Bandicoot and absolutely rape its design?
And will it be piss easy?
And feature 700 dollars worth of microtransactions in the form of actionfigures?

I'm sorry, but this guy killed Spyro for me and brought in a terrible trend with the toys and it starts to spread. Nintendo is doing it, Disney is doing it and I wouldn't be surprised if Sony and Microsoft start doing it.

And btw, all of the por...

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And now Ubisoft announces fedora DLC for assassin's creed, while these guys give it for free :p

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I'd buy one in an instant. It looks nice.

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Is it announced that Final Fantasy 15 is to be released in 2015?

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At this point, I'm gonna say: Fucking nothing

It's been 8 years. Even Final Fantasy 15 has had some updates.
This is the last article on The Last Guardian that I will read until they actually announce it.
(sr, but it's just not worth it IMO)

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Man, I'm really glad how much progress we now get to see from the game! It looks so good.

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looks very cheap and ugly
no thanks =/

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A PS1 classic is fine, but I really don't understand why Sony gave them stage time. Square Enix has stated that they heard the outcries for a Final Fantasy 7 HD remake. Even when FFX and FFX-2 HD was announced, people had hope again.

And now this? If you take it from me (which I'm sure nobody will) we should boycot any and all Square Enix games. Final Fantasy 7 PS4, FF15, FF14, Dead Island 2, Murdered, Tomb Raider and any upcoming games. Let them know what we want and...

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We really should and we should do the same for the Last Guardian.

That way, you don't set yourself up for dissapointment and if/when it is announced, it will be all that more surprising.

I tend to not listen to review too much nowadays, but rather wait for gameplay and hear opinions (not reviews, opinions!) from people that have shown not to be bias for a game. And every game I picked up has been that much more fun. Cause let's be honest here. No game...

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Are they gonna sell them in europe too?
Cause we are Sony's biggest market, I think we deserve so reward :(

I want that PlayStation or AT LEAST that controller.

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Take my yes. All of it.

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God of Dog

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I too was rather sceptical

However, I went to a convention where they had a demo and I was pleasently surprised.

Now am very excited.

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People have been asking for a final fantasy 7 remake ever since the PS3 tech demo. Square Enix said time and time over that they hear the outcries but wanted to wait for the right time.

Now they announce FF7 for PS4, but only a port, the same thing that was released on PC some time ago. It's trice the troll for one game.
The first one being no HD remake.
The second one being you released this first on PC.
The third one for making an HD version of F...

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I love all these negative comments.

Meanwhile , Naughty Dog has proven themselves again and again and again. I wouldn't need to look at more footage, I could give them my money blindfolded and know that I'll get a great game.

So to all the haters out there.
Remember Crash Bandicoot series?
Jak And Daxter series?
Uncharted on PS3 series?
The Last Of Us?
All these games are great! (although me personally am not th...

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Starting off with Uncharted 4 was a really bad move on Sony's part. They should have ended with that to really leave a lasting impression. That said ...

Thanks to the demo, I had to go out and buy 2 more boxes of tissues. Thanks for that Naughty Dog!
But all joking aside, I am sooooo excited for this game, I can hardly wait!! >_<

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